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Keep it tantric with the best strains for female arousal.

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  1. Critical Kush Feminized
    • THC Level: 20%
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    • Plant Type: Mostly Indica
    Critical Kush Feminized
    A gift from God or modern science? You decide.
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Cannabis Strains for Female Arousal

The desire for sex and intimacy is natural, which is why acting on carnal urges is so fulfilling. However, not everybody achieves satisfaction in that department. In fact, recent surveys suggest that the majority of people are having mediocre sex. That is the reason why many are in constant chase of orgasm. The Big "O," though, is not a secret button located somewhere in the human body to push on and off. Instead, it is the destination that can only be reached by going through a gratifying sexual journey.

Unbeknownst to many, cannabis is one of the world's best aphrodisiacs. Plus, it aids in breaking the routine and overcoming factors that disrupt sexual intimacy such as anxiety, stress, insecurities, as well as self-consciousness. All these things make achieving orgasm, whether with a partner or solo, a much less complicated matter.

Cannabis-Driven Sexual Arousal

From steering public fear as the evil weed in 1930s propaganda to being the toast of the scientific community for its many health-giving benefits, cannabis is now in magazine covers for being quite the love potion. In reality, that is merely old news that is recently making a comeback. In different primeval societies throughout history, it has long been used as an aphrodisiac and remedy for erectile dysfunction.

As with the other known effects of cannabis, its ability to enhance sexual activities is the result of the interaction between its phytocannabinoids, such as THC and CBD, and the human body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The collaboration of these entities produces these responses that allow sex to be more enjoyable:

  • Heightened pleasure from sound, smell, taste, touch, and emotions
  • Seemingly longer sex due to the plant’s ability to slow the perception of time
  • Intense orgasm thanks to the increased sensitivity to stimuli
  • Better emotional bond or connection due to the absence of anxiety and insecurities
  • Marijuana users have higher sexual frequency compared to non-users according to the study conducted by the US government's National Survey of Family Growth
  • Painless sex because of the analgesic properties of the herb

There is an endless number of testimonials affirming the effects mentioned. Plus, although not performed to prove the usefulness of cannabis in bedroom situations, studies and researches corroborate these benefits. Of course, to attain those pleasures, using the right strain and consuming moderate dosages are of utmost importance. Also bear in mind that excessive cannabis use has sex drive-killing side effects like vaginal dryness, headaches, dizziness, heightened anxiety, and paranoia.

The 5 Best Strains for Female Arousal

Using the right variety to improve sex is as essential as having the right ingredients to perfect a recipe. If there is a menu of arousing cannabis strains to choose from, Sativa strains are sure to be best-sellers. This species promote muscle contraction, increase blood flow, and induce an active cerebral high. These effects cause excitement and lubrication in "critical" areas.

Indica varieties, on the other hand, share a mellowing result. It dilates time, making the duration of sex seem longer. That said, never overindulge as these varieties also tend to sedate and couch-lock.
For the right balance of sensitivity and stamina, opt for 70-30 Sativa-Indica hybrids as it provides a mild mental buzz that will not make the deed more psychedelic than romantic. Plus, there is the right amount of energy and calm that will not hinder your limb-bending acrobatic moves.

  • Sour Diesel

The mostly Sativa Sour D contains around 20 to 25% THC. It is an energetic bud that makes the heart pound and skin flush red with excitement. Of course, it is also in charge of the hours-long intimate action. In steamy, sexy conditions, its creativity-inducing effect kicks boredom out of the picture. Expect a spiced up lovemaking with this flower burning by the bedside. Role-playing, edible sex tools, and bondages - name it! You can even do all those by the open window during the daytime.

If there is enough space for this lanky cannabis, growing it a swell idea. It is moderately difficult to grow as the plant stretches several times while fruiting but thrives as long as given ample attention. To keep Sour Diesel under control, prune, train, and top it, or you will be looking at a giant reaching for the skies, or the ceiling if grown indoors. Cultivate Sour Diesel Feminized seeds, so you would not have to worry about males. If a more straightforward experience is desired, try the Sour Diesel Autoflowering seeds, which does not require any of those and goes from seed to harvest in 10 weeks.

  • Jack Herer

For another Sativa-powered sex, do not forget to put Jack Herer on the list. It is named after a famous marijuana activist and the author of "The Emperor Wears No Clothes." As one of the most in-demand libido-boosting cannabis strains out there, it is evident why he is in his birthday clothes. This peppery flower promotes bliss and imagination in the bedroom. Because it increases mental focus, sharing this bud with your partner also guarantees nothing can disturb the action between the sheets. You can even opt for its CBD Jack Herer Feminized seeds if you prefer relishing it without the high.

On a different note, the legendary strain has an easy to maintain nature, making it suitable even to horticulture beginners. It is resilient against molds, mildew, pests, and common diseases. Apart from that, Jack Herer is known for its massive bud production. All of these advantages can be enjoyed by growing from Jack Herer Feminized seeds. If less yield for a faster cultivation cycle is okay, you may also choose the Jack Herer Autoflowering seeds.

  • Bubblegum

In the mood for some passionate post-work lovemaking and some getting to know after? Bubblegum is your bud. Its been pleasuring and keeping the bond tight between couples since the 1970s. Additionally, it stimulates slow yet intense romance with plenty of eye contact and tender touches. Also, anticipate loads of verbal appreciation, followed by an intimate conversation.

Cannabis enthusiasts with ample of gardening experience can cultivate this strain. It grows wonderfully indoors and out, in soil or hydroponics. However, the plant needs favorable growing conditions and protection from rainfall to prevent molds. Unfortunately, this plant has low resilience against moisture-related diseases. If you have the horticulture prowess to care for this legendary strain, then go for its Bubblegum Feminized seeds. Otherwise, grow its Bubblegum Autoflowering seeds for a faster and less challenging grow.

  • Jilly Bean

Although its name sounds rather childish, no juvenile should be around when under the erotic influence of Jilly Bean. It is an energy and libido-boosting daytime bud that ensures humping till you nor your partner can hump no more. A whole load of kink will also kick in, breaking the boring, spark-less, monotonous bedroom routine that many couples silently suffer from. Think of it as a source of wonderful flavors that turn plain vanilla sex into a wild, mind-blowing bed adventure.

Apart from breathing life back to dying sex life, your garden can also get some help from Jilly Bean. It is a Sativa with Indica growth patterns, which means it grows sturdy and fruitful. Additionally, the plant will also maintain a manageable height, so finding a spot for it is never difficult. With a pack of its Jilly Bean marijuana seeds, you would have 50% male and 50% female at your disposal.

  • Grandaddy Purple

Most people usually have sex at night, so this list would not be complete without a nighttime strain for some unforgettable pre-bedtime lovemaking. Grandaddy Purple is, without a doubt, the top erotic Indica. It relaxes both the mind and body while making the skin sensitive even to the slightest touch, evoking pleasure from every stroke. Plus, it ensures that no matter how tiring the day went, no muscle strain or worries can disrupt the sexy evening.

Nothing is worse than running out of stash when your boo is already geared up for a banging night. Make sure this does not happen by growing your hefty supply. GDP is a massive-yielding strain that yields up to 500 grams per sqm and around 600 grams per plant. Additionally, you can choose between its Grandaddy Purple marijuana seeds and Grandaddy Purple Feminized seeds.

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