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Indica Weed Seeds

Indica weed strains as regular, feminized, and autoflowering marijuana seeds.

Indica Weed Seeds

Cannabis indica is one of the main types of marijuana alongside cannabis Sativa and ruderalis. Sativa strains are known for their powerful, energetic high while ruderalis is generally only used to breed autoflowering marijuana seeds. Indica strains are generally considered the opposite of Sativa strains as they provide body relaxation and can help with relieving pain.


What Are Indica High Effects?

The high is the main difference between Indica and Sativa seeds, and the buds that will grow from them, depending on how strong and potent they are, Indica strains can be relaxing while the strongest Indica strain can give full-body relaxation, be sleep-inducing and give the user ‘couch lock’ whereby moving becomes a difficult task. The best Indica seeds grow into marijuana which provides more of a balance, perhaps some body relaxation but without completely sedating. 


Couch lock is a common effect of cannabis Indica, this is essentially what it sounds like, full-body relaxation that makes the consumer lethargic. Many cannabis growers and consumers with chronic insomnia tout Indica strains as useful in helping falling asleep. Whether sleep inducing or relieving pain, Indica strains offer a lot more in terms of general relaxation compared to Sativa strains which provide consumers with a more energetic high. If you were to choose the strongest Indica strain, in terms of THC content, then the aforementioned effects would be much stronger, however, Indica strains with lower THC levels will be much more mellow. 


Homegrown Cannabis Co. has the best variety of top quality cannabis Indica weed seeds for sale.


Pure Indica Strains And Dominant Hybrid Marijuana Seeds


You can divide Indica seeds into pure Indica strains and Indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strains. Pure Indica strains will only exhibit Indica traits while hybrid strains will exhibit some, small traits of cannabis by Sativa while still having most of the same characteristics as Indica strains. Indica strains generally grow much smaller than Sativa strains and are bushier while Sativa strains are thinner.


We have a great selection of Indica seeds as regular weed seeds which are pure natural cannabis seeds which growers will have to sex themselves once they germinate and start to grow. If you would rather get cannabis Indica seeds that are guaranteed female, then check out our selection of feminized seeds for sale where you can find many of the best Indica strains available. If you would like to grow top Indica seeds quickly, then your best bet is to look at our autoflowering seeds for sale which have a faster flowering time and are generally considered to be among the easiest cannabis to grow. 

How Do You Grow Indica Weed Seeds?

While Indica seeds grow well outdoors and indoors, they are perhaps more suited to growing indoors. However, in comparison with Sativa strains, Indica plants are generally harder and can cope with harsher climates due to them originating from the Hindu Kush mountain range on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. 


When growing indoors, Indica seeds can be quite ideal because they generally grow far smaller than Sativa plants, meaning they fit well in limited grow spaces. When growing outdoors, it is rare that cannabis Indica plants grow higher than 2 meters, while indoors they rarely grow higher than 1 meter. Indica strains also grow a lot more outwards and bushy in comparison to Sativa strains.

If you’re growing Indica weed strains indoors then it’s a good idea to make use of the Sea of Green (SOG) method to produce the best yields while also controlling and manipulating the growth of the marijuana plant to best suit its environment. 


For further tips on growing Indica strains or any other cannabis plants, check out our Grow Your Own with Kyle Kushman series of guides where you can learn top tips from a cannabis industry veteran.


Pure Indica Seeds 

Homegrown Cannabis Co. has a great variety of pure Indica seeds for sale. Unlike indica dominant hybrid seeds, these pure Indica strains exhibit only cannabis Indica traits. This can be observed in the high provided when consumed, with effects ranging from sedating effects and couch lock to fast acting pain relief. 


Pure Indica strains can have varying levels of CBD and THC content - while Sativa strains are more well-known for high THC content, many Indica strains boast phenomenal THC levels, while others have medium or low THC content. If you look at some of our classic Indica dominant hybrid strains, for example, OG Kush Autoflower or Girl Scout Cookies Feminized then you will notice that although not completely Indica, they are more similar to pure Indica strains in terms of the high when consumed. OG Kush and Girl Scout cookies also have extremely high THC content and their Indica highs are extremely potent as a result. They are not pure Indica strains, however, but the strains listed below are. These are some of the best Indica seeds for sale from Homegrown Cannabis Co.


Ruderalis Indica Seeds: The Best Autoflower Indica Seeds

  • Northern Lights x Big Bud Autoflower: What do you get when you cross the extremely potent Northern Lights with the high yielding Big Bud? You get Northern Lights x Big Bud, with some ruderalis bred in there to make it an autoflowering weed seed - you have a high yielding, high THC strain. Northern Lights x Big Bud is perfect for cannabis consumers looking to relax. This Indica strain can provide heavenly relaxation and is also a great strain for sleep problems like chronic insomnia due to its potentially sleep-inducing effects. Northern Lights x Big Bud is one of the easiest marijuana seeds to grow making it an excellent strain for beginners; furthermore, it requires little maintenance when growing indoors where temperature can be controlled. If growing outdoors, this strain prefers hot climates so be careful when and where you grow this one. Providing your grow is set up correctly; you should have little trouble growing high yielding, cannabis Indica plants full of potent buds.

  • Purple Kush Autoflower: Indica weed seeds don’t get much more sought after than this, Purple Kush has long been a favorite of growers and consumers, now with the added ruderalis genetics we have these amazing autoflower Indica seeds. Hailing from the birthplace of cannabis Indica, The Hindu Kush mountains, Purple Kush has become sturdy and durable as a result of being indigenous to harsh, mountain climates. Alongside its hardiness, Purple Kush cannabis Indica seeds can also produce some abundant yields. While this Indica plant’s growth traits are virtually flawless, which makes it perfect for breeding hybrids, the main reason for its popularity would be it’s the truly beautiful appearance of the plants - with deep purple hues accentuated by vivid orange pistils topped off by a layer of crystalline trichomes. Purple Kush Autoflower is pretty mild when it comes to potency which makes it the perfect nighttime strain, something a bit more mellow to relax consumers, this also makes it suitable for novice consumers with lower tolerance.

  • Critical x Mazar Autoflower: A relatively new, Indica dominant hybrid and while not as popular as either of its parent strains yet, Critical x Mazar Autoflower is quickly becoming a favorite, in part due to its potency. With THC content of up to 20%, consumers will be hit by a fast-acting, euphoric high which will have you soaring before lulling you down into a more full-bodied stone typical of an Indica strain. By crossing two Indica strains with a ruderalis strain to create these autoflower Indica seeds, breeders have created a robust plant that can cope with anything its environment throws at it - these indica seeds can prosper and flourish in the most unforgiving of environments!

The Best Pure Feminized Indica Seeds For Sale

While we have many different types of Indica weed seeds for sale, many growers opt for feminized Indica seeds as they are guaranteed to grow into female cannabis Indica plants:



  • Maple Leaf Feminized: Fast flowering, feminized Indica weed seeds are ideal for growers, and Maple Leaf Feminized is just that - with a grow time of just 6-8 weeks, this is one of the most perfect Indica strains and also an easy to grow strain for beginners. While growing Maple Leaf outdoors is possible, it is best suited to growing indoors, here is where you will truly see these weed seeds flourish. The reason for this being that growing indoors allows you to control the environment - Maple Leaf prefers warmer climates. Maple Leaf grows quite small which makes it perfect for growing indoors, furthermore, growers can use the Sea of Green (SOG) method if they want to further promote outwards growth. Maple Leaf is one of the best Indica strains for insomnia as it can invoke feelings of drowsiness when consumed and also provide a euphoric high making the user relax while also improving their mood.

  • Yumbolt Feminized: One of the pure Indica strains with an extremely high THC level of around 24% if grown correctly. This high THC content gives Yumbolt a profoundly relaxing high which has earned it numerous accolades, most notably the High Times Cannabis Cup for ‘Best Indica’ in 2001. Yumbolt is often considered a rare marijuana strain as it sells very quickly when stocked in cannabis dispensaries. However, now you can grow your own with these feminized Indica seeds. Yumbolt is an easy marijuana strain to grow and is naturally resistant to mold, certain pathogens, and can thrive in harsh climate conditions. Given that Yumbolt is an Indica strain, it doesn’t grow too tall which makes it good for growing indoors but it also grows very well outdoors. Yumbolt also has a musky, earthy smell with hints of citrus sweetness. 

  • Pure Indica Feminized: Maybe this should have started this list off, Pure Indica seems like the most obvious choice for a list of pure feminized Indica seeds, it’s quite literally in the name. Strangely, Pure Indica’s lineage is somewhat of a mystery but what is obvious is the sweet fruity taste you get when smoking this Indica strain followed up by a hit of bliss from the high THC content of anywhere between 14 - 23%. Whether growing indoors or outdoors, this strain does not require much vertical space, while it isn’t the most prolific cannabis strain, growers can utilize the Sea of Green (SOG) method to maximize yields. Pure Indica is very resistant to molds, pests, and diseases but prefers hot, sunny climates. When harvested, you will find tightly packed buds that smell pleasantly like tropical fruits.

Indica Weed Seeds For Sale Online USA

If you’re looking for Indica weed seeds, then Homegrown Cannabis Co. offers a diverse selection of the best Indica seeds, with stable genetics, we guarantee that you won’t find better Indica weed seeds and if you don’t believe us then you can read thousands of genuine customer reviews here. 

To make growing even easier for our customers, we have the Beginners Guide To Growing Cannabis with Kyle Kushman series of videos where industry legend Kyle Kushman offers tips and guidance for growers. If you wish to seek further advice or information related to growing indica seeds or cannabis in general, then why not engage with other members of the growing community over at the Homegrown Forum.


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