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Wyoming has many crops to offer, including wheat, barley, corn, and beans. The rich soil and flat plains make it easy to grow lots of valuable foods. Can you grow marijuana seeds in Wyoming among the crops? 

We’ll look at the laws around weed cultivation, understand the Equality State’s climate, and the best cannabis strains to grow there. Let’s get started! 

Weed plants in vegetative stage

Is it Legal to Buy and Grow Cannabis Seeds in Wyoming?

Is weed legal in Wyoming? No, it’s not. 

The Equality State has some of the strictest laws regarding possessing, consuming, and growing marijuana seeds in Wyoming. It’s one of 5 states that rule marijuana as fully illegal. 

Can you use the products from the plants of medical marijuana seeds in Wyoming? No, this too remains illegal. 

The only legal form of medical cannabis is hemp-extracted CBD oil that contains less than 0.3% THC. If you’re diagnosed with intractable epilepsy and haven’t responded to other treatment options, you can use these CBD oils. . 

Can you grow marijuana seeds in Wyoming? No, medical patients and recreational users can’t grow cannabis in this state. 

Recreational possession is also illegal, and the state hasn’t decriminalized it either. 

If an officer catches you with 3 ounces or less, it’s a misdemeanor, one year in jail, and a $1,000 fine. If they catch you with more than 3 ounces, it’s a felony, five years in jail, and a $10,000 fine. 

Can you buy marijuana seeds in Wyoming? You can buy ungerminated marijuana seeds in Wyoming. Cannabis seeds are not considered a drug in this state. You can purchase them as collector’s items or souvenirs. 

During the 2021 legislative session, the Senate passed House Bill 209, which would legalize the recreational and medical use of cannabis. It would also allow the cultivation of Wyoming marijuana seeds. Unfortunately, the House didn’t pass it in time. We’ll have to wait until 2022 for the lawmakers to pick it back up.

Is it Better to Grow Indoors or Outdoors?

Since cultivating marijuana seeds in Wyoming remains illegal, take our recommendations as advice for the future when or if it becomes legal. We don’t advise breaking the law. 

Is it better to grow Wyoming marijuana seeds indoors or outdoors? We suggest growing indoors because of the cold climate. 

Climate conditions 

Wyoming tends to stay cold because of the elevation. During the summer, the average temperature of the whole state is about 70°F. If you live in the mountains, you can experience summer days in the 40s and some dropping below freezing

Wyoming marijuana seeds enjoy a consistent 70°F or even warmer to thrive. Temperatures lower than 60°F will upset your plant, and anywhere below 32°F will kill a weed plant. 

Growing marijuana seeds indoors will help the plants to grow large in a warm climate and produce large yields. 

The average humidity in the Equality State is 53%. It’s a little low for the early stages of growing marijuana seeds in Wyoming. Cannabis in the seedling stage thrives in 70% humidity and prefers between 60 to 40% during the vegetative stage. 

During the immature stages of growing, you’ll have to invest in a humidifier for your indoor garden. When your cannabis plants are in the flowering stage, the natural humidity levels will be perfect for cultivating marijuana seeds in Wyoming. 

Another thing to consider is the precipitation. Wyoming is prone to flash flooding from thunderstorms or melting snow. 

The annual snowfall in the Equality State is up to 70 inches in some parts, which will destroy outdoor plants grown from marijuana seeds in Wyoming. 

Cultivating indoors will keep your cannabis plants safe from any harsh weather. 

Overall, growing indoors ensures your crops are warm and protected. We recommend growing in the summer months to help your indoor garden retain heat and humidity. 

Best strains to grow in Wyoming

Although growing cannabis is illegal, you can buy ungerminated marijuana seeds in Wyoming as collector items. 

Homegrown Cannabis Co. has a massive variety of cannabis seeds that you can add to your collection. Let’s check out a few.

Gorilla Glue regular seeds produce award-winning buds that get their name from the amount of sticky resin they produce. The strain’s lineage is Chocolate Diesel, Chems Sister, and Sour Dubb. 

When growing marijuana seeds in Wyoming becomes legal, you can cultivate these high THC seeds with ease. The plants from these seeds can grow in almost any environment. The harvest from these seeds contains an impressive 26% THC and 0.8% CBD levels. 

Bruce Banner 2.0 feminized seeds are another highly collectible marijuana seed. It was named the 9th best cultivar of all time. At Homegrown Cannabis Co., these seeds are part of the “Gold by Blimburn” collection, the elite among others.

When you can grow marijuana seeds in Wyoming, these feminized seeds are ideal for beginners because they’re resistant to pests and diseases. When matured, the dry herb contains 28% THC and 0.8% CBD levels. 

A true classic, Jack Herer feminized seeds are widely known in the cannabis world. The name comes from the most famous pro-weed activist in history. Your Wyoming marijuana seeds collection wouldn’t be complete without this one. 

The crops from these seeds have 24% THC and 0.6% CBD. It’s a mostly sativa strain and great for novice growers. When growing marijuana seeds in Wyoming becomes legal, you can cultivate these high-yielding, disease-resistant, low-maintenance marijuana seeds. 

Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Wyoming

Where can you get marijuana seeds in Wyoming? You can buy marijuana seeds in Wyoming online. 

It’s legal to purchase cannabis seeds only if they’re ungerminated. Remember not to grow any seeds before it’s legal to stay out of trouble. Homegrown Cannabis Co. has an extensive range of marijuana seeds, including the collectibles mentioned above. 

You can buy your ungerminated weed seeds today and start your collection now! 

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