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Keep your eye on the ball with the best strains for focus.

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People turn to cannabis for all sorts of reasons. Most use it for pain relief, mood elevation, and relaxation. And as consumers become more educated about the wide range of effects cannabis can offer, more and more people are starting to recognize it as a tool for boosting focus and productivity.

Cannabis and Focus: Breaking the Lazy Stoner Stereotype

Among the byproducts of decades of campaigns against marijuana consumption are detrimental stereotypes. Most people associate cannabis use with laziness as the herb supposedly depletes motivation and productivity. While this might appear to be the case with the use of couch-locking strains, what uninformed people do not realize is that different kinds of strains exert varying effects. Some promote relaxation while others invigorate the mind and body. Hence, overgeneralizing laziness to all cannabis users is not only inaccurate but also irresponsible as it breeds detrimental perceptions.

Fortunately, with easing legal restrictions on weed, more and more people are becoming aware that marijuana is not as harmful as society painted it to be. In fact, it offers a plethora of benefits - one of which is its ability to sharpen focus.

Far from the stereotype, certain cannabis strains help people become more productive by inducing high energy levels, increasing motivation, and clearing cobwebs in mind. Such effects allow one to zero in on the task and work efficiently in accomplishing it. Another reason why cannabis is so effective at boosting focus is that its therapeutic properties work wonders in alleviating debilitating symptoms. After all, it is hard to do anything - much less focus on a complex task - when one is struggling with chronic pain.

Moreover, the focus-enhancing traits of certain cannabis breeds are extremely valuable to patients with ADD/ADHD. Upon consumption, the herb increases the availability of dopamine in the brain. Cannabis exerts the same effects as Ritalin and Dexedrine amphetamine - the common prescription medications used for treating hyperactivity disorders.

Best Strains to Enhance Focus

Unfortunately, the modern-day workforce values systematic workflow and efficiency more than spontaneity and creativity. However, doing the same thing over and over again makes it hard to get into a focused flow state. Thankfully, with the right dosage of the right strain, concentrating on the tasks at hand is now easier than ever.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. handpicked the best focus-enhancing strains that allow for focus and engagement in purposeful thinking. These Sativa varieties contain copious amounts of CBD, THC, and the terpenes limonene and pinene.

High THC Strains

Small to moderate concentrations of THC has been shown to provide an uplifting, energetic experience that boosts concentration. In larger doses, though, it might fog the mind instead of clearing it. Hence, as a general rule of thumb, it is safe to start with 1-3 milligrams of THC then gradually dial the dose to suit one's needs.

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is the perfect wake-and-bake strain for those who prefer to start mornings on a positive note. This Sativa-dominant strain boasting THC levels of up to 25% shot to fame because of its uplifting and energizing kick. It sharpens focus and bolsters productivity by jolting the mind into action - thereby keeping the creative juices free-flowing. To prevent such stimulating effects from becoming overwhelming, it also delivers a touch of mellow calmness - hence making the experience more pleasant.

Ideally grown indoors, the herb thrives well if given ample attention. Courtesy of its Sativa-dominant lineage, it grows into a tall, lanky plant reaching 150 cm. So, pruning and height management are must-have skills when dealing with this plant. Come harvest time; all efforts will be rewarded with insanely dense trichome-laden buds. Feminized Sour Diesel seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. flowers in 10 weeks and produces a maximum of 500 grams per square meter. Meanwhile, up to 700 grams of resin-caked buds per plant can be expected outdoors.

Black Jack Auto

Not to be confused with the popular casino game, Black Jack Auto is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that made a name for itself with its insane potency and prolific yields. Boasting a cannabinoid profile of 25% THC and 1.4% CBD, this strain impresses with a perfectly balanced cerebral high and relaxing body buzz. Within minutes of savoring its sweet and musky vapors, it envelopes the mind in a euphoric and energetic high. Pair this with its inherent focus-enhancing properties, and it becomes the perfect antidote to procrastination and lack of focus. Meanwhile, its mellow Indica buzz lets thoughts run at a more manageable pace.

Cultivation-wise, Black Jack Auto is adored for its ease of cultivation, high resistance to molds and pests, fast flowering rate, and high yielding capacity. In the span of 9 weeks after germination, each square meter can yield 550 grams of dense, resinous nugs. When nurtured outdoors, though, each plant procures 250 grams of fresh buds.

Tangie x Chocolope

Known for its exotic aroma and flavor profile reminiscent of citrus and chocolate, Tangie x Chocolope is genuinely a delight to the palate. Beyond such delectable flavors, though, it excels at delivering an energizing, focused cerebral high - thanks to its Sativa-dominant genes and 17% THC. Not only does it elevate the mood, but it also clears cobwebs. That, combined with its creativity-boosting effects, motivates one to concentrate and get things done ASAP.

A choice perfect for beginners, feminized Tangie x Chocolope seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. are gloriously hardy and non-finicky. Its most remarkable attribute is the 9-week quick flowering period as opposed to the usual 12+ weeks of most Sativa-dominant strains. When properly cared for, the harvest per square meter could reach 700 grams or up to 500 grams per plant.

Neville's Haze

Neville's Haze is a revamped feminized version of the classic Haze. With 21% THC and less than 1% CBD, it exerts the same out-of-this-world cerebral high Haze strains are so well-loved for, but with the infusion of Northern Lights # 5's robust genes. This strain is the perfect choice for productivity junkies. It provides a burst of high-octane energy, stirring creativity and sharpening focus, all while motivating one to stay on top of tasks.

Haze strains are notoriously challenging to grow due to its susceptibility to molds and extensive flowering period, reaching as long as 16+ weeks. Incorporating Northern Lights #5's inherently robust genes fortified this strain's resistance against fungi and pathogen attacks. Even better, it slightly shortened the flowering period to just 10-12 weeks while granting Neville's Haze the ability to produce a heavy coat of resins. With optimal care, expect to harvest 650 grams of trichome-encrusted buds per square meter. Outdoors, yields could go as high as 800 grams per plant.

High CBD Strains

Consuming too much THC counteracts its ability to sharpen focus. One way to mitigate its psychoactive properties is to opt for strains that contain high levels of CBD. The reason is that this compound can offset the euphoric high.

CBD-rich strains with moderate THC levels cannot induce an intense experience. Thus, in promoting mental clarity, the gentle buzz does not affect the ability to concentrate on a particular task in any manner.

CBD Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze is a highly energizing strain that enhances the mood while inspiring focus and productivity. However, its high THC concentration makes it less ideal for consumers with low tolerance levels. Hence, Homegrown Cannabis Co. created a version using the same genetics, but with stellar levels of CBD. The result is CBD Super Silver Haze, a Sativa-leaning variety with a 1:1 THC to CBD ratio, ranging from 8-14%.

CBD Super Silver Haze is much tamer than the original. Nevertheless, it still delivers a reinvigorating feeling, uplifting the mood with a mellow, euphoric buzz. Moreover, it helps clear the head, thereby improving the ability to focus. Gradually, a calming sensation swarms into the body, promoting relaxation without sedation.

Cultivating feminized CBD Super Silver Haze takes effort and years of experience. Its tall and lanky stature requires more attention than usual. Moreover, it has a long flowering period that could take anywhere between 10 to 12 weeks. Despite that, all hard work will surely pay off come harvest time. Each square meter can produce as much as 800 grams of dense, resinous buds, while each sun-grown plant yields up to 900 grams of fresh nugs.

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