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Blue Cheese Autoflower

Supercharged Blue Cheese.
  • Indica Dominant
  • Medium THC
  • Easy To Grow
  • Euphoric buzz
  • Cheese and blueberry scents
  • 300 to 400 g/m2

Planning an evening of winding down and letting loose? With Blue Cheese, one can achieve that in the sweetest and most luscious way. Relaxing with a dessert-like cannabis is just as incredible as it sounds. Experience an explosion of flavors as the s... Read More

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Kyle Kushman
Kushman Says:
A reassuringly heavy stone, full-on and full of Cheese.
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Blue Cheese Autoflower

STRAIN PROFILE Blue Cheese Autoflower

Yield 300 - 400 gr/plant
THC 15%
CBD .2%
HEIGHT 60 - 120 cm
All Year
Anxiety Arthritis Depression Insomnia Migranes Stress
Creative Energetic Euphoric Relaxed Uplifted
Berry Blueberry Cheese Earthy Pungent Sweet
Temperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean
Blue Cheese Autoflower Review

Blue Cheese Autoflower Profile by Kyle Kushman

Planning an evening of winding down and letting loose? With Blue Cheese, one can achieve that in the sweetest and most luscious way. Relaxing with a dessert-like cannabis is just as incredible as it sounds. Experience an explosion of flavors as the smoke washes away apprehensions. Even a starless night becomes brighter when a toker is basking in an overjoyed mood.

To also delight growers, an autoflowering variant of the sought-after strain was introduced. By crossing the auto versions of Blueberry and Cheese, the speedy maturing, non-photoperiod Blue Cheese was finally born. With its autoflower Homegrown Cannabis seeds, cultivators need not wait long for harvest.

What's more, the lucky growers get to reap the best of both parents. The new breed has the first parent's ability to relax while coating the tongue with the taste of berries. At the same time, it can joyfully tease the nostrils with the latter's pungent earthy aroma. Fast-growing, relaxing, euphoric, and pleasing to the senses. Is there anything this Indica-heavy herb cannot offer?

Growing Blue Cheese from Autoflowering Seeds

Cultivating the auto Blue Cheese is a fascinating experience. With its Ruderalis genes, growers are sure to raise a tough plant that matures swiftly. Absolutely beginner-friendly, it is low-maintenance and also resilient to molds, mildew, and diseases.

A compact beauty that only grows up to 110 cm around the whims of nature, the auto won't need much vertical space. It has plenty of lateral branches, though, so having a broad room is a must. The tiny version of the original Blue Cheese is very Indica in appearance. Bushy with vivid green foliage, cold conditions cause it to blush in deep plum. Its cone-shaped nugs are dense with plenty of orange hairs. As the pot matures, it can fill an entire room with its pleasant fragrance.

From seed to harvest, cultivators only need to wait for 9 to 11 weeks. Indoors, planting in soil or hydroponics with an SOG setup will boost the herb's yield. Growers can anticipate a stash of up to 400 grams per square meter.

The auto is not as prolific when grown outdoors. Growers can have multiple planting seasons, though, to make up for the low yield. Cultivators can plant once the last frost ends and harvest by early April. The final reaping must roll around late October. Each plant will share up to 150 grams every harvest.

Fragrance and Flavor

Blue Cheese has a very distinct essence that satisfies the senses. The intertwining of the cheese and blueberry scents gives the strain a unique aroma. Pungent yet pleasant and gentle, the fruity and earthy take is not something one will find in other herbs.

Once the smoke crawls into the mouth, tokers can anticipate a burst of flavors. The creamy cheese taste tones down the bud's very prominent blueberry kick. Sweet with a bit of musty hash taste, many users love consuming this cannabis with some wine.


Blue Cheese is a come-one-come-all kind of strain. It is a tasty treat novice tokers and veterans can both enjoy. If taken in moderation, it's high is without a paralyzing couch-lock. Users can take in a bit of Sativa and THC's euphoric buzz and some of Indica's soothing brush.

As the herb fills the room with its heavenly aroma, its ecstatic rush aims straight to the head. With a whiff or two, tokers are already bathing in the cerebral delights of Blue Cheese. No matter how tiring and detestable the day has been, an elating uplift will give one a lasting smile. A noticeable dash of energy and creativity will also join in the merriment.

To complete the kicking back essentials, Blue Cheese will also physically soothe. The mollifying vibe starts from the head and hastily travels down to the rest of the body. Easing every muscle and joint, one would feel a heavy body sensation. The softening touch doesn't incapacitate, though, so activity is very much possible.

Best for nighttime use, Blue Cheese calms the distressed and allows a few hours of enjoyment. It appeases nervous minds, slows down heavy breathing, and loosens up tight muscles. An excellent partner when unwinding or listening to music, it is the strain that makes evenings worth looking forward to.


With a lovely scent, taste, and benefits, it's no surprise that Blue Cheese is also dominating the medical cannabis scene. It assuages the difficulties caused by various psychological and physical conditions. Even better, it does so with minimal side effects, unlike many OTC drugs.

The herb is immensely preferred by people with Generalized Anxiety and Major Depressive Disorders. It is their go-to strain during downtimes when the hustle and bustle are no longer there to keep their mind busy. By diminishing the symptoms of mental ailments and inducing a lively mood, sufferers get to enjoy some torment-free hours.

Also, the pot gifts insomniacs a restful sleep. Whatever it is that hinders their way to dreamland, Blue Cheese subdues it. 2 to 3 hours after the first bowl, the sleepless will inevitably enter the gates of slumberville.

Moreover, the joint causes the munchies which aids those who have appetite problems. It makes the food look and smell extra enticing while also churning hunger stronger. With such effects, those with eating disorders find themselves rebuilding their lost relationship with food once again.

Truly priceless, Blue Cheese is beneficial in managing pains and aches. This analgesic and anti-inflammatory plant can make the life of those struggling with the likes of arthritis and fibromyalgia bearable. It can ease the agony of the flesh and allows them a night unconstrained by discomforts.

Amid the many benefits of the cannabis, Blue Cheese is not without a flaw. Consuming it in unconscionable amounts, especially when dehydrated, may cause the drying of eyes and mouth. Although rare, a few may even experience dizziness, paranoia, or anxiety. Beginners and THC sensitive users are most prone to the latter array of offshoots. To avoid any displeasures, keep the dosage low and slow, and stay well hydrated at all times.

Autoflowering Blue Cheese Seeds

Blue Cheese makes every smoke out a memorable experience. Creamy, sweet, and with a string of benefits, the marijuana is a must-try for all pot enthusiasts. Its autoflower Homegrown Cannabis seeds even convince tokers to try growing their own stash. Not a bad idea at all, these babies are easy to raise and can give a decent yield in a matter of weeks. That means every evening can be trouble-free with just a whiff of this dessert-like weed.