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A Very Berry Christmas Mixpack

Holly Berries for this Yuletide Season
  • Strawberry Cough Feminized
  • Blueberry Feminized
  • Shishkaberry Feminized

The yuletide season is that time of the year when holly berries adorn houses all over the world. Berry enthusiasts in 420 communities across the globe, however, go beyond admiring these fruits from walls and doors. With a cannabis... Read More

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A Very Berry Christmas Mixpack Profile by Kyle Kushman


The yuletide season is that time of the year when holly berries adorn houses all over the world. Berry enthusiasts in 420 communities across the globe, however, go beyond admiring these fruits from walls and doors. With a cannabis market luckily abundant in berry-flavored strains, they get to ride berryliscious highs as well while reaping the benefits of the bud. If this sounds like something you would also like, Homegrown Cannabis Co has something special prepared just for you!

We went through our catalog to find three of the most sought-after variants with berry-like scents and bundled them in a mixpack, so you no longer have to stress about choosing. Collectively known as “A Very Berry Christmas,” the trio will take care of your daily cannabis necessities this festive season and beyond. When running low on energy, Strawberry Cough will provide a holistic enlivenment that can keep you going for hours. Then, as dusk falls, Blueberry and Shishkaberry will blanket your body in a profound calm, so deep relaxation and, eventually, sleep can be achieved. As a whole, the basket of berry varieties also contains health-giving properties that can alleviate a wide range of conditions that include chronic pain, stress, anxiety, loss of appetite, and insomnia.

The symbolic meaning of berries – happiness and bounty – come alive with the feminized seeds of A Very Berry Christmas strains. The mixpack is without the extra toil and problems that entail having male plants. Plus, under the care of mid-skilled growers, the plants are sure to produce massive, high-quality yields. With these berries, bear in mind that good, tasty things require a bit of effort, so give them a good home and they will be generous.

Growing A Very Berry Christmas Feminized Seeds

A Very Berry Christmas strains stay true to their genetics. That means the group, with one strain being Sativa-dominant and the other two leaning more towards Indica, will have diverse needs. Even to skilled growers, this may seem overwhelming at first. With proper planning and prepping, however, growing three different variants at the same time is more straightforward than you think.

Most cultivators often grow a single strain. It is, of course, with good reason: the batch gets an even canopy, use the same nutrients, and flowers at the same time. Having a variation, though, means you don’t have to consume the same strain over and over again until the next harvest. Let’s be honest – that gets immensely boring over time. If this is a concern for you, then growing the mixpack strains in one grow room at the same time may just be what you need.

Fortunately, the variants found a neutral ground with regard to some vital growth elements. When it comes to medium, a soil garden enhances their flavor profiles, while hydroponics allows for more vigorous growth. The plants thrive in places with the warmth and mildness of a Mediterranean climate like California, Southern Europe, and Australia. If your location does not have such conditions, we recommend cultivating indoors instead, so critical factors can be regulated.

The grow area must have a temperature between 21 to 26°C. To keep the plants healthy and comfortable, humidity must also be at optimal levels. The RH value must be around 55 to 70% while the plants are still vegetating. Come flowering, maintain it at about 40 to 50% for the most of the phase, only lowering it to 30 to 40% two weeks before harvest.

Strawberry Cough

Bred by the cannabis guru Kyle Kushman, Strawberry Cough is a genetic blend of Haze and a mysterious clone nicknamed "Strawberry Field". It was introduced in the early 2000s and has won several awards, including the Best Flower title at the 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup.

For a Sativa-dominant strain, Strawberry Cough is low-maintenance and easy to cultivate. The medium-sized cannabis has sturdy branches, so it won’t need trellis or support teak. Meanwhile, its thick foliage only requires pruning for better airflow through the canopy. To have an even carpet of colas and maximum bud production, we recommend having a Screen of Green (ScrOG) set-up.

Moreover, utilize a powerful air-filter when growing indoors during its 9 weeks of flowering. This is to prevent its up to 400 grams (per square meter) of fragrant buds from inviting unwanted attention. If located in a favorable location, we strongly encourage growing Strawberry Cough outdoors. A pleasant climate prompts a single plant to produce up to 500 grams of sticky buds. In the northern hemisphere, the colas are ready for collection and drying by late October.


A paragon of Indica beauty, Blueberry has bushy foliage of broad fan leaves with a range of colors. It boasts of deep green blades for most of its life, only earning yellow tints as it reaches maturity. When exposed to cold night temperatures during late flowering, it then takes on an enchanting purple hue, which shoots the bag appeal of its already very resinous buds.

Not only stunning, the plant also flourishes well in frigid places. This is all thanks to its landrace-bolstered genetics, being an offspring of Afghani, Thai, and Purple Thai. That said, it still needs a favorable home for maximum fruiting. In an optimal outdoor location, Blueberry shares up to 500 grams of multi-colored nugs per plant come harvest-time (mid-October in the northern hemisphere).

Growing in a controlled environment, on the other hand, serves up to 400 grams of fresh buds per square meter in a Sea of Green (SOG) setup. Because of the thick leafage of Blueberry, inessential lower branches and leaves must be pruned away for ample airflow and light penetration. This is especially crucial during its 8 to 9 weeks of flowering.


The most challenging to grow amongst A Very Berry Christmas strains, Shiskaberry stretches up to 7 feet tall unrestricted spaces. Additionally, it is bushy and not resistant to molds and mildew. This combination requires consistent monitoring and pruning of lower foliage when needed.

Indoors, the DJ Short Blueberry and Afghani hybrid produces 450 grams of nugs per square meter. For maximum budding during its 7 to 9 weeks of flowering, employing a Sea of Green (SOG) setup works like a charm. A favorable outdoor environment, on the other hand, shares 550 to 600 grams per plant. In northern areas, collection starts mid-October.

Fragrance and Flavor

One of the most loved scent and flavor profiles in the 420 market is that of berries. This does not come as a surprise as berries have an inherent sweetness that does not overwhelm the palate. Put that element in a cannabis bud, mix it with other qualities, and you have universally likable, berry-flavored flowers that can take your mind to high heavens. How can anyone possibly resist?

Strawberry Cough

The vapor of Strawberry Cough is precisely as its name describes. It is thick and can induce coughing, especially when taken in long drags. Needless to say, it also has the scent and taste of fresh strawberries, so expect some fruity sweetness but with a very light sour kick. There is a subtle mix of earthy, spicy, and grassy undertones as well.


The aroma and flavor of Blueberry are as its name indicates. It is sweet and mildly tarty like a ripe berry. When its bud is broken apart and smelled closely, hints of sandalwood and vanilla also emerge. Inhaling its vapor shares the same expression, but a prominent woody aftertaste.


Simple – that is one of the best words to describe Shishkaberry. It is delicious like a berry with a delicate touch of wet cultivated soil. When combusted, it produces a cloud of smoke or vapor that is fruity and sweet with a bit of herbal taste.


Having the buds of A Very Berry Christmas in a jar on your counter is like having access to an alternate world of euphoria 24/7. It offers one daytime strain, Strawberry Cough, so you can keep up with the hustle and bustle. When it is time to unwind and relax, simply reach for Blueberry or Shishkaberry and allow their calming feature to do its magic.

Strawberry Cough

Taking a small drag of Strawberry Cough and its up to 26% THC load is enough to achieve a Satisfying mental buzz. Almost immediately, it puts consumers in a laidback and happy mood, which also improves their demeanor. It also gets rid of mental clutters and suppresses worries, so the mind can focus on the task at hand.

The cerebral effects are followed by a wave of an enlivening physical sensation. It allows the body to stay agile and keep pace with the demands of the day. As it contains ample relaxing properties, the herb does not cause jittery as long as used in moderation. Plus, the energetic high from this strain lasts for 2 to 3 hours, so you truly maximize the beneficial influence of the bud.


Although of modest THC content, Blueberry has established itself as a one-hit-and-quit strain. It instantly grants a state of euphoria that is without negativities. Joyous thoughts quickly fill the void they leave behind, resulting in an improved mood and behavior.

As consumers relish the cerebral high, its soothing sensation is creeping into the body. The relaxing feeling starts at the back of the head and swiftly spreads throughout the anatomy. At first, slight movements are doable. However, as the dosage increases, a moderate couch-lock may make users too comfortably lazy to move. Deep sleep will also manifest after a few hours.


When there is a need to stay lucid, but your body is yearning for some relaxation, Shishkaberry is the bud to light up. It induces an amount of euphoria that does not overwhelm but is powerful enough to suppress negative thoughts. Without mental cobwebs like worries and insecurities, the mind gets to function at an optimal level. It will perform with ample focus, clarity, and alertness, making it an excellent choice when working on take-home tasks or projects. Reading or watching movies with a clever plot twist is also a good idea.

Physically, the body tends to remain mobile so long as the bud is enjoyed in moderation. That said, consumers only have a few hours before its sedating influence manifests, so only pair it with activities that are not time-consuming.


No matter the time, A Very Berry Christmas can provide relief and comfort as it was intended for all-day usage. All three contains anxiolytic and antidepressant properties that work hand in hand in alleviating the symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, and severe mood swings. They also mitigate discomforts caused by migraines, headaches, PMS, arthritis, and multiple sclerosis through their anodyne and anti-inflammatory activities.

Moreover, the berry-flavored strains have individual medicinal functions as well. Strawberry Cough fights off fatigue, so sluggishness could not affect your productivity. Blueberry and Shishkaberry, on the other hand, calms the hyperactive tendencies of people with ADHD. The latter even helps in improving their focus. Then, after a few hours, they sedate consumers, even those who have insomnia or PTSD, so they can achieve deep sleep.

To ensure you truly experience A Very Berry Christmas, always enjoy the herbs with proper caution. In higher doses, the cerebral activity of the variants can start a mental whirlwind, which could result in lightheadedness, heightened anxiety, and paranoia. Note that mild cases of cottonmouth and dry eyes are also quite common even in low dosages, and are often just ignored until they disappear on their own.

Feminized A Very Berry Christmas Seeds

Having just one berry-flavored strain, no matter how delicious it is, can be boring. Plus, that variant is most likely not suitable for all-day use, leaving you out to dry on times when canna-aid is crucial. With A Very Berry Christmas mixpack, such a scenario can be avoided as it comes with one energizing daytime strain and two others for evening relaxations. The three varieties also alleviate a wide range of conditions that include chronic pain, stress, anxiety, and insomnia. If you have a moderate to high THC tolerance and intermediate level growing skills, this bundle is for you.

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Marijuana Seeds Welcome to Homegrown Cannabis Co.

We’re a shop for marijuana seeds, cannabis seeds, weed seeds or whatever you want to call them. We are here to make your growing adventure as enjoyable as it is rewarding. Our marijuana seed bank offers high-quality, fast-germinating weed seeds with proven, stabilized genetics. More than 400 marijuana seeds across an enviable range of regular, feminized and autoflowering cannabis seeds, all at affordable prices.