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If you’re on the lookout for marijuana seeds in Nevada or want to know which cannabis strains to grow in the state, you’ve come to the right place. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner hoping to start the ultimate pot garden or a seasoned grower looking to breed the best weed seeds; we’ve got you covered.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s legal in the state and buying dispensary weed seeds in Nevada vs. a seed bank. We’ll also give you some top tips to grow the ultimate cannabis yield to enjoy those juicy nuggets at the end of it all and look at where to buy marijuana seeds in Nevada. 

To help you on your weed cultivating journey, read on!

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Is it Legal to Buy and Grow Cannabis Seeds in Nevada?

Is weed legal in Nevada? Yes! If you live in Nevada, cannabis is legal for recreational and medical use. The state is famous for its ‘anything goes’ mentality, and it’s no different for weed growers who want to make the most of the law.

If you’re eager to buy marijuana seeds in Nevada for recreational use, you must be 21 years old. If you own a valid cannabis card, though, you can purchase weed at the age of 18 if your parent or guardian signs the Major Release Form. 

You don’t need to be a resident of the state to use your medical marijuana card, but ensure you abide by Nevada’s cannabis laws while you’re there. 

Since 2016, tourism in the state has reached the next level with the legalization of recreational marijuana. You can wander into one of the dozens of stores to buy dispensary weed seeds in Nevada and purchase a decent amount of dope

Just make sure you don’t light up on the strip; that’s not legal! 

Pot consumption in any public is prohibited. If you buy cannabis seeds in Nevada and wish to smoke, you need to do so on your private property or at someone else’s that authorizes you to consume weed.

You should know that if you’re planning to cultivate cannabis, you need to live a minimum of 25 miles from the closest licensed dispensary. An adult can grow up to six plants on their property, and there can be up to twelve per household. 

Is it Better to Grow Indoors or Outdoors?

Despite the pretty lenient rules regarding cannabis seeds in Nevada, the hot desert climate can prove a little tricky when growing your own herb at home. 

You’re open to plant your marijuana seeds in Nevada freely in your garden or inside your abode, so which is better?

Benefits of growing cannabis indoors include:

  • Complete control over the environment and what you put into your plant.
  • Can grow weed in any part of your house or even in an apartment. Just ensure your cannabis plant isn’t exposed to light when it should be going through the night cycle. 
  • You aren’t forced to grow during the specific seasons and can do so any time of the year. Once you harvest a batch, you can start growing again immediately.
  • Can conceal crops from nosey neighbors and potential thieves.

The benefits of growing marijuana outdoors are:

  • You’ll save some money on grow lights, dehumidifiers, and AC units, as you have the power of Mother Nature to help you. Sure, you’ll need soil, fertilizer, and marijuana seeds, but so do inside cultivators. 
  • Can grow bigger cannabis yields without space restrictions. Let your marijuana reach the tallest heights possible.
  • It’s more environmentally friendly as you won’t need to use electricity to power all the equipment you need inside. 
  • Gardening is fun and relaxing and helps you to get outside and stay active. It’s the perfect therapy. 

Climate conditions 

Most commercial growers in Nevada cultivate indoors, and it’s for a good reason. The air is hot and dry, and the sun is intense. This doesn’t mean growing weed outdoors is off the cards, though. 

You can buy marijuana seeds in Nevada that are tolerant to high temperatures. Choosing between Indica and Sativa isn’t an easy decision, and something in the middle usually works best. 

Sativas don’t mind the intense heat and will love the long growing season, but they prefer more humidity. Indica, on the other hand, can deal with the dry air, but the high temps will slow down growth time. Your best bet is to buy a high-quality hybrid marijuana strain that can make use of all traits.

Best strains to grow in Nevada

When considering which strains to choose when it comes to buying cannabis seeds in Nevada, go for a marijuana plant that’ll adapt to the extreme temperatures.

Anything with genetics in the Middle Eastern, Afghani, or Hindu Kush seeds strains will thrive in the desert climate. The following five weed hybrids are our top choices:

  • Mimosa EVO
  • LSD
  • Dr. Grinspoon
  • Orange Sherbet Auto
  • Eleven Roses

Another alternative is to buy autoflower seeds in the USA. You could plant one batch in March and one in August to enjoy two exceptional harvests without exposing your cannabis plants to midsummer’s extreme climate.

Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Nevada

You can find many dispensary weed seeds in Nevada from stores that sell a quality range of products throughout the state. You’ll need to be 21 or over or have a valid cannabis card if you’re 18. Some places are even open 24 hours a day.

If you browse online, you’ll come across Nevada seed banks like Homegrown Cannabis Co that offer many cannabis strains that suit all types of climate and preferences. You can find anything from cheap weed seeds to high-quality feminized options.

Remember, quality marijuana seeds will flower into the best buds, so ensure you always shop with a reputable company

Nevada is a wonderful state to live in, and it’s even better for the weed enthusiasts who want to turn their hobby into something productive. Enjoy planting your cannabis seeds in Nevada and lighting up that fat blunt once harvest comes. 

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