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Humans are sexual beings. And, there is a burning desire to fulfill and explore this side of humanity in everyone. Some do so with modest, straightforward means. Others, however, go through their carnal journey in exhilarating ways. These include the use of sex toys, provocative role play costumes, as well as sexual positions that give yoga a run for the money. Cannabis, unsurprisingly, also found its way into our bedrooms. It spices things up like no aphrodisiac can, which is why it managed to pique even the curiosity of people beyond 420 communities.

How Cannabis Improves Romance

Enhancing the action between the sheets with marijuana may seem like something tie dye shirt-wearing, lentils-eating hippie stoners would swear by. However, this herb has been utilized for that purpose since ancient times. It served as a sexual stimulant in Indian and Serbian folk medicine, and as a traditional herbal medicine for erectile dysfunction in Uganda. Additionally, it was used in erotic rituals in Scandinavia during its pre-Christian era.

Not to be dismissed as myths from the forgotten days, the plant's ability to improve sexual functions and pleasures is backed up by countless present-day testimonies. Researches and studies support many of these claims. However, most were not performed to shed light to cannabis-related sexperiences.

  • Intensified arousal. Marijuana heightens sensory perception, making sounds, colors, fragrance, and flavors extra stimulating. Due to such effect, it makes mundane everyday recreations more enjoyable and even exciting. This includes watching TV, listening to music, and having sex.

  • More prolonged and intense lovemaking. The duration of sexual intercourse while under canna-influence feels a lot longer. Many attribute it to the THC's energizing effect, which may boost sexual endurance. However, the primary cause of this seemingly telenovela-long sex-tivity is its ability to slow the brain's perception of time. Depending on the strain used, though, it could be both. Additionally, the combined effect of time dilation and increase in sensitivity makes sexual arousal and the orgasm feel longer and more intense.

  • Stronger emotional connection. More than just an act of releasing lust, lovemaking is an expression of deep feelings. It also strengthens the romantic bond and sustains relationship satisfaction. Thanks to its antidepressant and anxiolytic properties, cannabis ensures insecurities and other gloomy emotions do not disrupt this special moment.

  • Increased Frequency. Cannabinoids are believed to interact with the receptors in the amygdala and hypothalamus - these are areas that handle sexual functions. That, along with increased blood flow and sensitivity to touch, results in a stronger desire to have sex. Perhaps this is why marijuana users have around 20% more sex compared to non-users, as stated in a Stanford University School of Medicine study published in 2017.

  • Comfortable sex. Pain is a libido killer. The good news is, cannabis has notable analgesic and anti-inflammatory qualities. These features guarantee that physical discomforts cannot ruin one's sexual appetite.

Enhancing Sexual Confidence and Intimacy with Cannabis

Regardless if performed alone or with a partner, exploring your sexuality is a satisfying activity. However, some find that sex turns into a monotonous pattern in time or becomes less gratifying with age. Many also suffer from sexual inhibitions that constraint their ability to fully enjoy the act.

The use of cannabis can overcome these circumstances without the usual side effects of sex enhancement drugs. Plus, the influence of the herb is way more reliable than that of other natural aphrodisiacs, ensuring the sex drive goes full throttle when desired.

  • Seeking Self-Satisfaction. The act of gratifying one's own sexual needs is normal and healthy. However, it is not considered as exciting as doing the deed with another person. Girl Scout Cookies (fem), the Cali-bred lovechild of OG Kush and Durban Poison, is on a mission to change that notion. Euphoric and creative, it only takes a few hits of the bud for fantasies to heat up in boiling level. With a supercharged erotic imagination, staying solo under the sheets might become your next favorite hobby.

  • Going Hardcore. Let's face it - many people, men and women alike, enjoy rough sex. Fantasies about hardcore lovemaking rule their sexual daydreams. However, fulfilling them may not be as simple as how most would imagine it. Today's hectic and stressed out society leaves us without enough vitality to perform high-octane intercourse. It takes the fun out of what is supposed to be an incredibly enjoyable activity, making it routinary, vanilla sex as some would call it.

    With the energy-pumping effect of Sour Diesel (fem), however, boring sex is a thing of the past. It provides up to 5 hours of intense vigor that can be spent on some heart-pounding nooky. If harder, faster, and hella better sack situation is desired, this Sativa lust-generator is the bud to bed.

  • Putting Sensual in Slow. In the movies, slow lovemaking brims with so much passion. Watching it makes your skin tickle and sizzle with the slightest touch. In reality, though, many find slow sex somewhat dull. It can bring a couple ooohs and ahhhhs, but not the "wow!". 

    For people with partners preferring the "gradual" sex style, Bubblegum (fem) is salvation. It intensifies emotions, giving an intimate gaze enough power to make the heart skip a beat. Because it increases sensitivity to physical contact, every movement, too, feels overwhelmingly satisfying. After, couples tend to feel more connected and relaxed, as if they have gotten to know each other more after the impassioned bed dance.

  • Starting the Day with Morning Sex. In a perfect world, every day would start with glorious morning sex. But alas, this utopia only exists during vacation, when nobody needs to rush to work or take care of other chores. If greeting the new day by letting out a satisfied moan is on your at-least-once-a-week plans, you need to have Harlequin (fem) by the bedside. Known as the "the morning glory marijuana strain," the wake and bake Sativa is Viagra in a strong cup of coffee. It awakens the mind and gets you in the mood for some morning sexercise. Don't expect some psychedelic bed situations, though, as this bud's powerful CBD load keeps its THC effects in check.

  • Experimenting with Kink. Sex is a source of pleasure that can do without too much limitations. Spice up it up and shake up your sexual routine by adding some kinkiness to it. Try leathers, cuffs, and sex toys. Hang from a pull-up bar if you can and want to. If sexual timidity is preventing you from experimenting with these new things, reach out for the kink-friendly Jilly Bean (reg) and watch inhibitions fly out of the window. The bud gets creative juices flowing and lubricates our imagination, making us more open to unconventional sexual whims. Have your partner take a hit as well, as two kinks are definitely more fun than one.
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