The Dank Duchess

The Dank Duchess's Cultivars with Character

Dank cultivars that scream potency and flavor, perfect for hash.

Duchess in her own words

The Dank Duchess is one the world’s leading authorities on hash-making. She wants to bring her talents to a wider audience, using Homegrown as a platform. But she also wants to find new hash cultivars. “It’s an amazing seed selection. It comes down to the cultivar and the trichome viability. With the seeds they have here I can envision finding the perfect cultivar for hash.” With nearly 500 cultivars to choose from, it’s going to be one hell of a journey!
Duchess in her own words

The Dank Duchess Fat Mazzy Feminized

Fat Mazzy needs plenty of room and an experienced hand. The Duchess recommends you use a SCROG. Space the plants more than normal, perhaps one for every 15 square inches of screen… and keep them aired. Once those hairs are in full, orange blush, you’ll know heaven’s around the corner. The dried buds are incredible: sugar-coated, apple green with a nose of sweet lemon and chopped pine…you won’t know whether to light ‘em or bite ‘em! This’ll be the best hash you’ve had in years.


The Dank Duchess Super Lemon Haze Feminized

The explosive taste of citrus and strong, cerebral high only go part-way to defining this Super Lemon Haze. She also has enormous yields, beautiful buds and a short flowering time. Her leaves possess every shade of green imaginable, from deep olive to sun-kissed lime. The densely-packed nugs bring to mind sugar-spun candy, with hairs that wriggle like little orange fire-worms. Full of energy. Crammed with life. Put your skills to the test with the Dank Duchess Super Lemon Haze. Incredible rewards for the more experienced hand.


The Dank Duchess Melting Pot Feminized

The first thing that drew The Duchess to Melting Pot was the aroma: a four-way hit of tropical fruit, sharp citrus, nectar, and spice. Connoisseurs will also notice orange, peach and bitter cocoa, especially if grown in a tent. You’ll need experience to get the most out of Melting Pot. She’s tall and gangly, stretching up to and over 200%. Pruning and support are essential, especially during the late stages of flowering, but keep her under control and you’re in for the best harvest of your life.


Meet the Expert:
The Dank Duchess

The Dank Duchess is one of the world’s leading authorities on hash and hash-making. She’s a consultant, cultivator, educator, activist and expert. If you want to know how to make hash, she’s your first and last port of call.

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