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God Bud Regular

Divine bag appeal and huge potential yields.
  • Indica Dominant
  • Very High THC
  • Heavy Yields
  • High THC
  • Earthy and woody fragrance
  • 400 to 500 g/m2

Despite being considered a cannabis haven, only a few strains can be attributed for putting Canada in the 420 map, and one of them is God Bud. It is a blend of two Sativa-dominant parents, Hawaiian and Purple Skunk. However, the hybrid’s Indica-heav... Read More

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Kyle Kushman
Kushman Says:
This God ain't that forgiving, make sure you have some experience before growing this strain.
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God Bud Regular


Mostly Indica
Yield 400 - 500 gr/plant
THC 22%
CBD 0.6%
HEIGHT 90 cm
Anxiety Arthritis Depression Migranes Stress
Euphoric Giggly Relaxed
Earthy Pine Skunk Sweet Woody
Temperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean
God Bud Regular Review

God Bud Regular Profile by Kyle Kushman

Despite being considered a cannabis haven, only a few strains can be attributed for putting Canada in the 420 map, and one of them is God Bud. It is a blend of two Sativa-dominant parents, Hawaiian and Purple Skunk. However, the hybrid’s Indica-heavy makeup is assumed to have come from its third progenitor, an unidentified Canadian variant referred to only as “God.” Imitated but never duplicated, its somewhat mysterious genetics turned out to be a considerable part of its success.

The earthy, chocolate-smelling flowers that spring from its modest frame are laden with a tremendous THC value of up to 27%. Such load allows it to put the mind in a state of reverie in just a single hit. Along with the psychedelic high, it also imparts relaxation that transcends into sleepiness, making it ideal for nighttime use. The herb is also efficient in battling depression, lack of appetite, and, as expected, insomnia among plenty others.

God Bud bagged the World's Best Indica title in the 2004 Cannabis Cup with its brochure of positive effects. It also earned the very dense, crystal-coated flower a permanent spot on the top shelf of dispensaries in Vancouver, BC, as well as the West Coast and Colorado. While such credential may make it seem like a complicated grow, cultivating the herbal divinity’s Homegrown Cannabis seeds is straightforward. Notwithstanding its humble height, the plant produces heavy yields if given a suitable environment to develop, maximizing small spaces without doubling the effort.

Growing God Bud Regular Seeds

The God Bud is not the easiest cannabis to grow. Its thick structure requires grooming for proper air circulation, light exposure, and energy allocation. If left to its own device, its dense foliage can cause moisture buildup and pathogen-related issues, which, in turn, could affect the yield or even kill the plant. Moreover, because of its pungent scent, odor control is also impossible without a robust system when growing indoors. Meanwhile, outdoor cultivation may invite unwanted attention, necessitating guerilla growing, which can be very challenging to maintain.

In spite of the cultivation adversities, God Bud is still a worthy grow. Bear in mind that the setup and stench concern only transpire if cultivating the strain, or any variant for that matter, for the first time. An existing grow room with an efficient odor eliminator and other needed systems should work just fine. On the other hand, removing inessential fan leaves and performing further trimming techniques are almost always necessary if growing Indica variants in limited spaces. Simply put, an experienced grower would find it far less arduous than a beginner.

Proceeding with the endeavor is a rewarding experience. With a maximum height of just 3 ft, it prospers even in small areas like balconies and mini stealth grow cabinets. Besides, its flowers produce a thick resin coat that appears silvery when nearing harvest, proclaiming their potency with glimmering beauty. Furthermore, subjecting the plant in cool nighttime temperatures turns its green buds into elegant deep plum flowers with scanty, long pistils, which enhances their bag appeal.

When growing indoors, sustain air humidity between 40% to 50% and temperatures around 18 to 26°C. Also grow no fewer than 4 God Buds in a Sea of Green (SOG) fashion to accomplish a favorable outturn even in small spaces. In only 8 to 9 weeks of fruiting, look forward to harvesting up to 500 grams of buds per square meter.

If blessed with an opportune climate similar to that of the islands located across the Mediterranean, take advantage of the place and fantastic weather by growing outdoors. A paradisiacal setting can spur one God Bud to produce up to 1000 grams of fresh flowers. In the northern hemisphere, be ready to harvest by Mid-October.

Fragrance and Flavor

Managing the aroma of God Bud can be a bit problematic, but enjoying it is nothing other than heavenly. Its drool-worthy chocolate scent comes with a strong earthy and woody fragrance. The sweetness invites for another hit, while the muskiness reminds just how potent the strain is. When combusted and inhaled through the mouth, the taste provides a more precise representation of herb. Its cocoa flavor is as wonderful as enjoying a hot fudge cake. Balanced by the pine and skunky sapidity, the sweetness is pleasurable and never overbearing.


One drag of God Bud is powerful enough to propel the mind towards a hallucinogenic journey. The high is trippy, causing a floating feeling almost instantaneously. Everything and anything also incites mental arousal. The music makes the head spin as if trying to dance on its own. Images and colors appear more vivid and almost alive. Remarkably, looking at the portrait that has been hanging on the wall for many years suddenly feels euphoric.

While enjoying the bustling, giggling fits-inducing cerebral activity, a numbing sensation will manifest on the face for only a couple minutes. An ensuing relaxing influence will then envelop the body, making it feel calm and comfortable. Undemanding movements are still doable; however, the cozy embrace of the couch may be too gratifying to leave.

To have the best experience, consume the herb right before dinner as it comes with an irresistible munchies effect. Also time the session a couple of hours before bedtime as the whole journey takes about 2 to 3 hours, at which point drowsiness will kick in, followed by a long, restful sleep. 


God Bud’s far-reaching potency is a blessing in the medical scene. Its flowers carry an immense THC load that contains powerful anodyne, antiphlogistic, and anxiolytic properties. Meanwhile, its terpene profile has enormous amounts of Linalool, as well as serviceable quantities of Caryophyllene, Caryophyllene oxide, and alpha-Pinene. These aromatic compounds incidentally have the same functions as the mentioned cannabinoid, allowing them to work and provide relief as a unit.

The herb’s mind-warping euphoria leaves no space for anxiety, stress, and depression. With these three out of the picture, mental fatigue levels also diminish. At the same time, the induced intense craving for food halts the reign of eating disorders, lack of appetite, along with cyclic nausea and vomiting due to illnesses or treatments.

While those therapeutic benefits are already impressive, God Bud does not stop there. The medicinal flora is a compelling analgesic that also fights swelling within the body. With such combined features, relief from illnesses such as rheumatoid arthritis, atherosclerosis, multiple sclerosis is more than a band-aid solution. Moreover, the sedating flower also impels a long slumber, which, in turn, improves overall health and wellbeing.

To enjoy all the mentioned recreational and medicinal benefits, responsible consumption of God Bud is crucial. It is a potent strain that can overwhelm when misused. Hence, to not go beyond the limits of individual tolerance, always start with low doses and wait for the high to settle before going for another. Otherwise, apart from cottonmouth and dry eyes, it may bring about dizziness, paranoia, or increased anxiety.

Regular God Bud Seeds

As heavenly as its name so proudly declares, God Bud has an otherworldly high that gives the mind a momentary escape from daily routine. It also gifts tranquility, pain alleviation, improved appetite, as well as extended hours of unruffled sleep. Such list of benefits makes the plant deserving of a spot in every grow room. It may not be the easiest to cultivate, but its Homegrown Cannabis Co seeds ensure a gainful harvest if cared for right.