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Can you germinate marijuana seeds in Idaho? We’ve witnessed a change in people’s perception of cannabis in the United States in recent years. Many Americans are calling for a reform of their state’s legislation to make weed legal. 

Most lawmakers are responding positively.

Eighteen states now permit cannabis use for medical and recreational purposes. Another eighteen allow medical marijuana consumption only.

Currently, all forms of psychoactive drugs, including cannabis, are banned in the state.

Even people with chronic illnesses can’t buy medical marijuana seeds in Idaho to grow for treatment purposes. 

There’s no definite time frame, but as its neighbors amend their laws, Idaho will hopefully follow sooner than later.

If you’re thinking of cultivating weed for personal reasons, now is an excellent time to learn about choosing which cannabis seeds and what growing methods are the best for the Gem State.

We’ll share our cultivating knowledge from being in the weed business for over 20 years and tell you where to buy premium-grade marijuana seeds in Idaho.

Let’s proceed.

feminized or autoflowering which is better?

Is it Legal to Buy and Grow Cannabis Seeds in Idaho?

Many Idahoans want to know, is weed legal in Idaho? More specifically, when will marijuana be allowed in the Gem State?

Can you buy marijuana seeds in Idaho while it’s still illegal? Yes, you can. But you can’t cultivate them.

Although state law prohibits all forms of pot activity, including buying and cultivating marijuana seeds, there’s an exception.

There’s a section in the United States law that permits Americans to buy and hold ungerminated seeds because they’re classified as novelty items.

This ruling means you can begin buying marijuana seeds in Idaho, provided you don’t use them for cultivation.

We’ll explain why you might want to collect seeds since it’s still illegal when we discuss growing methods and seed selection in more detail.

Is it Better to Grow Indoors or Outdoors?

As we explore weed cultivation in detail, please keep in mind that you can’t put this knowledge into practice until it’s legal to grow in the Gem State.

You can use Idaho state’s marijuana seeds for indoor and outdoor cultivation. However, the best growing method depends on climatic and environmental conditions.

Due to its geographical location, different regions in Idaho have varying climates. Depending on where you live, outdoor cultivation may not be suitable.

Growing Indoors

In locations with extreme weather conditions, growing indoors is preferred. Inside, it’s easier for you to control the temperature, humidity, and lighting. 

If your crops are susceptible to pest infestations and disease, these threats are minimized when you cultivate indoors.

Don’t worry; you won’t require expensive equipment to keep your plants happy inside.

To ensure your crop gets sufficient ventilation, you can use a desk fan. For lighting purposes, a 100-watt bulb will do.

Most cannabis cultivars can adapt to extreme weather conditions. When choosing marijuana seeds in Idaho, it pays to make sure they’re suitable for the climate in your area.

You can also select strains based on their height. 

If you’re planting a sativa cultivar, expect it to grow very tall. It doesn’t mean you can’t grow it indoors; you just train it to keep it within a certain height.

The sea of green (SOG) or screen of green (ScrOG) methods are perfect for the purpose.

Growing Outdoors

Cannabis plants love plenty of sunshine. If you live in a part of the Gem State that’s sunny, it’s ideal for growing your marijuana seeds in Idaho outdoors.

Remember, excess heat can kill your crop, so you have to ensure you give your plant the protection it needs.

It’ll take more effort: move your pots indoors when the weather’s too hot, then take them outside in the evening when it’s cooler.

If you leave your plants outdoors in the sun, make sure they’re hydrated. Water them regularly, preferably early in the morning when the H2O is still cold.

If you have no choice but to water them later in the day, let the hot liquid out first before you spray your plants.

Only water the soil and not the leaves. The droplets can intensify the sun’s rays, and you’ll end up with burnt blades.

Other ways to protect the soil from the heat include adding mulch or insulating the pots.

To ensure that you’ll get the optimum yield from your marijuana seeds in Idaho, give your plants sufficient nutrition.

What are the climate conditions in Idaho?

Idaho’s climate is diverse across its regions. 

Some parts of the state are clear, hot, and dry, like Boise. Some areas, such as Stanley—a small town in the mountains—have freezing temperatures most of the year.

Before you buy marijuana seeds in Idaho, you’ll have to know which ones are suitable for your location. We recommend hardy cannabis cultivars that can withstand extreme temperatures.

Find out which are the best ones in the next section.

Discover the best strains to grow in Idaho 

Before you go out and buy marijuana seeds in Idaho, know that there are three types:

  • Feminized seeds – these are genetically created to generate only female plants that produce buds. As there are no pollinating males, you don’t have to segregate and remove them.
  • Regular seeds – breeders use these seeds because they’re perfect for creating new hybrids. 
  • Autoflower seeds – as the name suggests, plants grown from these seeds automatically flower when they reach maturity. There’s no additional work on your part.

There are many hardy cultivars in our Homegrown Cannabis Co. seed collection that’ll thrive in almost any climate. 

Here are three of the best for Idaho:

Amnesia Haze feminized – If you live where the average relative humidity is 60%, this sativa strain is ideal. It’s the perfect condition for it to flower.

Although it’s a sativa, it only grows up to 4 feet. You can grow it indoors if outdoor cultivation isn’t suitable.

Amnesia Haze will reward you with 18–21 ounces per square meter of buds indoors with the appropriate care. Its outdoor yield is 28 ounces per plant.

If you love high THC seeds, this strain fits the bill with 16–20%. It’ll give you a cerebral and body lift and boost your creativity.

Amnesia Haze also benefits those with depression and anxiety. In addition, it helps people find relief from chronic pain.

Zkittlez feminized marijuana seeds in Idaho are excellent because the cultivar thrives in hot and humid conditions. You can grow it indoors and out. 

You can expect to harvest lots of buds from both growing spaces. Indoors, your crops will yield between 16 and 18 ounces per square meter, while outdoor plants will give you 18 ounces each.

With a 16–20% THC content, users speak of feeling euphoric while their tight joints and muscles relax. Then, as worries and stressful thoughts dissipate, people with anxiety and depression feel their symptoms disappear.

Zkittlez also provides relief to those with chronic pain, insomnia, and loss of appetite.

Northern Lights feminized – If you live in an area with harsh weather conditions, Northern Lights is an ideal choice. It’s a hardy cannabis strain that’s also resistant to pests and disease. These traits make it suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation.

What’s more, you can afford to make mistakes if you’re a beginner and not face any problems.

The strain has a short flowering period of 6–8 weeks. It also offers a bountiful harvest of 18 ounces per square meter when grown indoors. Outdoor cultivation will yield 32 ounces of nugs per plant.

When smoking, you’ll feel uplifted, and your mind will be filled with happy thoughts. You’ll also feel your stress and anxiety melt away.

You’ll regain your appetite and sleep better after toking. If you have migraines or arthritis, you might find relief too.

There’s a wide range of quality seeds in our seed bank, so be sure to check them out.

Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Idaho

If you’re wondering, here’s why we’re recommending the best place to find Idaho state marijuana seeds for sale while it’s still illegal.

We hope it won’t be long before the law changes. When that happens, the demand for seeds is going to surge. We don’t want you to miss out on your choice of strain because stocks run out.

Your best option is to get them early. You can do so because it’s not against the law to buy and possess ungerminated marijuana seeds. It’s only illegal to cultivate weed for now.

When stored properly, you can preserve your seed collection for many years.

You won’t find any cannabis dispensaries in the Gem State until weed is legal. Right now, you can browse our online seed bank to find the finest marijuana seeds in Idaho.

Our premium-grade seeds are handpicked to ensure our customers get only the best. Our reputation with more than 20 years in the business speaks for itself. 

Our secure payment and discreet delivery systems ensure that your financial data and cannabis preferences are safe. Order your seeds now and begin your collection.

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