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Premium, energetic sativas from a truly inspirational legend.

Ricky In His Own Words

Ricky’s really grown since he hung up his boots, and now he wants to make the most of a different kind of growing. “I teamed up with Homegrown because I want to get better, I want to be a better grower. There’s something special about growing anything, especially something like cannabis that contributes to your spiritual growth, too. You can take a seed and put it in the ground and literally nurture yourself. It’s amazing.”
Ricky In His Own Words

Ricky Williams’ Panama Feminized

Why Panama? She’s a classic, sexy, old-school landrace. The perfect plant for a Homegrown Diary. This cultivar is pure, cannabis royalty. With such an amazing lineage of sensational sativas, expect a lively plant full of tangy lemon and sandalwood. Ricky’s Panama is a more forgiving pheno, much better for beginners, but you’ll still need a little experience. Take the challenge and you’ll be rewarded with a potent, productive and hugely attractive plant.


Ricky Williams’ Purple Haze Feminized

Ricky loves the old-school Hazes, especially when they taste as good as his Purple Haze. Squeezing the nugs is like crushing berries, they ooze with sticky, juicy resin. With the bigger yields, this pheno also has extra spice in the blaze… sharp pepper and flakes of chilli. The powerful flavours and fruity aromas tug at nostalgic heart-strings, while the soaring, expansive high reconnects sleeping neurons, bridging decades of space and time. At least, that’s how it felt to Ricky!


Ricky Williams’ Chocolate Orange Feminized

What’s special about Ricky’s Chocolate Orange? Terpenes, terpenes, terpenes. This baby’s a taste sensation. Dreamy tangerine from the Tangie, coffee and chocolate from the chocolope, she’s the perfect after-dinner toke. The peppery myrcene really seasons the flavors, creating a sublime tang matched only by the zingy, euphoric high. Ready for your first sativa? Maybe you’re ready for the challenge of Ricky’s Chocolate Orange. Premium weed for rookie growers.


Meet the Expert:
Ricky Williams

Who is Ricky Wiliams? This is too big a question for a single article, but we’ll try to give you a rough idea. The challenge is defining a man with such a vast range of interests, skills, expertise and talent.

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