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Utah cannabis seeds can grow into plants that offer magnificent yields. The state has the ideal climate for outdoor cannabis cultivation. 

It has hot summers and low levels of humidity. Those who prefer to use indoor grow spaces benefit from the dry conditions as their seedlings are less prone to pathogens and mold. 

Is weed legal in Utah? As favorable as the environmental benefits are, marijuana is fully illegal, and growers aren’t allowed to cultivate weed in the state.

Fortunately, officials don’t view cannabis seeds in the same way. You can collect various strains of weed seeds provided that you don’t intend to grow them. This post discusses weed seeds in Utah and the best way to cultivate them if Utah marijuana laws change.

Let’s begin.

The Joys of Growing Cannabis Outdoors from Seed

Is it Legal to Buy and Grow Cannabis Seeds in Utah?

You can legally purchase marijuana seeds in Utah, provided that you don’t allow them to germinate. Marijuana laws in Utah permit these with the assumption that they’ll remain dormant in your possession. Cannabis seeds are regarded as souvenirs, and any adult over the age of 21 is allowed to collect them.

If you let these seeds germinate, you could face serious charges and possible jail time. Despite these consequences, there are “guerilla growers” in the region that sell their yields at the risk of a criminal record. 

Utah marijuana laws 2021 permit growers to have hemp plants, provided that they meet the legal requirements. The industrial hemp program of this state has strict regulations to which growers must adhere. 

Growing hemp in Utah

Is weed legal in Utah? No, and growing marijuana seeds in Utah isn’t legal either, but industrial hemp is. Regulations on hemp by the Department of Agriculture oversees the following processes

  • Product identification 
  • Cultivation 
  • Processing 
  • Testing 
  • Distribution 

To cultivate hemp, you need to have a license from the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food. All products must be registered and comply with regulations set by the department. 

According to marijuana laws in Utah, officials permit CBD oil derived from hemp plants, but those from weed seeds in Utah are strictly regulated.

The stance on marijuana seeds 

It’s not easy to buy marijuana seeds in the state, even though they aren’t illegal. There aren’t any Utah dispensaries or Utah seed banks for cannabis enthusiasts to visit. Those eager to collect these usually order from online providers.

If you’re a collector, you’ll know that there are hundreds of strains from which you can select. By choosing a marijuana seed bank with versatile options, you’ll be able to complete your selection quickly.  

Some hopeful cannabis enthusiasts opt to keep their cannabis seeds in airtight bags and label them for future use. These might still be useful if legislation changes and legally growing weed seeds in Utah becomes a reality.

Is it Better to Grow Indoors or Outdoors?

Current marijuana laws in Utah only permit you to grow hemp. This plant does well outdoors and doesn’t need much environmental control. 

If legislation changes and growing marijuana seeds in Utah becomes legal, these crops will flourish outdoors, thanks to the region’s climate. Certain weed breeds would still benefit from inside growing as it’s easier to maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels. 

Indoor weed also benefits from light schedules and isn’t susceptible to damage from rain or other elements. Currently, this could land cannabis enthusiasts in legal trouble. That’s why marijuana grown in Utah is usually outdoor strains cultivated by guerilla growers. 

Climate conditions

Utah’s long hot summers and warmer fall temperatures make growing outdoor weed convenient. Growers can take full advantage of these environmental conditions. The dryer climate assists with reducing pathogens like mold, common in high humidity grow spaces. 

Best strains to grow in Utah 

If weed were legal in Utah, many strains would thrive. Guerilla growers in this region typically opt for low maintenance, cheap weed seeds that mature with minimal assistance. 

Certain strains are less sustainable to mold and pests and need less feeding. There’ll be more viable options for marijuana plants in the region when marijuana laws in Utah are relaxed. 

 The top six trains that currently well in outdoor guerilla situations include: 

Strains that are crossed with these breeds also work. Let’s have a look at some of the qualities of each of these options.


This strain of weed needs light and warmth to grow. The only negative is that it needs plenty of space. It takes approximately 9 to 11 weeks to flower and yields approximately 22 ounces.

White Widow

White widow requires warm temperatures and sunny skies to flourish. This makes it an ideal breed for Utah. It’s also quite resistant to diseases. Growing weed seeds outdoors usually results in a bigger yield. 

Durban Poison

This landrace strain has its origins in sunny South Africa. It’s resistant to most pests and mold. The breed also grows well outdoors with minimal assistance. Durban Poison tends to spread its roots if given enough space.

Purple Haze 

Purple Haze is known for its hardy, resilient properties. It takes approximately nine weeks to flower, and even novice growers get a successful yield from this low maintenance strain.

Northern Lights

If weed were legal in Utah, this variant would be ideal. It requires long hot summers typical of the region. Guerilla growers may find this strain a bit of a challenge as it needs quite a bit of supplementation. 

Gorilla Glue

If you allow your Gorilla Glue weed seeds to grow outdoors, you could enjoy generous yields in less than ten weeks. This strain is abundant with resin, and even beginner growers can maintain it.

Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Utah

Marijuana isn’t legal In the state, and as a result, there aren’t Utah dispensaries. If you want to buy marijuana seeds in the state, your best bet is online. Look for a site with a wide selection like Homegrown Cannabis co. 

Utah marijuana laws are restrictive, but with the whole country rallying behind weed legalization, the state might follow suit. Until then, cannabis enthusiasts can load up on subject knowledge and become experts on the topic. 

Don’t forget to sign any available petitions to enhance the chances of cannabis decriminalization and legalization. 

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