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New Mexico is a state rich in culture and heritage. It also provides an ideal climate for growing your own medicine. So can you cultivate marijuana seeds in New Mexico? Let’s find out! 

Before you plant anything, let’s look at the legislation surrounding cannabis in New Mexico and some tips for cultivating your cannabis.

We’ll discover if you may cultivate marijuana seeds in New Mexico, what the limitations are, and which strains you should consider. 

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Is it Legal to Buy and Grow Cannabis Seeds in New Mexico?

But is weed legal in New Mexico? Excellent news for weed enthusiasts in New Mexico, yes it is!

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham signed House Bill 2, which allows the sale, taxation, consumption, and cultivation of cannabis. 

This is fantastic news for chronic patients as you may now buy weed seeds in New Mexico and grow your own medicine.

Recreational users may cultivate up to six immature and six mature plants. This rule applies no matter how many people live at a residence. 

Medical marijuana patients can apply for a Personal Production License (PPL) under the state Medical Cannabis Program. This license allows you to grow up to 16 plants—12 seedlings and four mature plants.  

Can you send marijuana seeds in the mail to New Mexico? Technically, cannabis seeds are classified as souvenirs, making transport by mail legal. 

As is the same across the USA, it’s illegal to transport any cannabis products across state lines.

Is it Better to Grow Indoors or Outdoors?

The majority of New Mexico enjoys a warm, arid climate—great for cultivating cannabis. 

Before buying weed seeds in New Mexico, an important consideration is that if you start with 12 seedlings and move them outdoorsyou’re only allowed four adult plants to stay within the law. 

Growing indoors gives you more control of when the plants flower by controlling the light cycle, maybe a better option if you want to grow several plants. 

Like other states across the country, keep your cannabis out of view of neighbors and the public. You can hide your plants with a greenhouse or similar enclosure.

If you opt for an indoor grow setup, you can grow your own medicine from weed seeds in New Mexico all year round. 

Climate conditions 

Before looking into marijuana seeds for sale in New Mexico, it’s essential to know whether the climate is suitable—which it is.

Generally speaking, New Mexico has a climate that’s ideal for growing marijuana at home.

If you want to grow outdoors, spring is a good time to plant your New Mexico marijuana seeds. 

Cannabis plants start flowering in late summer in New Mexico; your plants should be harvested around October.

With only six plants allowed, it’s important to get the most out of each one. Buying feminized seeds gives you the best chance of cultivating only female plants that produce significantly more THC.

The Navajo Nation is located on the border of New Mexico and Arizona—since they set their marijuana laws, check with tribal authorities if applicable

Best strains to grow in New Mexico 

As of June 2022, you’ll be able to buy your cannabis at recreational dispensaries across New Mexico. Can’t wait that long? No problem. You can also buy marijuana seeds in New Mexico from reputable online dispensaries like Homegrown Cannabis Co..

So which strains should you buy? Here are our top selections which we think would thrive in the New Mexico climate.

  • Baked Apple feminized is a strain with a decent THC content averaging 22%. This plant is suitable for beginner growers and flowers for around 7–8 weeks, with the ideal outdoor harvest time being in October.

This strain takes the best traits for its parents to deliver a euphoric, soothing high and a potent cerebral buzz. With such deep relaxation, it’s reported that this cultivar is ideal for treating anxiety.  

With its taste and smell combination of citrus, pine, and fruit, who wouldn’t want this delicious medicinal treat? 

  • CBD Ratio 1:30 feminized is a great choice for medical marijuana patients looking for a high CBD content. This cultivar adores the weather in New Mexico and is great for newbies.

The low THC content makes it ideal for easing symptoms without the psychoactive effects of some other cannabis strains. The high CBD content makes it fantastic for treating pain, inflammation, and migraines.

Plants from these high CBD weed seeds flower for up to nine weeks, and outdoor growers can start reaping around mid-October.

Expect a pine and fresh wood fragrance and a ginger aftertaste from CBD Ratio 1:30.

For the more experienced grower, take a look at Mexican Haze feminized. This strain packs an energizing punch more potent than an espresso shot. 

Users have reported that this cultivar is excellent for overcoming social anxiety and can help eliminate fatigue.

Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds in New Mexico

Now that you know more about the legal status of marijuana in New Mexico, you’re ready to get planting. So, if you want to know where to buy marijuana seeds in New Mexico, you’ve come to the right place. 

Not only do we offer a massive variety of different seeds, but we offer expert information and advice to help you at every step of the way. So join our community of cultivators and share your experiences. We offer discrete packaging and swift delivery of your cannabis seeds anywhere in the USA!

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