Buy Cannabis Seeds in California

“Where can I find cannabis seeds for sale in California?” This may be a question that leads many growers, old and new alike, through the Google rabbit hole. 

Let’s take a look at what the options are for buying cannabis seeds in California. Whether you’re looking to start your first outdoor grow or have an established greenhouse, we’ll consider some of the best strains for the conditions – many of which have roots in the emerald triangle itself.

Whether you’re looking for a new challenge in your journey with cannabis or simply want to skip some of the higher California dispensary prices, there’s a seed bank ready to deliver.

Is it Legal to Buy and Grow Cannabis Seeds in California?

In 2016, Californians saw the approval of Proposition 64, legalizing the recreational use of cannabis in the state. Thanks to the legalization, the cultivation, transportation, and personal use of marijuana and cannabis seeds by adults in California are perfectly acceptable. 

California has been a pioneering state for legalizing marijuana since the 1970s, with the first attempt to legalize cannabis through Proposition 19. 

Although it failed by a nearly two-thirds majority, California later became the first US state to legalize medical marijuana in 1996 through Proposition 215. Today, California medical marijuana dispensaries number well over a thousand.

Growing for commercial purposes does, however, fall subject to government regulations and license requirements. After the legalization of recreational use, local authorities have ramped up their efforts in getting established commercial growers to obtain permits for these purposes.

You may be asking is weed legal in California?”. As a recreational grower, the world’s your oyster, so to speak, and many cannabis seed suppliers like Homegrown Cannabis Co. will be happy to discretely (and legally) ship marijuana seeds to your door in Cali. 

Is it Better to Grow Indoors or Outdoors?

There’s an excellent reason why California is responsible for producing the majority of cannabis currently sold in most US dispensaries: a nice long grow and harvest season in this region makes it perfect for monster cropping outdoors with excellent yields. 

Regardless of the reasoning, some growers may prefer an indoor setup, and while the cost may be prohibitive to some, the higher yield per square meter is attractive to growers with limited space. Many dispensaries in California also choose indoor farmers as suppliers due to more stringent growing conditions and higher batch consistency. 

Outdoor Growing

Climate conditions and best practices

The fresh coastal air also contributes to great flavor profiles, and many consider Cali’s outdoor to be the best of breed in that regard. Thanks to the mild west coast weather, you can order your seeds around mid-February to April and begin germinating them around the end of April

Early May to the end of June should see you moving your seedlings outdoors and have them ready for their first prune by the middle of August.

With certain exceptions kept in mind, you could harvest as late as mid-November. Growing outdoors isn’t entirely as carefree as one may imagine, and you should consider some crucial factors.

Where to plant

Pick a spot in your garden that gets early morning sun and at least 7 hours of light per day. While some may call it “cheating,” consider installing a gazebo or tarp to keep the plants dry in cases of severe rain.

It may seem counterproductive but, too much rainfall may saturate the soil, leaving the plant unable to absorb all of the nutrients you’re providing. For this reason, an area with good soil drainage and even some rain coverage is preferable.

You should also consider that some strains may grow very tall outdoors. Once they’re heavy with cola, you may need to support the branches to prevent them from snapping off before harvest.

The best strains to grow in California

Variants like Sour Diesel seeds and the ever-popular Gorilla Glue seeds thrive outdoors under west coast conditions, granted the proper nutrients and support. Thanks to online cannabis seed suppliers, you can pretty much take your pick of which strain you’d like to start with and have an outdoor grow underway by the following April.

Indoor growing

While there’s much to be said about growing outdoors’ cost-saving aspects, some growers may prefer an indoor setup or greenhouse for their specific crop.

When it comes to growing indoors, the world’s your oyster in terms of choosing your next batch of marijuana seeds in California. Blue dream, White widow, and Purple Kush are all excellent choices, and they’re hardy to boot, making your life that much easier.

Indoor growing offers quite a few benefits, like shielding your plants from the elements such as wind and excessive rainfall. Be warned, though. Some growers tend to not enjoy the cheesy smell that accompanies some strains in full bloom.

If you’re growing indoors and have the correct setup, you’re pretty spoilt for choice plus, you could start germinating seeds on the same day you received them. 

While some growers like the hands-off aspect of growing outdoors, an indoor grow allows you to cultivate your favorite strain, regardless of the time of year and what the weather is doing. 

How about finally giving that Amnesia or another high-THC strain like Moby Dick a try?

Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds in California

Thanks to the legality of cannabis in California, you are welcome to take your pick from the hundreds of walk-in dispensaries as well as the online Californian seed banks. Californian weed consumers find themselves in an excellent position to grow as they see fit, and the weather here just makes it that much more enjoyable to grow outdoors.

Keep in mind that good seeds make for good weed and, if you pick an excellent photoperiod plant, you could propagate it well into the future.

The Best Cannabis Seeds for Sale in California

Gorilla Glue #4 Feminized

Some of the most popular cannabis seeds in California are Gorilla Glue 4 seeds. When it comes to California cannabis seeds online, these are some of the best.  Gorilla Glue is a potent cannabis strain and these are some of the best cannabis seeds in California to grow because it flowers so quickly. Once grown and consumed, Gorilla Glue #4 can have profoundly positive effects on the user's mind and body, with a cerebral high that clears stress and sends waves of stimulation throughout the body.  

Sour Diesel Feminized

For decades, growers and consumers have loved Sour Diesel seeds for their sublime flavor and potency. Sour Diesel seeds grow into high-yielding plants and they grow exceptionally well in warm climates which makes them absolutely perfect as marijuana seeds for sale in California. Sour Diesel also has a pungent aroma, hence the name of this cannabis strain. Furthermore, Sour Diesel is an extremely potent marijuana strain that has very high THC levels of around 24% generally.

Bruce Banner Feminized

A classic strain spawned from 5 different phenotypes, Bruce Banner seeds are some of the most popular marijuana seeds for sale in California for recreational growers and consumers. Named after the alter ego of the famous comic book hero The Hulk, Bruce Banner is an extremely productive strain that provides bountiful yields of potent buds. Speaking of potency, Bruce Banner’s THC levels can reach a whopping 27% which provides consumers with an intense head rush that levels out into a euphoric mental buzz.

Jack Herer Feminized

Named after the legendary figure in the cannabis industry, Jack Herer seeds are some of the best cannabis seeds for sale in California. With a THC level of around 22%, Jack Herer makes users feel uplifted which relieves the consumer of stress. If you are looking to buy cannabis seeds in California then you can’t get much better than these legendary Jack Herer seeds. Jack Here is considered by many to be a perfect blend of a nicely potent high and a highly appealing flavor.

Given their history as cultural icons in the state kush seeds are naturally always going to be some of the favorite cannabis seeds for sale in California. At Homegrown Cannabis Co., we have a great selection of kush and OG Kush marijuana seeds for sale in California. The best part is that you can buy all of our California cannabis seeds online, meaning you don’t even have to leave the house to get your seeds! Buying marijuana seeds for sale in California from Homegrown Cannabis Co. is the best and easiest way to get cannabis seeds in California.

Will you be Growing Indoors or Growing Outdoors?

Indoor growing will give you much more control over conditions such as humidity, temperature, and light. More or less, this means that you can grow any marijuana seed you like since you won’t have to rely on your area’s particular climate. While this gives you a lot of freedom as a grower, it also means that you will have more responsibility. It will be up to you to create a setup and acquire the right equipment to manage and monitor all these elements. 

Growing marijuana seeds in California affords you the ability to grow outdoors. This is because the climate is perfect for growing cannabis. California is an extremely sunny and warm state, for the most part, this makes it one of the best states in America to grow top-shelf marijuana.

It’s important to know that it is illegal to buy and import seeds from international retailers. Many seed banks are European companies, so you should locate a seed bank that is based in the United States. It’s legal to buy and sell seeds from state to state but buying from a California seed bank will give you the advantage of working with a company that is familiar with California-friendly strains and growing conditions. To sum up, buying cannabis seeds in California is legal and therefore growing them is too.

They will have a better chance of being able to address any questions you may have as you embark on growing your marijuana seeds.

What Is the First Step in Growing Marijuana Seeds?

Marijuana seeds aren’t like Johnny Appleseed’s – you can’t just stick them in the ground and expect them to grow up into strong and healthy plants. 

You have to first germinate your marijuana seeds before moving forward with your growing method of choice. This simple process will help your cannabis seeds grow up into robust adult plants. 

One of the positives of growing cannabis seeds in California is that you have wide access to growing equipment and nutrients to help you grow the best cannabis possible. This is because cannabis has been legal in California for a fairly long time.

Inspect the Packaging

Take a look at the packaging that your seeds came in. Does it look crushed or crumpled? Were your seeds well protected during transit?

Make sure that there aren’t any holes or rips in the packaging that would have let moisture or other contaminants enter the package and mess up your new cannabis seeds. 

Inspect your Seeds

While seeds from different strains will come in an array of colors and shapes, there are a few basic ways to check that your seeds are ready for germinating. 

Don’t be alarmed if you see little bumps or asymmetries in your seeds. These are completely natural! Instead, check out the color of the seeds themselves. If there’s a greenish tint, they may still be immature seeds. Squeeze the seed between your thumb and second finger – if the seed is mature, it will be able to withstand the pressure. An immature seed will be squashed or warped by the pressure

Soak your Seeds

Submerge your seeds in distilled water for 14-18 hours. Keep them underwater as best you can by placing a clean piece of cloth or another object into the container to prevent the seeds from floating. You want the seeds to soak completely for the best results

You’ll know that they have soaked sufficiently when the seeds have plumped up in size.

Dry your Seeds and Let Them Sit

After the soaking period, set your seeds on a dry, clean paper towel and let them dry in a warm, dark room. Cover them with another paper towel to protect them from being disturbed.

During this period, the seeds should begin to germinate. The seed hull will crack and the seed will begin to sprout. Eventually, the seed will develop roots. At this point, your seed is finally ready for planting!

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