Buy Cannabis Seeds in Pennsylvania

Are you looking to buy weed seeds in Pennsylvania? If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably ventured far and wide on the internet for answers on which strains grow best and where to find them. To make it easier for you, we’ve gathered all the info here

Regardless of your experience, you’ll grow some fat colas if you follow tested methods. It’s essential to consider greenhouse or outdoor conditions if you’re harvesting in Pennsylvania.  Planting in the winter might seem like a good idea until the frost kills your buds.

Whether you’re starting a little cannabis garden or you’re a micro grower, seed banks are available state-wide; and thanks to modern technology, they deliver.

Is weed legal in Pennsylvania? Let’s find out more. 

Marijuana seedling

Is it Legal to Buy and Grow Cannabis Seeds in Pennsylvania?

In 2016, Pennsylvanians were allowed to register for industrial hemp growing. With the legalization of medical use marijuana, micro growers can buy pot seeds in this state. 

While Pennsylvania has fairly strict weed laws, medical marijuana is legal as a natural remedy for people coping with:

  • ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)
  • Autism
  • Cancer
  • Epilepsy
  • Glaucoma
  • Huntington’s disease
  • Sickle Cell Anemia

Although not legal, and because of local probation law, you’d probably not serve time in jail for growing your own. 

Although medical marijuana is legal, possessing more than 30 grams (around 1 ounce) could land you with a $15 000 fine or 1 – 5 years prison time without a medical prescription. Selling weed in Pennsylvania is illegal, and more than 2Lbs gets you mandatory jail time.

Why even bother buying cannabis seeds then? Well, Pennsylvania considers weed seeds as adult novelty souvenir items. It’s perfectly legal to buy them – and start a collection – or even grow your own (with the proper permit).

We advise you to check the latest update on local laws before you decide to grow your own. Luckily, there are several cannabis seed suppliers like Homegrown Cannabis Co. that offer discreet shipping throughout Pennsylvania. And because you want to buy marijuana seeds for your collection, it’s perfectly legal.

Is it Better to Grow Indoors or Outdoors?

The summer climate in Pennsylvania is perfect for cultivating some big buds. If you have a permit to grow medical marijuana, it’s a lovely place to do so, and growing indoors or in a greenhouse is more discreet. Other advantages include personal climate control and light cycle management.

Indoor growing is a fan favorite because of its space utilization. Added to the laws surrounding cultivating weed for personal use, it’s probably best to do it away from the public eye. The less attention you draw to yourself, the less likely you’ll have the police knocking on your door.

Outdoor Growing

Climate conditions and best practices

Nestled between New York and Ohio, the blend of inland and coastal breezes accentuate flavors. The east coast weather makes for amazing summers that allow you to grow beautifully outdoors. Online shopping lets you buy high CBD weed seeds year-round, meaning you can start your cannabis seed collection at any time.

Cultivars should wait to start germination until early to mid-June. You want to wait until late winter to receive the most benefits from the spring sun.

Somewhere between the end of June to mid-July, you should move your seedlings outdoors. Regardless of which seeds you purchase, they can be ready for harvest by the end of September.

Your harvest could take until mid to late November, depending on the seed type you decided on. Although it might seem simple, growing outdoors can be tricky.

Where to plant

Because of the legalities involved, we don’t advise this. However, if you’re growing for private use, find an inconspicuous spot in your garden with at least 6 – 8 hours of daily sunlight.

A tarp, gazebo, or wind net helps protect against extreme elements while adding some privacy.

If the soil is saturated, plants can’t absorb nutrients effectively. For this reason, make sure you have good drainage and rain cover. Drowning your plants is the fastest route to disappointment.

Small, shrubby plants are best for Pennsylvania because of the laws. If your plants are a tall strain, you may need to consider topping them so they stay out of eyeshot. You might not want people walking past to see a massive ganja tree poking out over your rooftop.

If you’re a medical grower with a license, there might not be a need for topping. In that case, adding support branches can prevent them from snapping off.

The best strains to grow in Pennsylvania

Beginners can find many marijuana seeds that thrive outdoors on the east coast. The best ones for outdoors in this environment are feminized seeds. Strains like Cream Caramel seeds and Critical Blue seeds are ideal for newbies and veterans alike.

Indoor growing

While it’s allowed to look for cannabis seeds for sale in Pennsylvania and buy them, growing them isn’t. This need for special permission to grow ganja means most people prefer an indoor setup. And although it can be a bit pricey, it’s safer.

As far as versatility goes, growing weed indoors means you have complete control over your plants’ environment. Autoflowering plants like Big Devil seeds and Northern Lights seeds are perfect due to their photosynthetic abilities. 

Ruderalis hybrids make the most out of the light available to them, take up minimal space, and complete their growth cycle within ten weeks. When it comes to autoflower seeds, the USA has an incredible variation of strains available. 

While there are benefits to growing indoors (like privacy), growers might not like the pungent cheezy stench that comes with blooming colas. For that reason, we suggest fruity strains that make the house smell fresh instead of like a moldy sock.

With the right lights, correct medium and ideal nutrients, you can turn any space into a growing area. Unlike harvesting outdoors, you can germinate your high THC seeds the second they arrive, any time of the year.

Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Pennsylvania

Thanks to the legality of collecting cannabis seeds in Pennsylvania, you can buy cheap weed seeds from any online marijuana seed bank. Growing, on the other hand, is a bit risky. If you’re going to attempt it, do it for personal use, and keep it low-key.

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