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The Pine Tree State is known for its beautiful sunshine, lots of wide-open spaces, lobsters, blueberries, potatoes, and pot. Since 2016, you can legally consume weed and cultivate cannabis seeds in Maine.

Each year, millions of Americans sojourn to Maine: a state with a little over 1 million residents, hosts around 12 million visitors (2019). Why? Two reasons, different pronunciations of the same word. Some people come here for recreation and some for re-creation.

You’re in good hands if you’re looking for cannabis seed in Maine. We’ll show you what you need to do to stay within the law, the best strains to grow in the beautiful Pine Tree State, and more.

Read on.

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Is it Legal to Buy and Grow Cannabis Seeds in Maine?

Tokers across the USA feel that weed shouldn’t be illegal, and Mainers overwhelmingly agree on this. The holy herb provides lots of revenue to the state, and projections seem quite positive to surpass linchpins like lobsters. Buy cannabis seeds in Maine and open a new world beaming with possibilities.

Is weed legal in Maine? Yes. Ensure you abide by Maine’s cannabis laws while you’re here, the long and short of which is:

  • You need to be 21 years or older to cultivate marijuana seeds in Maine.
  • You cannot have more than two and a half ounces of weed or more than five grams of cannabis concentrate at any one time in public.
  • Adults can only consume cannabis in private residences because there’s no social club licensing.
  • The fine is up to $100 if found guilty of consuming marijuana in public.
  • You can set up a garden within your home or in a fenced area outdoors where cultivars are out of sight.
  • You can only possess three flowering plants at a time.
  • Hold no more than twelve immature cannabis plants
  • Keep an unlimited quantity of seedlings and cannabis seeds in Maine.
  • You’re allowed to keep the entire harvest and have up to 8 pounds at home.

Is it Better to Grow Indoors or Outdoors?

The sun plays favorites by awakening first on the coast of Maine. The Pine Tree State is a place of delicious contradictions. There’s the classic rock-bound coast, but also there are the softly sanded shores of Maine.

It is at times a Nirvana, air bracingly clear, but other times, this is the foggiest place in America—you might get lost in the mist and not have the slightest idea where you are.

You shouldn’t face real estate problems when planting your cannabis seeds in Maine because of the vast tracts of arable land available for residents. 

We’ll only focus on the best marijuana seeds for Maine outdoors since you can already control the indoor environment to suit even the hardest to cultivate strain.

To get optimum harvests, try growing photoperiod cannabis seeds in Maine if they have a short flowering period and are mold resistant.

Hybrids have a more airy bud structure and are more resilient to mold but do take a couple of weeks longer to mature than most indica strains. Sativa dominant strains finish no later than early October, but their fluffy buds are most resistant to mold.

Buy indica dominant cannabis seeds in Maine because they have a short flowering period. On the other hand, such strains have dense buds that might lead to mold and bud rot.

Sativa can take a while, so you should begin cultivating your sativa dominant strain in early spring or late winter. Then, persuade flowering in the middle of summer by covering your sativa dominant cultivar to get no less than 12 hours of darkness each day until harvest.

Indica dominant strains usually flower in 7–9 weeks, while sativa dominant strains flower in 10–16 weeks. It’s a delicate balance between the speed of flowering and mold resistance.

Climate conditions

Maine is a four-season vacation destination. It has clean air quality and moderate temperatures. Fall arrives early here, being the northernmost state in America.

It can get cold really fast, so you must get suitable cannabis seeds for Maine. Grow in all summer and harvest in autumn by mid-September or early October, latest.

Optimum daytime temperatures for marijuana plants fluctuate between 73 and 85 ℉. Cultivars from cannabis seeds in Maine will appreciate the comfortable temperatures, peaking in July to about 70℉ throughout the state.

Temperatures may reach as high as 90℉ for as many as 25 days in summer. Your plants will love the hot sun in veg.

You should always check your soil’s PH, but Mainers living close to the coast must be more critical of this. Why? Because salt air may lead to an accumulation of saline in the soil and cause nutrient lockouts.

Best strains to grow in Maine

Plant cannabis seed in Maine in the middle of June so that the plant sees as many dry and clear days as possible during the vegetative stage. Alternatively, grow autoflowers and harvest multiple times throughout summer without worrying too much about the seasons.

Autoflower seeds require even shorter periods from seedling to harvest. They flower genetically after 2-4 weeks in veg, instead of relying on the photoperiod. Enjoy an exceptional harvest without exposing cultivars from your cannabis seeds in Maine to the harsh winter climate.

High CBD weed seeds grow plants with soaring CBD that may help people affected by an anxiety disorder, arthritis, pain, brain health, heart health, and cancer treatment side effects. Some options have low THC: great for medical relief without feeling high.

Here are our top feminized seeds candidates for growing outdoors in the Pine Tree State, and you can also choose their autoflower versions if available.

The most popular strain in Maine and many other parts of the world. It’s resilient to different types of weather, including cold nighttime temperatures. Super easy to grow and disease resistant.

You won’t falter when you plant White Widow cannabis seeds in Maine. The high overall bud yield and gripping potency make this strain a favorite among commercial growers and beginner cultivators.

Jack Herer is truly one of the best strains in the market, living up to the legend It’s named after. Get these cannabis seeds in Maine because it’s an excellent starter cultivar. Its buds induce a tremendous stoned high, which can help numb the pain.

You cannot go wrong when you buy these marijuana seeds in Maine because its plants’ buds are loved by recreational and medicinal smokers alike. It’s popular because of its unique effects, incredible potency, therapeutic properties and is easy to grow outdoors.

Blue dream gives a cheerful, energizing effect that reduces migraines and other ailments. Ideal for smoking while sitting outside by a lake watching the sunset.

This sativa dominant strain is locked and loaded to produce many air colas. You won’t have trouble with mold in the warm and humid July weather. As you’d expect from a sativa dominant hybrid, it lifts your mood, makes you happy, social, and creative. AK 47 can also help with anxiety.

Gorilla glue’s famous for its sticky, dense nugs that promise unbelievably strong and intense effects. These cannabis seeds for Maine offer high-yielding plants, even though you’ll need to take it in moderation for your evenings or on the weekends.

This is one of the strongest strains you can grow in outdoor Maine. It delivers heavy yields of potent and delicious buds. The sweet and creamy savory taste is reminiscent of freshly baked cookies. Indulge in it to enhance your mood and boost creativity.

You must have come across the queen of indica if you genuinely are a stoner. Northern lights are so popular because it’s strong, effective, resilient to cold, and many common diseases. Northern lights Cannabis seeds in Maine bloom into beautiful plants.

Stressed-out folks appreciate the relaxing effects that allow you to decompress after a hard day’s work.

Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Maine

The cannabis market in Maine isn’t as established compared to other states like California, so you might not get a particular strain in local pot shops or dispensaries.

Fortunately, you can buy marijuana seeds in Maine and choose a preferable strain, right here at Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Expect to receive your order in a matter of days if residing in the Pine tree state. We’ll also guide you to ensure you get a successful grow operation—save you some money you’d have otherwise spent in a dispensary.

Travel to the coast of Maine if you’d like to do some time traveling back to the past. You’ll have a sensation of having received a gift from a true love. Buy online to grow your own marijuana seeds in Maine and cultivate enchanting buds to add to the long list of savory delicacies on offer.

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