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Planting cannabis seeds in Tennessee are a big no-no, which is pretty counterintuitive if you ask us. The Volunteer State is the leader of the American tobacco industry. It’s also using its fertile land to capitalize on hemp production.

This area is as red as it gets, with conservative attitudes through and through. Its agricultural areas are rich and fruitful, though, which could be the ticket towards weed legalization.

All that needs to happen is for the state to follow in the footsteps of its more progressive neighbors. Marijuana seeds in Tennessee will thrive with the mild climate, quality soil, and moderate growing seasons.

Let’s discuss the current situation and explore all the gardening wonders of this region.

Marijuana indoor system

Is it Legal to Buy and Grow Cannabis Seeds in Tennessee?

You’re probably already familiar with the Republican-led strictness regarding cannabis laws. For a more detailed overview, our ‘is weed legal in Tennessee’ report describes everything you need to know. Meanwhile, here’s a quick rundown.

Adult use is illegal, despite the efforts of some legislators. Possession for recreational use still counts as a misdemeanor, punishable by fines and jail time.

You’re even worse off planting marijuana seeds in Tennessee. Up to 10 crops is a felony with considerable incarceration consequences. The situation gets worse with each additional cannabis plant.

Some jurisdictions announced changes that mirror small-amount decriminalization, opening the doors for other districts to follow suit.

When it comes to medical marijuana, the laws are far from permissive, even after the 2020 legalization efforts. The only exception is CBD oil with under 0.9% of THC and exclusively for intractable epileptic seizures.

Is it Better to Grow Indoors or Outdoors?

We have to advise you against any germination at this point, but it’s good for aspiring gardeners to stay informed and aware of their options. 

The world of outdoor cultivation is your oyster. After all, any area that makes hemp thrive will do the same for cannabis. Indoor growing is an alternative worth considering, especially for more tropical strains. 

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of sowing marijuana seeds in Tennessee.

Climate conditions

The Tennessee climate varies significantly between Memphis or the more mountainous eastern areas. In general, the weather is moderate, with cool but not freezing winters and warm, sunny summers

The growing season is typically between 160 and 220 days long, giving marijuana seeds in Tennessee ample time to flower. It can reach 240 in warmer areas and drop to 130 on mountains.

The temperatures rise as you move from the east to the west. The averages are around 80° Fahrenheit in summer, dropping as low as 30°F in winter

Rainfall is ample and frequent but evenly distributed over regions and seasons. Most of the time, you won’t face weather extremes to ruin your harvest, but keep these risks for your marijuana seeds in Tennessee in mind:

  • Tornadoes and hurricanes in the summer. 
  • Floods in early spring.
  • Winds and hail with thunderstorms. 

Keep an eye on the forecast, have a plan B ready, and you shouldn’t face any significant issues. They might not seem like much, but these conditions are a farmer’s dream.

Best strains to grow in Tennessee

Sandy loam and clay are the two main soil types you’ll find, and lucky for you, they’re both fantastic growing mediums. 

Loam is ideal for outdoor cultivation. It’s rich enough that you likely won’t need any extra nutes to get your marijuana seeds in Tennessee thriving in no time. 

Clay will need some amending to become suitable for seedlings, but as long as you watch for drainage issues, you’re good to go.

If you’re a newbie, start with strains that can take a bit of cold and rain

  • White Widow seeds easily adapt to temperature drops and produce generous yields
  • Blue Cheese seeds bloom into sweet-and-savory flowers capable of resisting mold and diseases.

Consider shorter growing period options for bonus points, especially if you live in the east. Durban Poison seeds and Northern Light seeds are our sincerest speedy marijuana seeds for Tennessee recommendations. 

Bonus tip: Our selection of autoflower seeds in the USA lets you harvest twice a year if you start early enough.

Indoor growing in Tennessee

Growing cannabis outside can be tricky business, but not that much in your moderate, easy climate. The in-house counterpart is the same wherever you are, with marijuana seeds in Tennessee flourishing completely independent of the environment. 

Plus, an indoor setting has the added benefit of letting you control the conditions without worrying about rain, cold, or rot.

  • If you need a place to start, Candy Kush seeds are a beginner-friendly option that thrive in controlled environments

Are you looking to grow your own for weed therapy? CBD Critical Mass seeds develop wonderfully soft, therapeutic buds.

Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Tennessee

Since no dispensaries exist in the state, you can’t buy marijuana seeds legally in Tennessee. You’ll have to turn to online sources for your seed-collecting activities. 

If you’re among the few patients that get to use cannabis, you must acquire your CBD oil in the US but outside of Tennessee. Not even commercial growers looking only to cultivate high CBD weed seeds get a thumbs up.

The manufacturer’s label has to disclose the THC amount, and you must show proof of legal purchase

Buying marijuana seeds in Tennessee isn’t technically illegal. Ungerminated packs count as souvenirs, which are 100% above board. You can start building an assortment now and be ready once weed gardening is legal.

Our marijuana seed bank can and does deliver to your doorstep, with tightly-sealed packaging to last you for however long the lawmakers take to move the bill.

For now, we can only keep our fingers crossed. Our spark of optimism seems reasonable, with the massive capacity for thriving weed gardens and the proposals representing ever-so-small but existing progress.

Buying marijuana seeds online in Tennessee is an option worth pursuing. Collect strains that spark your interest, keep gathering knowledge, and sit tight. 

Meanwhile, check out the Homegrown Cannabis Co. forum for handy tips and tricks to turn you into a professional of cannabis cultivation theory. You’ll be all set when it’s time to test your skills in practice.

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