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The Aloha State is home to 137 islands and countless breathtaking views. This tropical climate creates ideal conditions to grow Hawaii cannabis seeds in your garden. 

Hold your hoses! Before you start watering your extra green garden, you must know the laws for cultivating weed in Hawaii. We’ve got all the answers on the legislation and tips for growing Hawaii state marijuana seeds.

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Is it Legal to Buy and Grow Cannabis Seeds in Hawaii?

Is weed legal in Hawaii? Yes and no. It depends on what the marijuana seeds or plants are used for. The three main reasons to grow Hawaii cannabis seeds are recreational use, medicinal use, and souvenir purposes. Legally, these three purposes have different regulations. 

In 2021 a bill to legalize recreational marijuana collapsed. Cultivating weed plants for recreational use is currently illegal. As a result, growing marijuana seeds in Hawaii can lead to severe penalties.

The minimum punishment for less than 25 marijuana plants is treated as possession with a maximum fine of $2,000. The maximum penalty for cultivating more than 25 cannabis plants is $10,000 and 5 years imprisonment. 

Growing medical marijuana seeds in Hawaii, high THC seeds, or any other weed seeds is permitted if it’s for remedial use. Registered patients must submit their intent to grow and location of cultivation to the DOH. 

Medicinal use weed must only be grown at the home or private property of the patient. Each plant must be tagged with the patients’ card number and expiration date. 

Patients can grow Hawaii marijuana seeds as long as they have no more than ten plants on their property. Short statured strains such as Flying Princess Feminized seeds are easier to grow out of view of others.  

Buying marijuana seeds in Hawaii without growing them is permitted since cannabis seeds are considered souvenir items.  As long as you store them correctly, they’ll last a long time.

Is it Better to Grow Indoors or Outdoors?

The Aloha state boasts the perfect weather for many cannabis cultivars. Growing marijuana seeds in Hawaii outdoors and indoors has its strengths and weaknesses. Let’s unpack them so you can find the best option for your personal needs.

Climate condition

Hawaii has a beautiful tropical climate. It has two growing seasons, one long and one short. Hawaii cannabis seeds have photoperiodism traits. Their growth is affected by the number of light hours in a day. 

During the long season, from April to September, marijuana seeds in Hawaii tend to grow faster. Conversely, in the short season, from October to March, plants tend to bloom slower. 

It’s best to plant feminized seeds in Spring which is part of the short season in March. This way, the flora will have time to adjust and grow during the long productive season. 

The rainy conditions may cause mold and mildew. To prevent mold, ensure your plants get adequate ventilation and choose strains with ruderalis genes.

If you plant your Hawaii cannabis seeds in your backyard, invest in proper nutrients for the soil. The soil in the Paradise state tends to lack Nitrogen and Calcium, which is essential for a healthy crop yield.  

Cultivating Hawaii state marijuana seeds outdoors is smooth sailing and adds to the beautiful island views. Indoor growing gives you more control over the weather conditions but requires more equipment and technique. 

Best strains to grow in Hawaii

The Aloha state boasts the ideal climate for many strains. Even the most challenging Hawaii cannabis seeds will thrive in these paradise conditions with a bit of care and technique. 

Hawaii marijuana seeds that aren’t prone to mold, such as Super Silver Haze seeds, are an excellent choice. Thanks to its Ruderalis genes, it’s hardy and tolerates extreme climate conditions. It’s a medium-size plant perfect for outdoor and indoor cultivation. 

Maui Wowie seeds (or Maui Waui) is a coveted cultivar that will put you in a joyful mood to enjoy the island’s beauty. These Hawaii cannabis seeds thrive in the hot and humid tropical conditions of the Aloha state. 

Another excellent option for growing marijuana seeds in Hawaii is Melting Pot Feminized. This unique cultivar is challenging but thrives in Hawaii’s climate. It needs lots of sunshine and warmth, plus outdoors each plant will reward you with up to 53 ounces.

Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Hawaii

Can you buy marijuana seeds in Hawaii? Yes. You can buy cannabis seeds in Hawaii, but there aren’t many dispensaries. It’s infamously pricey, and you’ll have to travel and provide documentation such as your medical card.

You can also find Hawaii state marijuana seeds for sale online. Purchasing cheap weed seeds online will save you money and time. E-commerce companies such as Homegrown Cannabis Co. also offer a more extensive selection.

Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Hawaii

The Aloha State has beautiful tropical weather and flourishing lush terrain, making it a dream come true for growers. Currently, only medical users can grow marijuana seeds in Hawaii, but things may soon change. 

Growing Hawaii cannabis seeds is effortless. You just have to buy weed seeds, and the Paradise state climate will do the rest.  We stock a wide range of high-quality cannabis seeds that you can purchase online now. 

Happy-growing! Aloha.

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