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Oklahoma has taken some pretty impressive steps toward legalizing weed. It’s currently illegal to possess and cultivate marijuana for recreational purposes in Oklahoma, but the Sooner State is finally starting to succumb to the green wave washing over the U.S. 

In June 2018, voters approved the rollout of a medicinal marijuana program. There are now several hundred dispensaries in Oklahoma that carry a weed license. You may grow six mature plants from cannabis seeds if you hold a medical card.

You’re legally allowed to carry up to 3 ounces of medicinal cannabis with you. You’ll face misdemeanor charges if you possess more than the law allows. It’s also illegal to drive or operate machinery under the influence of weed or use it in public. 

So, where can you buy cannabis seeds for sale in the Sooner State? If you’re a medicinal marijuana license holder, we’ll show you where to buy weed seeds, how to grow them, and the best strains suitable for Oklahoma. Keep reading, Okies, for everything you need to know.

 Marijuana Plants Outdoors

Is it Legal to Buy and Grow Cannabis Seeds in Oklahoma?

Is weed legal in Oklahoma? You won’t suffer any repercussions if you buy marijuana seeds online in Oklahoma. You can possess weed seeds in the state, but the law states that you can’t cultivate cannabis plants for recreational purposes.

Growing for commercial purposes on your property may prove a bit tricky if you live in the city. You can check with your city zoning department to see if you can apply for a commercial cannabis license. If your property is in an industrial or commercial zone, you may be permitted to cultivate marijuana.

If you carry a medical card, you’re permitted to cultivate weed. You may have up to six mature plants and six seedlings on your property. The law requires you to keep your cannabis plants hidden from street-view, so make sure they aren’t visible from your windows or yard.

There’s no shortage of Oklahoman medicinal marijuana dispensaries in the state. If you wish to avoid high dispensary prices, you can buy from online cannabis seed suppliers like Homegrown Cannabis Co. You can predetermine your plant’s gender with feminized seeds and buy autoflower seeds for less hassle and better harvests.

Is it Better to Grow Indoors or Outdoors?

With a medicinal marijuana license, you’ll need to think carefully about where to grow your six permitted weed plants.

It can be challenging to grow marijuana seeds outdoors due to Oklahoma’s hot summers, thunderstorms, and dangerous tornadoes. Growing indoors can be more practical and more compliant with state laws.

Outdoor growing

Climate conditions and best practices

East Oklahoma has a humid subtropical climate, whereas the west is semi-arid. Moist, warm air moves over the east, thanks to the Gulf of Mexico’s influence. A decent irrigation or hydroponics setup will be your best friend if you live in the west.

If you have a medical card that permits you to grow weed seeds, you should germinate them in a greenhouse or indoors in April. You can move your plants outdoors at the end of June, when the peak tornado season has passed.

Summers will be hot and humid, so make sure your crops are well-watered and be vigilant for signs of mold or mildew on your plant. The last thing you’ll want to deal with is bud-rot on your beautiful vegetation.   

Where to plant

An outdoor greenhouse may shield your plants from Oklahoma’s extreme weather conditions during the summer months. Your weed seeds may need you to give them a little boost at their young age, and a greenhouse will help them thrive.

If you move your plants outdoors, you should choose a sunny spot on your property so your plants can soak up all those beautiful rays. Keep in mind that the summers are scorching, so your plants are at risk from overheating and will need regular watering. If you choose a place that provides a bit of shade, it may reduce your bud development but require less maintenance.  

Erecting a 6ft sturdy fence around your medicinal plants outdoors will ensure you are compliant with Oklahoma marijuana laws and conceal them from public view. It’ll also help shield your plants from the state’s windy weather, especially in late spring and early summer.

The best strains to grow in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is suitable for strains that are mold and pest resistant and perform well in heat and humidity. African sativas like Durban Poison Feminized seeds are ideal for growing outdoors and in greenhouses.

The weather conditions in Oklahoma are extreme, so you may want to play it safe and look at indicas with short flowering times. OG Kush Fast Version seeds and Purple Kush Autoflower seeds suit those after speedy harvests.

Indoor growing

Medicinal license holders should consider cultivating their cannabis indoors as there are many advantages.

For one, you can abide by state law and conceal your plants from public view. You’ll have peace of mind as long as you don’t have your marijuana peeping out from behind a curtain like a nosy neighbor.

You also don’t have to worry about weather conditions inside your property. You can control light cycles with ease, construct whatever setup you want, and oversee your plant’s growth.  

You also have the freedom to select the strains that’ll benefit your medical condition. You can choose high THC seeds and high CBD weed seeds to grow indoors. 

Remember, you cannot germinate seeds for recreational use. Medicinal cardholders can only have six mature plants and six seedlings in their possession at any one time.

Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Oklahoma

There are hundreds of medicinal dispensaries in Oklahoma that you can walk into and buy cannabis seeds for sale.

You can find some great prices when you browse online marijuana seed banks like Homegrown Cannabis Co. You can buy and order cheaper weed seeds online for discreet and fast delivery to your home. 

Oklahoma – soon to be Toke-lahoma?

Oklahoma has come a long way, but there’s still a long way to go. With medicinal possession and cultivation now legalized, its green journey is only just starting.

Oklahoma has hit a curb in its progression to becoming a green state. The covid pandemic halted planned petitions by voters to legalize recreational cannabis. But we have a feeling the Sooner State will advance and power on through in the years to come.

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