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Residents of the FIrst State have so much to boast about. Did you know that they’ve got the second fastest internet speed in the country? Or that they don’t have any sales tax? Not bad, right? But, what about cannabis seeds in Delaware?

When it comes to marijuana, is weed legal in Delaware? Well, not entirely. Currently, The First State can only boast about having legalized medical cannabis.

They were hoping that 2021 would be the year recreational use became lawful, but unfortunately, it didn’t. So they’ve now shifted their focus to 2022 with the hope that things go better.What does this all mean to eager cultivators and medical marijuana users?

Can you buy marijuana seeds in Delaware in the meantime? Continue reading to discover what you can do to prepare for home cultivation.

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Is it Legal to Buy and Grow Cannabis Seeds in Delaware?

Purchasing weed seeds isn’t illegal. Many buy seeds to keep as memorabilia or until they can put them to good use. Currently, in Delaware state, there aren’t marijuana seeds for sale at any of the dispensaries.

They only sell marijuana for medicinal use to registered patients. Another way of purchasing cannabis seeds in Delaware is online from a seed bank. 

Home cultivation of marijuana seeds remains illegal even for qualified patients. Until the law changes, it’s best to store any seeds bought in their dormant state.

As you await the legalization of weed, you could start planning the location of your grow area and investigate which marijuana seeds will do well in Delaware.

Is it Better to Grow Indoors or Outdoors?

Choosing between indoor and outdoor growing primarily depends on the grower’s preference. The other factors influencing your decision are the environmental conditions and which strain of cannabis seeds you’ll grow. 

One of the benefits of growing marijuana seeds in Delaware indoors is that you can avoid exposing your plants to outdoor elements.

Indoor grow areas allow you to control the conditions in which you raise your crops. You can monitor the amount of light, humidity levels, and temperature needed to produce an excellent yield in Delaware from your marijuana seeds.

These indoor conditions also provide you with the ability to have more than one yield within a year, something that’s very tough to do outdoors. Keeping your grow area out of sight can also prove quite helpful if it’s a requirement by law.

Marijuana growers have been cultivating weed outdoors for a long time. This means there’s a ton of information to refer to and help you raise your cannabis.

Having an outdoor garden is beneficial if you’ve planted a strain of marijuana seeds in Delaware that grows very tall or bushy to give them more room.

Growing marijuana seeds outside in Delaware can also save you some money. An indoor garden requires equipment and other elements to create the ideal conditions. 

The setup cost of a grow area inside can be costly, plus the continued monthly expenses. 

Raising your weed plants outdoors exposes them to natural light, fresh air, and mineral-enriched soil, all free of charge.

It can, however, become difficult to protect your crop from the very same elements if the heat becomes too much or there’s extreme cold, hurricanes, and tornados. 

What are the climate conditions in Delaware?

The climate in Delaware is humid subtropical. Their summers are hot and humid, and the winters are cool to mild. The average temperature in winter is 31°F, and in summer is 76°F.

This climate is favorable for growing weed from marijuana seeds in Delaware. The only concern is the humidity. In an uncontrolled environment, mold and rot can easily set in.

To avoid this problem, you’ll have to ensure that there’s sufficient airflow and that your marijuana plants don’t grow too dense by trimming them. Choosing the right strain is also essential—one that grows with sparse and open leaves is ideal, like a sativa.

You can also plant cannabis seeds in Delaware that are mold-resistant or have a shorter flowering period, like autoflower seeds in the USA, where mold won’t be able to settle in fast enough.

Discover the best strains to grow in Delaware

As mentioned before, sativa strains do well in humid conditions. If you choose to grow these strains from marijuana seeds in Delaware, then they’ll grow to be thin in appearance with narrow leaves.

These features can assist with airflow in humid conditions. They also love the warmer weather and flourish indoors as well. When selecting which strain of cannabis seeds to get for the Delaware region, consider the following:

CBD Super Silver Haze feminized – most cannabis users prefer feminized seeds because they produce the flowers used for smoking. There are no males present, and there’s no risk of pollination.

If you’re looking to plant medical marijuana seeds in Delaware, then look no further. These are also some of the high CBD weed seeds, so a favorite among medicinal users.

This strain might aid those suffering from anxiety, depression, stress, and arthritis, and it’s sure to invigorate you and lift your mood.

It takes 10 to 12 weeks to flower and requires a warm and dry environment outdoors with plenty of sunshine. It can also do well in an indoor controlled environment but needs ample vertical space to accommodate its tall posture of 180cm.

In Delaware state, these marijuana seeds can yield 15 to 17oz/㎡ indoor and 21 to 38oz per plant outdoors if raised in ideal conditions. 

Haze autoflower – This is another sativa and a part of the autoflower category. It won’t need too much attention, so beginners can give it a try. This plant can flower within 10 to 12 weeks.

With the average hours of sunlight in Delaware being 10 hours in summer, Haze autoflower does well in these conditions, especially away from the coast, where it’s slightly warmer.

In a controlled environment, you can harvest throughout the year. 

If you’re in Delaware with these marijuana seeds ready to plant when you get the go-ahead, then you can expect an average yield indoors of between 12 to 15oz/㎡ and 3.5 to 7oz/plant outdoors.It has both a sweet orange taste and flavor and is known to boost creativity and energy levels.

Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Delaware

Since there’s no retail outlet or dispensary in Delaware state where marijuana seeds are for sale, your only way of purchasing them would be online.

There are many seed banks to choose from but very few reputable ones. To ensure that you’re able to cultivate a good quality yield, it’s advisable to buy your weed seeds from a respected retailer, like Homegrown Cannabis Co. 

Not only are our seeds high-quality, but they’re fast germinating too. We offer a wide range of cannabis seeds to choose from and a website loaded with all the information you need, whether you’re a novice or experienced grower.

So pop on over to Homegrown Cannabis Co. today and order your first batch for when legalization happens.

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