Northern Lights Autoflower
Northern Lights Autoflower
Northern Lights Autoflower
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  • High THC
  • Strong pine scent
  • 450 to 550 g/m2
  • Indica Dominant
  • Easy To Grow
  • High THC
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Kyle Kushman Says:
You'll struggle to find a more relaxing and uplifting smoke than the Northern Lights. Great with friends.
Cultivar description
Northern Lights is easily one of the most famous and beloved indica marijuana strains in history. If you're a fan of this renowned classic variant, you'll love Northern Lights autoflower seeds. Enjoy cultivating this Northern Light strain all year round for high-yield harvests. Suitable for beginner growers, Nort

Northern Lights Autoflower

The most majestic display in the universe.
  • High THC
  • Strong pine scent
  • 450 to 550 g/m2
  • Indica Dominant
  • Easy To Grow
  • High THC
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Homegrown Stash
Kyle Kushman Says:
You'll struggle to find a more relaxing and uplifting smoke than the Northern Lights. Great with friends.

Northern Lights Autoflower by Kyle Kushman

Northern Lights Autoflower
CULTIVAR PROFILE Northern Lights Autoflower
Lineage {Thai x Afghani} x Ruderalis
Type Mostly Indica
Yield Indoor 16 - 19 oz/m2
Yield Outdoor 3 - 7 oz/plant
THC 18%
CBD 0.6%
Height 24 - 35 inches
Flowering Time 8-10 Weeks
Flowering Style Autoflowering
Harvest Month All Year
Medical Anxiety Arthritis Depression Fatigue Insomnia Migranes Muscle Spasms Stress
Effects Euphoric Happy Hungry Relaxed Sleepy
Flavor Pine Pungent Spicy Sweet Woody
Grows Greenhouse Indoor Outdoor
Climate Temperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean
Beginner Yes
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Cultivar description
Northern Lights is easily one of the most famous and beloved indica marijuana strains in history. If you're a fan of this renowned classic variant, you'll love Northern Lights autoflower seeds. 

Enjoy cultivating this Northern Light strain all year round for high-yield harvests. Suitable for beginner growers, Northern Lights autoflower seeds are a must-have for lovers of the classic indica strain. 

Dance with the Aurora Borealis while enjoying the classical effects that made this weed strain a worldwide phenomenon. There's no need to journey above the Arctic Circle to view the lights. 

Instead, experience magical solar activity in the palm of your hands when you cultivate Northern Lights today.

What are Northern Lights autoflower cannabis seeds?

Northern Lights autoflower seeds are exactly what the name suggests. Northern Lights in an autoflower marijuana variant. It's an indica-dominant cannabis plant with 90% indica and 10% sativa.  

Northern Lights autoflower contains up to 18% THC, and is a popular medicinal marijuana strain. The dominant terpene in the cannabis plant is myrcene, known for its sedative effects. It provides weed users with pleasant and smooth smokes, cerebral highs, and a heavy body stone.  

You don't have to force this cannabis plant to bloom. It'll flower naturally for you and in a fast time. Thanks to the ruderalis genetics, Northern Lights auto is a small crop ideal for indoor and outdoor stealth growing.

So does this autoflower marijuana variant live up to the original strain? Continue reading to discover the magical effects of Northern Lights autoflower seeds.

What are the Northern Lights autoflower effects?

Due to the heavy body stones this weed variant will bestow on you, use Northern Lights autoflower in the evening or nighttime. It's perfect for unwinding after a hard day's work.

As you first light up, you'll enjoy the pungent sweet and spicy tastes and smells. After that, it doesn't take long before you realize you're smoking a special weed strain. 

Northern Lights auto seeds will help you sit back, relax, and let the lights swarm gently around your body and mind. You'll feel instantly uplifted with boosts of mental euphoria. 

Tranquil feelings and inner peace will swell within you, and calmness will wrap you in a comforting blanket. As the indica begins to work its magic, you'll feel your muscles unwinding and loosening up.

All the tense and achy feelings in your body will melt away as you feel at ease. But, before you become glued to your coziest chair, ensure you grab a few necessities to embrace the relaxing effects.

Grab your favorite snacks before you slink into your couch to relax with your favorite TV show. You'll soon find yourself feeling hungry so make sure you have everything you need by your side. 

Everything around you will become more engaging and vivid. You'll find yourself enjoying and appreciating everything creative, like music, acting, and artistic visuals. So smile and enjoy it as you see the beauty all around you, thanks to Northern Lights autoflower seeds.

You'll soon feel your eyes drooping as the sedative effects kick in. If you want to avoid napping on your couch, make your way to your bed. Your eyes will close as you drift off to sleep, dreaming of magical Arctic landscapes lush in green and purple colors.

The high THC content may be too much for beginners. If you take too much, you may experience bouts of paranoia and anxiety. Dry eyes and dry mouth are also common adverse effects, so drink plenty of fluids and rest your eyes.

Consume Northern Lights autoflower in moderation if you want to benefit from the dazzling effects.   

What does Northern Lights autoflower smell like?

If you love sweet and spicy, you're in for a treat when you take your first toke of Northern Lights auto. Cannabis enthusiasts can't get enough of its distinctive, pungent smell, and neither can we.

When Northern Lights autoflower seeds grow, the cannabis plant itself doesn't have an overpowering fragrance when it flowers. Instead, you may pick up subtle yet refreshing hints of pine, earth, and fruit when you smell its buds. 

However, the aroma does intensify after harvest. When you first light up, you'll smell sweet citrus with some hints of spice, delighting your nose.

If you have a good sense of smell, you'll identify earth, wood, and pine tones similar to their blossoming buds. As these scents fill the room, you'll notice it carries on to the flavor. So you'll savor the same tones as you enjoy your tokes.

How to germinate Northern Lights autoflower seeds

Many cannabis enthusiasts have their way of popping weed seeds. Unfortunately, some germination methods are successful, and others not so much.

To avoid disappointment, follow our step-by-step instructions to germinate your marijuana seeds successfully. If you do so correctly, your Northern Lights Autoflower seeds could pop in as little as 24 hours:

- Have everything ready; weed seeds, tweezers, dinner plate, purified water, and paper towels.

- Dampen the two paper towels and carefully squeeze out excess water.

- Place one wet towel on the plate and put your cannabis seeds on it. Ensure they're at least an inch away from each other. 

- After you ensure there's no free-standing water on your plate, put it into a warm, dark area. A cupboard or drawer is ideal.

- Leave your cannabis seeds for 24–120 hours, ensuring they remain moist and don't dry out.

- When healthy tap roots emerge from your marijuana seeds, they are ready for planting.

You can find the full details and steps in our germination guide

You'll also find an excellent video with audio instructions to ensure your weed seeds pop successfully.

Northern Lights autoflower seeds grow guide

Both beginner and expert cultivators will love the high-yields from Northern Lights autoflower seeds. Also, there's no need to search for Northern Lights autoflower feminized seeds. You'll grow plenty of ladies from our autoflower weed seeds.

These indica-dominant cannabis plants are pretty sturdy and are resistant to most pests and molds. In addition, they grow well in cooler climates and are short in stature. 

The average size of the marijuana plants is about 3ft high. However, sometimes they can go up to 4ft. All growers can cultivate Northern Lights autoflower seeds any time of the year.

It takes about 13 weeks from seed to harvest, so you can grow multiple crops per year. We'll now take a look at growing them outdoors and indoors.

Remember to check your state's laws regarding the cultivation of marijuana. You can't grow weed plants on your property for recreational or medicinal purposes if it's illegal.


Once your cannabis seeds have germinated, you can transplant your Northern Lights auto seeds outside on your property. Prepare your soil and choose a bright area in your garden for your marijuana crops. 

They love warm environments and grow well in lots of sunlight, although they can adapt to cooler climates too.

Northern Lights autoflower isn't a fussy cannabis plant and doesn't require much care outdoors as it's pest, fungi, and mold resistant. So you don't need to give it a lot of TLC but do tend to it carefully, and it'll thrive.

Northern Lights auto seeds will blossom for you in about 6–8 weeks outdoors, and it's fascinating to see them flourish. Their beautiful dark green leaves and purple resin-covered flowers are a sight to behold.

They are also ideal for outdoor stealth growing as they only reach heights of 2ft–3ft. If you treat your marijuana crops well, you'll harvest yields of up to 7oz. per Northern Lights auto plant.


Northern Lights autoflower seeds grow well indoors, especially in a SOG setting. You also don't have to worry about the size of your growing space. These weed plants won't take up much room inside.

You can use an indoor hydroponic setup or soil pots. Either way, Northern Lights Auto will thrive in both of those mediums. Keep your room temperature between 70–80 degrees Fahrenheit to make sure your weed plants are cozy and warm.

The Northern Lights autoflower indoor vegetation phase is shorter than outdoor cultivation. As a result, you may find your cannabis crops blooming as early as the fifth week, with full flowers at week eight. 

In addition, the weed plants don't have a strong smell, which is another great reason for growing them inside. Be prepared for a substantial yield when they are ready to harvest. 

Short marijuana plants covered with thick, luscious buds can produce yields of up to 1.9oz. per sq ft. A hefty yield to stash away in such a fast time. What's not to love about Northern Lights autoflower seeds?

What are the Northern Lights autoflower strain genetics?

There have been many rumors circulating that Washington is the home of Northern Lights. A breeder known as 'The Indian' was thought to have created the weed strain in the 70s. 

It found its way to Holland, where it became an instant legend in the mid-80s. Breeders have used Northern Lights to create popular weed variants through the years. This strain is a parent of award-winning marijuana strains like Super Silver Haze and Shiva Skunk.

Northern Lights autoflower seeds are a cross between Thai and Afghani cannabis strains mixed with ruderalis. Northern Lights Autoflower has the autoflowering characteristics of ruderalis while still keeping the original classic strain effects and flavors.

Wellness and Northern Lights autoflower seeds

Northern Lights auto is a popular choice of cannabis strain for medicinal marijuana users. If you live in a green state, you're sure to find Northern Lights autoflower seeds in most medicinal dispensaries.

Weed users report Northern Lights autoflower promotes the following wellbeing benefits:

- Sleep: If you have trouble trying to close your eyes and enter the realm of dreams, Northern Lights autoflower can help. You'll find yourself drifting into a peaceful night's sleep after a few tokes.

- Increased appetite: If you have trouble eating, Northern Lights autoflower is what you need. Keep your fridge and cupboards stocked up with tasty and healthy snacks as you won't be long tucking into them. 

- Relaxation: The weed variant can help your body unwind and relax. Northern Lights auto will soothe all your tense and aching muscles as you slip into the coziest position on your couch.  

- Calmness: It can be hard to chill out and shrug off those anxieties hanging around you. After consumption, your mind will feel at peace. You'll feel as if you're below the Aurora Borealis itself as it dances gracefully in the sparkling night sky.

- Uplifting feelings: Northern Lights autoflower seeds will brush away any grey clouds covering your mind. You'll be happy and full of positive thoughts as you waltz in harmony with the Universe.

Northern Lights autoflower can also aid chronic pain and nausea, thanks to the CBD content in the weed plants. It's a top pick for patients suffering from depression, stress, and anxiety too. 

Remember to use Northern Lights in moderation, as consuming too much may trigger some adverse effects. Cottonmouth, dry eyes, and couch-lock are some of the common reactions reported by cannabis users. 

Please note this medicinal marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.

Northern Lights autoflower seeds: frequently asked questions

Where can I get free Northern Lights autoflower cannabis seeds?

You may find it difficult to source free Northern Lights Autoflower seeds. Even if you find them, the chances are high that they may not be of good quality. Here at Homegrown, we have regular BOGO deals on our site. Browse our section regularly, and you may see some offers pop up soon!

Can a beginner grow Northern Lights autoflower?

Yes! The original Northern Lights seeds are beginner-friendly, and Northern Lights autoflower seeds are even easier to cultivate.

In addition, these sturdy autoflower variants are resistant to most outdoor pests, molds, and diseases. They also grow well in the Northern Hemisphere, with shorter daylight hours and cooler temperatures.

What is the Northern Lights auto flower time?

Northern Lights autoflower plants will blossom for you in 6–8 weeks, thanks to their short vegetative phase. They'll flower about the same time, regardless of whether you're growing them outdoors or indoors.

How long do Northern Lights autoflower seeds take to germinate?

Northern Lights autoflower seeds can pop anywhere between 24 hours to three days. As soon as healthy taproots emerge from the marijuana seed, they're ready to be planted. You can follow our germination guide and video if you want the best germination results possible. 

How long does it take Northern Lights autoflower to grow from seeds to harvest?

You'll enjoy speedy growths with Northern Lights autoflower seeds. The entire length of this cannabis strain's life cycle is between 10–13 weeks. So after you successfully germinate your weed seeds, you'll enjoy a bumper harvest of Northern Lights autoflower in under 13 weeks. 

Grow medium: hydro or soil?

The beauty of Northern Lights autoflower cannabis plants is they'll grow well for you, no matter what medium you use. As long as you give them TLC and feed them, they'll thrive for you. If you don't have a hydroponic setup for your marijuana plants, they'll do just as great in nutrient-rich soil pots.

What is the average Northern Lights autoflower height?

Northern Lights autoflower is a small cannabis plant suitable for stealth growth outdoors. The average height of the weed crop is 2–3ft at harvest time. They are also ideal for indoor cultivation and won't take up much space in your grow room. 

Where can I find pictures of Northern Lights autoflower marijuana?

If you want to find Northern Lights autoflower seeds images, you should check out our Homegrown Diaries! If you've bought our cannabis seeds, you can also share your pictures and stories with the world. 

You'll find progress images from some of our happy customers on Northern Lights Autoflower Homegrown Diaries

Where is the best place to buy Northern Lights autoflower seeds in the USA?

If you're looking for the best Northern Lights auto seeds with excellent genetics, you'll find them here at Homegrown Cannabis Co. We pride ourselves on delivering our high-quality cannabis seeds straight to your door discreetly and quickly. You won't find better quality Northern Lights autoflower seeds in the USA anywhere else.

What are Northern Lights autoflower strain variants?

Just like the Aurora Borealis, Northern Lights auto flower seeds inspire beauty and magic in our hearts. But, we understand not everyone wants non-photoperiod marijuana crops. 

So, at Homegrown, we stock many Northern Lights weed variants in our store, and you'll find the following:

- Northern Lights fast version: resilient and speedy photoperiod weed plants, perfect if you're in a rush to experience the lights.

- Northern Lights feminized seeds: grow a crop of ladies without worrying about the risk of pollination.

- Northern Lights regular seeds: Experience the original indica classic weed strain, winner of multiple High Times Cannabis Cup awards.

Are there any other names for Northern Lights autoflower?

There doesn't seem to be any other names for Northern Lights autoflower. Sometimes, the name is shortened to NL auto. On one website, Northern Lights autoflower is referred to as Sif, a goddess in Norse mythology.

Join Homegrown Forum and share your stories! 

Post your Northern Lights autoflower pics and any Northern Lights autoflower seed grow reports you might have. We can't get enough of Northern Lights autoflower images. Those crystals drive us wild!

If you want to stock buy bulk Northern Lights autoflower seeds, please head to our wholesale page for amazing bulk buy discounts. Available to all verified customers. 

Our Northern Lights autoflower seeds for sale are the same for normal and commercial customers. We're not just an American cannabis seed company, we're an American cannabis brand.

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5 (1 customer reviews)

This was my first grow and out of 4 seeds i got 3 to yield over 2 ounces per plant, the quality of the product it produces is outstanding. Cannot gow wrong with this strain

Michael T.

Northern Lights Autoflower
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Mark P. Verified Buyer
Top Notch
A beautiful flower - a classic.
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Brandon W. Verified Buyer
Great grow
Been growing them a little over a month going great
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Shawn F. Verified Buyer
Like the product but wish
Like the product but wish there were some freebies to go along. Shipping was slow but who could predict the weather would be a factor.
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People2001 Verified Reviewer
Northern lights auto flower
First of all the seed germination was very quick! The plant was very low maintenance for this indoor grow. The smell and colors of this strain are gonna make people do a double take. I was very happy at week 11 when I realized how much this plant would yield. 10 days of dry time and the thick plumes of sweet and piney smoke filled my lungs! This is a new fan favorite and I can’t wait to see how it will grow next outdoor grow season.
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Dgrub Verified Reviewer
Still happy
The firt seeds I bought from home grown were great 100% grerm so I didnt take pictures this time I bought about 2 months ago only 3 out of 8 germed but that can happen to aanyone. I havent called support. No pics. I will still buy from home grown the seeds I do get.are very productive when they get past germ I will post some picks.
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