CBD Zkittlez (1:1) Feminized Cannabis Seeds
From $88.00 to $247.00
CBD Zkittlez (1:1) Feminized Cannabis Seeds
CBD Zkittlez (1:1) Feminized Cannabis Seeds
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  • High-CBD Strains
  • Taste of Berries and Lemon
  • 450 g/m2
  • High-CBD Strains
  • Taste of Berries and Lemon
  • 450 g/m2
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Kyle Kushman Says:
Real pungent grapes and a tang of sweet candy.
Cultivar description
Have your medicinal cannabis with a spoonful of sugar by puffing on the candy-sweet CBD Zkittlez strain. This indica-dominant cultivar relaxes you without sending you over the edge. If you're looking to grow medical-grade marijuana drenched in high cannabidiol resin, CBD Zkittlez seeds are perfect.  These

CBD Zkittlez (1:1) Feminized Cannabis Seeds

From $88.00 to $247.00
Colourful medicine with amazing flavours.
  • High-CBD Strains
  • Taste of Berries and Lemon
  • 450 g/m2
  • High-CBD Strains
  • Taste of Berries and Lemon
  • 450 g/m2
As low as $88.00
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Homegrown Stash
Kyle Kushman Says:
Real pungent grapes and a tang of sweet candy.

CBD Zkittlez (1:1) Feminized Cannabis Seeds by Kyle Kushman

CBD Zkittlez (1:1) Feminized Cannabis Seeds
CULTIVAR PROFILE CBD Zkittlez (1:1) Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Lineage Zkittlez x Unspecified High-CBD strain
Type Mostly Indica
Yield Indoor 16 oz/m2
Yield Outdoor 16 oz/plant
THC 10%
CBD 10%
Height 35 inches
Flowering Time 8-10 Weeks
Flowering Style Photoperiod
Harvest Month October
Medical Anxiety Arthritis Depression Insomnia Migranes Nausea Stress
Effects Calming Happy Relaxed Sleepy Tingly
Flavor Berry Citrus Grape Lemon Skunk Sour
Grows Greenhouse Indoor Outdoor
Climate Temperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean
Beginner Yes
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Cultivar description

Have your medicinal cannabis with a spoonful of sugar by puffing on the candy-sweet CBD Zkittlez strain. This indica-dominant cultivar relaxes you without sending you over the edge. If you're looking to grow medical-grade marijuana drenched in high cannabidiol resin, CBD Zkittlez seeds are perfect. 


These feminized seeds are easy to grow, so cultivators of all levels are welcome. With the right climate and a little TLC, you'll be collecting huge harvests of juicy, sticky buds in no time. Thanks to its gentle effects and proposed health benefits, this strain is a fan favorite for medical and recreational users. 


Read on to learn more about CBD Zkittlez marijuana seeds, including their effects and medicinal uses. We also share the strain's origins and how to grow and care for these plants to get the best harvest possible. 


What are CBD Zkittlez feminized cannabis seeds?


CBD Zkittlez marijuana seeds grow into the high CBD variant of the classic Zkittlez strain. This 1:1 cultivar soothes your body and relaxes your mind without creating an overwhelming buzz. The psychotropic effects are perfectly balanced to calm bodily tension and keep your mind clear. 


CBD Zkittlez feminized seeds are the perfect choice for growers of all levels. They produce all female plants, ideal for those looking to produce smokables. These crops aren't fussy, but they require a Mediterranean-like climate with little to no rainfall. They're forgiving of rookie mistakes, resilient, and endure short periods of unfavorable temperature conditions. 


One of the main features that draw growers to CBD Zkittlez seeds is the amount of super sticky nugs it produces. These sappy plants have a shocking trichome count that'll steal your scissors. The thick resin coating makes these buds a popular choice for concentrates and dabs.


This fruity cultivar isn't just a treat for your tastebuds; it's full of beneficial terpenes, making it a beloved medical pick. The buds from CBD Zkittlez cannabis seeds are said to work wonders for various conditions, from chronic pain to anxiety. Recreational users also indulge in this strain. The balanced THC and CBD levels allow them to puff away without fear of transforming into Cheech and Chong. 


CBD Zkittlez is the high CBD version of the classic but without the intense psychoactive effects that can cause trippiness in high doses. Beginners can easily smoke the mellow buds from CBD Zkittlez seeds feminized, and their calming effects win over all who try them.

The delectable sweet flavor and fruity scent make this a perfect toke for cannabis connoisseurs, entertaining the palate without knocking them out.


Feminized CBD Zkittlez seeds reward you with huge harvests and thick, juicy resin—what every cannabis gardener wants. The flowering stage lasts just a few weeks, and they aren't high maintenance; there's no losing with this cultivar.


What are the CBD Zkittlez feminized seeds effects?


The buds from fem CBD Zkittlez seeds are perfect for evening use. This strain won't get you high or produce psychotropic effects. It's soothing, relaxing, and uplifting. When the effects set in, the first thing you notice is a clear mind.

A mild buzz wipes away cobwebs in your head, calms racing thoughts, and helps you focus on your tasks. The nugs from CBD Zkittlez fem seeds don't cause trippiness or cerebral waves. You feel happy, motivated, and attentive. 


As the gentle buzz dies down, a sense of calm washes over you. The soothing effects relieve tension in your muscles, and you start to feel sleepy. If you don't fight it, the tranquilizing buzz helps you relax and take the day off. The buds from CBD Zkittlez seeds lull you into a deep and fulfilling sleep within a few hours. 


One side effect you avoid with a high CBD strain like the nugs from CBD Zkittlez seeds feminized is the munchies. This toke can stimulate hunger with its THC content and divine sweet flavor, but you don't feel the need to devour the entire refrigerator. If you're on a diet and still wanna smoke, this strain is an excellent pick. 


Normally 10% THC would make users feel stoned or slightly buzzed, but thanks to the 10% CBD, you don't experience those 'high' sensations. One of the best things about trying the buds from CBD Zkittlez cannabis seeds is that negative reactions like dry eyes, cottonmouth, and paranoia are rare.

This lack of side effects makes it an excellent choice for first-time smokers or anyone looking for a daily use strain that doesn't affect their functioning. 


What does the CBD Zkittlez feminized smell like?


The buds from CBD Zkittlez marijuana seeds have a pleasant aroma, appealing to the senses of even non-smokers. Almost like a pack of Skittles, the candied fruit flavors are prominent with everything from berry, lemon, grape, and orange. 


When you grind it, the citrus notes come through with a dash of skunky essence, awakening the olfactory system. The smoke is thick and white, leaving a sweet uplifting aroma of fresh fruit in the air and sugary goodness sticking to your tongue. 


How to germinate CBD Zkittlez feminized seeds


There are many germination methods for popping your CBD Zkittlez feminized seeds. Here at Homegrown Cannabis Co., we've found that the paper towel method renders the best results. 

Ensure that you use this method per our germination guide to qualify for the germination guarantee. 

The paper towel option requires only a few things you'll likely have lying around, and your seeds should pop within 1–5 days. Here's how to use this technique to germinate CBD Zkittlez marijuana seeds: 


Gather these items: 


- Paper towels

- Tweezers

- A plate

- Purified water 

- Cannabis seeds




- Moisten the paper towels and wring out excess moisture. 

- Put one damp paper towel on the plate. 

- Place the cannabis seeds on the plate. Leave at least one inch of space between them.

- Put the remaining paper towel over the marijuana seeds. 

- Check that there's no water pooling on the plate.

- Store in a warm, dry place, and keep an eye out for taproots. 

- Once they pop, gently move the cannabis seeds to the final growing medium. Use tweezers to avoid damaging them—seedlings are very delicate at this stage. 


If your marijuana seeds don't sprout, don't fret. We've got you covered with our germination guarantee. Take pictures and videos proving you followed our guide, and we'll send you free replacements for unpopped seeds. 


CBD Zkittlez cannabis seeds grow guide


CBD Zkittlez seeds grow into moderate-sized plants, reaching around 3 feet high. The crops form broad-fingered fan leaves thinning towards the corners like blades. Thick foliage surrounds the buds and leaves; all doused in super sticky resin. 


The resin can be a problem when it's time for trimming, so invest in a strong pair of scissors. Thinning out the foliage helps prevent mold buildup by improving airflow and gives you healthier buds since they enjoy better light access. When growing CBD Zkittlez marijuana seeds, you want to save the quality of the medical-grade resin so maintain optimal climate conditions. 


The best weather conditions for growing CBD Zkittlez cannabis seeds are warm and dry, similar to the climate in California and Southern Europe. Aim for temperatures around 70–78°F when vegging and 68°F during flowering. Avoid extreme cold, and heavy rainfall as this can affect the resin quality and lead to mold buildup long-term. 


Although the plants from CBD Zkittlez feminized seeds are small in stature, and space isn't a significant issue, low-stress training (LST) still helps. Using the Sea of Green (SOG) technique gives light access to all parts of the plant, even the buds that normally dry out at the bottom. By using LST techniques, you get all juicy nugs with no waste.


Only attempt to grow outdoors if you meet the temperature requirements and have a backup plan to move or shelter the plants from heavy rain. When growing feminized CBD Zkittlez seeds, protect the juicy resin on the crops from harsh conditions for best results. 


One possible problem outdoors is hiding the strong sweet cannabis smell, so plant other odiferous plants like lavender and sage to disguise it. Harvest is in October for the Northern Hemisphere, and you collect up to 18 oz. per plant. 


Indoors, you'll have no problems if you maintain the desired climate for growing fem CBD Zkittlez seeds. Occasional trimming, pruning, and LST techniques like SOG or a ScrOG net give you the best possible harvest.

The flowering stage lasts 8–10 weeks. During this phase, expose the plants to cold nighttime temperatures to give the buds a stunning purple hue for high bag value. Expect to harvest around 16 oz. per m² indoors. 


What are the CBD Zkittlez feminized strain genetics?


CBD Zkittlez seeds come from a lineage of two juicy, medical-grade parent strains: Grape Ape and Grapefruit. These potent variants were infused with a high CBD cultivar, creating a mellow medicinal strain. CBD Zkittlez is an indica dominant hybrid with a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD.


Grape Ape is an indica-dominant hybrid famous for its intense relaxing effects. It's easy to grow but produces super sticky resin, like the buds from CBD Zkittlez marijuana seeds. This cultivar also has a sugary, fruity flavor that's quite addictive. 


Grapefruit is a potent sativa cultivar with energizing and uplifting effects, but the buds from CBD Zkittlez seeds aren't overpowering, thanks to the cannabidiol infusion. It produces smoke with a divine tropical flavor. This strain is popular among medical users and is believed to be beneficial for anxiety and pain relief.


Wellness and CBD Zkittlez feminized seeds


High CBD strains like CBD Zkittlez are beloved in the medical community for their proposed health benefits. The buds from CBD Zkittlez seeds, in specific, are said to be beneficial for insomnia, anxiety and depression, pain relief, and ADHD. 


Medicinal users typically consume cannabis daily, and high THC strains can temporarily interfere with cognitive and motor functioning. A 1:1 toke like the buds from CBD Zkittlez fem seeds helps get relief from symptoms without hindering performance. Even recreational users enjoy smoking to their hearts' content without being overwhelmed. 


A few puffs of the healing nugs from CBD Zkittlez marijuana seeds instantly clear your mind. This effect is particularly useful for those with ADHD. This strain won't just assist with focus issues; users claim it uplifts your mood and helps you pay attention without appearing high. 


High CBD cannabis strains are particularly beneficial for those with anxiety as side effects like paranoia can be reduced. CBD Zkittlez seeds are an excellent grow option for anyone dealing with high-stress levels as the resulting buds could stimulate serotonin, uplifting your mood and soothing racing thoughts. 


High CBD strains like those blossoming from feminized CBD Zkittlez seeds possess anti-inflammatory properties. The 1:1 ratio in CBD Zkittlez means people who have chronic pain may benefit from the relieving properties of CBD and THC. 


The buds from CBD Zkittlez cannabis seeds help relax and soothe the mind and release tension from the body. These effects may be beneficial for those struggling to get some shut-eye. Most users report feeling sleepy within 2 hours of smoking this cultivar. 


Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


CBD Zkittlez feminized marijuana seeds: Frequently asked questions


If you still have questions about CBD Zkittlez seeds, you're not alone. Here are our clients' common inquiries and our expert responses. 


Where can I get free cannabis CBD Zkittlez feminized seeds?


You can get free cannabis seeds at Homegrown Cannabis Co. under our BOGOs category. If you buy CBD Zkittlez seeds as part of the buy one get one free special, you'll receive another set of marijuana seeds on us. We offer a wide range of everything from unique strains to classic cultivars for your growing pleasure. Check back often as we rotate the cheap cannabis seeds available frequently. 


Can a beginner grow CBD Zkittlez feminized?


Yes. Beginners can easily grow CBD Zkittlez marijuana seeds. The plants are forgiving of newbie mistakes and tolerate temperature fluctuations well. Occasional pruning and low-stress training help you get the best harvest. A simple soil grow with regular feeding and light still renders great results making it a top pick for novice growers. 


What is the CBD Zkittlez feminized flower time?


The buds from fem CBD Zkittlez seeds go through a flowering stage of 8–10 weeks. Give the plants adequate nutrition, provide a warm climate, and use an LST technique like Sea of Green to speed things up. Thinning out the foliage before flowering ensures the thickest resin coat possible when harvesting. 


How long do CBD Zkittlez feminized seeds take to germinate?


Any marijuana seeds you purchase from Homegrown Cannabis Co. generally take 1–5 days to germinate. When germinating CBD Zkittlez feminized cannabis seeds, ensure you use the paper plate method and be gentle when planting the seedlings. Remember to follow our germination guide to qualify for the guarantee and get free replacements. 


How long does it take CBD Zkittlez feminized from seeds to harvest?


It can take up to 32 weeks to grow CBD Zkittlez fem seeds from seed to harvest, including the 8-10 weeks of flowering. If you're desperate to speed up the process, use light manipulation to get plants to begin flowering sooner. It's best to be patient with your crops; they'll reward you greatly.  


Grow medium: CBD Zkittlez feminized hydro or soil?


Soil gives the most flavorful buds, and for a delicious strain like this one, you'll want to savor the natural taste. CBD Zkittlez marijuana seeds thrive in both soil and hydro mediums, but soil gives the highest quality harvest. Hydroponic cultivation speeds up the growing process and gives fatter buds. 


What is the average CBD Zkittlez feminized height?


The plants from CBD Zkittlez feminized seeds reach an average height of 3 feet. Its moderate size makes it perfect for indoor or outdoor growing and fits almost any area. Although it's short, it can be stretchy, and overstretching for a plant this size can be dire. Use SOG to keep them at a healthy height. 


How do CBD Zkittlez feminized seeds differ from other variants? 


There are three main categories of cannabis seeds to suit your growing needs, including: 


- Autoflowering cannabis seeds bloom after a set amount of time without you having to switch light cycles to trigger flowering. 


- Feminized seeds like CBD Zkittlez fem seeds grow into all-female plants producing only smokable buds. 


- Regular seeds include males and females, making them perfect for experimenting with different strains. Breeders choose these to create new cultivars. 


Where can I find pictures of CBD Zkittlez feminized marijuana?


You can find pictures of CBD Zkittlez cannabis seeds, plants, and buds on this page. There are also more images at our CBD Zkittlez Homegrown Diaries, where you'll find snaps from our happy customers of their flourishing plants. When you buy marijuana seeds from us, you'll share your pics and keep track of your crop's progress here. 


Where is the best place to buy CBD Zkittlez feminized seeds in the USA?


Homegrown Cannabis Co. is the best place to buy marijuana seeds because all our strains have stable genetics and come with a germination guarantee. We're a proudly American company collaborating with big names in the cannabis industry like Steve Deangelo. When you buy CBD Zkittlez seeds from us, you join our community of happy growers.


Are there any other names for CBD Zkittlez feminized?


Yes, the buds from CBD Zkittlez seeds have other names. Zkittlez is also known as Skittles, Island Zkittlez, and Skittlz. CBD Zkittlez takes on the same nicknames, so you could ask for CBD Skittles, CBD Island Zkittlez, and CBD Skittlz and get the correct strain. 


Spelling errors


When you use incorrect spelling, it affects the accuracy of your search results. Avoid common misspellings like: CBD Zkittels, CBD Skittles, CDB Zkittlez, and CBD Zcittles. For the best results, search for "CBD Zkittlez seeds."


Join Homegrown Forum and share your stories! Post your CBD Zkittlez feminized pics, and any CBD Zkittlez feminized seeds grow reports you might have. We can't get enough CBD Zkittlez feminized images; those crystals drive us wild!

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CBD Zkittlez (1:1) Feminized Cannabis Seeds
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