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  1. Northern Critical Feminized Cannabis Seeds
    • THC Level: 18%
    • CBD Level: 0.4%
    • Plant Type: Mostly Indica

    Northern Critical Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Make your worries float away.
    per seed
  2. Tangerine Queen Regular Cannabis Seeds
    • THC Level: 19%
    • CBD Level: 0.3%
    • Plant Type: Mostly Sativa

    Tangerine Queen Regular Cannabis Seeds

    A zesty, tangy number with an uplifting effect.
    per seed
  3. Princess Stinky Fast Version
    • THC Level: 18%
    • CBD Level: 0.3%
    • Plant Type: Hybrid

    Princess Stinky Fast Version

    Cindy, you stink.
    per seed
  4. Zkittlez Autoflower Cannabis Seeds
    • THC Level: 18%
    • CBD Level: 0.3%
    • Plant Type: Hybrid

    Zkittlez Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

    A fun-loving plant that's great for beginners.
    per seed

What are easy-to-grow cannabis seeds?

Cannabis is a forgiving crop, but no two strains are 100% the same. Some are fussier than others, requiring controlled conditions, while others prosper in almost any climate and display surprising resistance to common cultivation pitfalls. 


Our easy cannabis seeds to grow are from the latter category. Their genetics make them undemanding, ideal for growers of all experience levels.


Some skills and TLC are necessary for a successful yield, but varieties in this category have minimal requirements. Easy-to-grow cannabis seeds:


  • Thrive in most climates.
  • Work for indoor and outdoor setups.
  • Don’t become too large for their own good.
  • Aren’t too susceptible to pests and mold.
  • Can take some stress without deteriorating.


Picking easy cannabis seeds to grow is the best way to start your journey on the right foot. Novice-level cultivars in the Homegrown library are high-quality and in no way inferior to more complicated alternatives.


Don’t be a hero—there’s no reason not to start here and work your way up when you get curious about challenging herbs.

What’s the easiest way to grow weed?

Growing cannabis works pretty much the same whether you’re using expert or easy-grow cannabis seeds. All marijuana plants need these fundamental conditions to thrive:


  • A grow medium. Most easy cannabis seeds to grow work best in soil, but that’s not your only option.
  • Light. Exposure to sunlight or grow lamps is crucial for photosynthesis.
  • Warmth. Climate requirements differ from strain to strain, but extremes are no good.
  • Air circulation. Breeze or ventilation and ample oxygen are a must. 
  • Water. Necessary for survival and growth, water is a key element to weed gardening.


Once you have the essentials down, you can get fancy with nutrients, topping, pruning, and training.


The first step to successful cannabis cultivation is getting quality, easy cannabis seeds to grow. It all starts with good genetics, making every next step a breeze.


An extra tip for beginners is to take advantage of modern breeding techniques. Keep it simple with feminized seeds and save the Homegrown regular seeds library for later.

Should I grow cannabis indoors or outdoors?

The first decision of a novice weed gardener is whether they’ll cultivate indoors, outdoors, or mix things up with both. How do the options measure up?


Taking your easy cannabis seeds to grow indoors gives you more control, but it’s also a bit costlier. You need to:


  • Put up a grow room or tent
  • Purchase lights, a thermometer, and humidity monitor
  • Set up a ventilation system


From then on, play it by the book to make any of our indoor seeds thrive.


Going for an outdoor setup leaves your easy-grow cannabis seeds a bit more exposed to the elements. On the plus side, it’s easy on the wallet and lets you take advantage of the natural resources you have available. In that case:


  • Choose outdoor seeds that do well in your climate.
  • Learn about the common pests that could attack a budding plant.
  • Check the soil quality and add nutrients if necessary.


Many cultivators find indoor options more accessible, but it’s up to you. As long as you stay vigilant throughout the various growing stages, you’ll reap fruitful harvests with either approach to our easy cannabis seeds to grow.

Should I choose indica or sativa cannabis seeds for easy-to-grow weed?

The Homegrown library features countless specimens of indicas, sativas, and everything in-between


What’s the distinction between these main types of cannabis? Besides having wildly different effects on the smoker, the cultivation experience also changes depending on the variety.


Our indica weed seeds make up the majority of the ‘easy cannabis seeds to grow’ category. They don’t take as long to develop as their sativa counterparts, produce large harvests, and reach a medium height for seamless trimming. They’re suitable for a wider range of climates, too.


Most cannabis sativa seeds originate from areas near the equator, making them ideal for a long, sunny growing season. They can handle a lot of heat, and their long and lanky stature produces massive yields. While pure sativas aren’t beginners’ first choice, many sativa-dominant hybrids are certified easy-grow, high-yield cannabis seeds.


Our hybrid marijuana strains blend the best traits of their parentage. In this case, the ABCs depend on their percentages of indica and sativa contents. You can get anything from bushy, long-flowering marijuana plants to lanky swift growers. 


As a rule of thumb, indica-dominance is your best bet when it comes to easy cannabis seeds to grow.

Is there an easy way to start cannabis seeds in soil?

Most novice growers opt for soil-based cultivation. It’s straightforward, more affordable, and feels more natural, making it the most prevalent method overall, not only for easy-grow cannabis seeds.


Here’s an easy way to start cannabis seeds in soil:


  • Pick a small container for the seedling
  • Get sterile, pH-neutral soil that suits your chosen strain
  • Germinate your seeds (the paper towel method does magic)
  • Plant the weed seeds taproot-side first once they pop
  • Mist the container with water


Check our educational resources in Grow Your Own with Kyle Kushman to learn everything you need to know to start your easy-grow cannabis seeds. 


Pop over to Homegrown Diaries to track your progress. You’ll see how other growers did and receive hands-on, real-time instructions when you need them.

Is there an easy way to start cannabis seeds in hydro?

Hydroponics, or tank farming, is an alternative to more traditional soil-based arrangements. It eliminates dirt, using water to deliver nutrients to your budding cannabis. 


Hydro’s a more technical, less common process, but that doesn’t necessarily make it more challenging. 


Many of our easy-grow cannabis seeds thrive in hydro. Check the Homegrown Forum for guides and checklists, but here’s how you’ll start your seeds in hydro:


  • Germinate first and wait until the taproot pops up.
  • Set up the reservoir with a seedling nute solution.
  • Drop the seeds in a rooter.
  • Top regularly with enriched water.


If you can manage the initial stages, the setup is pretty low-maintenance. You’ll also see faster harvests and bigger yields. 


Hydro is fantastic, but it’s not everybody’s cup of tea. If you’re feeling insecure, our easy cannabis seeds to grow in soil are the way to go until you build more confidence.

Are white cannabis seeds good for growing weed easily?

There’s a myth going around that white cannabis seeds don’t germinate as well as brown and black ones.


What does it mean if you receive a batch of white seeds? Some novice cultivators might start to fret, but there’s no reason for alarm. Your easy cannabis seeds to grow pack is perfectly fine.


In reality, the difference in coloring comes from the thickness of the shell. A darker grain has a harder pod, making it harder to break open. White weed seeds might even germinate a bit more quickly than their darker counterparts. 


The color of your easy-grow cannabis seed says nothing of its overall quality. These are the only warning signs to keep in mind:


  • Green or translucent seeds, which is a mark of immaturity.
  • Beat up weed seeds, as those might not sprout at all.


Are white cannabis seeds good for growing weed easily? Yes, they work just as well as any other color


We perform tests on cannabis seeds to ensure you get only top-quality products. If they don’t germinate, we won’t ship them. Don’t trust the misconceptions—those white beauties will pop and develop.

Can I buy easy-to-grow high-yield cannabis seeds?

You’ll find plenty of easy-grow high-yield cannabis seed options in our shop. 


Modern developments in the marijuana industry make ease a priority. As a result, many naturally productive strains are getting crossed to produce fertile, straightforward herbs for impressive, problem-free gardens.


Take Mango Crack Feminized as an example. These easy cannabis seeds to grow are a joy inside and outside—the results are impressive in either case. Indoors, you’ll collect up to 6.5 ounces per square meter under optimal conditions. The outdoor growth runs like wild, with over 21 ounces of flower per plant.


Our comprehensive library leaves you spoilt for choice. You’re free to pick according to very specific preferences and still collect impressive amounts of buds for your effort. 


Would you like to combine the therapeutic effects of gardening with profoundly healing CBD? Our high CBD seeds feature many easy-grow cannabis seeds that develop into monster-yielders for your growing pleasure. 


You could also double the benefits and get yourself a stash to last you through the entire winter. Check out the high-yielding high THC seeds that are also friendly towards beginners. 


Every easy cannabis seed to grow page details the expected harvests for the controlled indoors and the great outdoors. Now that you know that beginner-friendly doesn’t mean low-yield, you can find the best of both worlds here at Homegrown.

What are the easiest marijuana strains to grow?

Stoners are a mixed bag, but it’s safe to say that most of us enjoy comfort and relaxation. It’s no wonder then that many legendary, award-winning varieties also found their way to our list of easy cannabis seeds to grow.


A combination of sturdy genetics, palpability, potency, and well-balanced effects are the the bottom line of modern breeding. It’s hard to determine which strain is the easiest all around, but these take the gold in one way or another:


  • White Widow. This high-yielder requires little know-how, making it the perfect teaching marijuana plant for the basics. Its indica contents let it bloom even in cool climates. It’s ideal for regular growing, stress training, and anything in between.
  • Northern Lights. Vigorously producing indoors and outdoors, Northern Lights tolerates mistakes, resists diseases and pests, and grows moderately with ample time for trimming. The top-shelf lineage is hard to miss with these easy-grow cannabis seeds.
  • Critical 2.0. The improved version of the stoners’ favorite is even more permissive, less susceptible to damage, and more fruitful. The short weed plant produces dense buds with a refreshing, jolting flavor and effect profiles that delight. 


If you’re an absolute newbie that finds research too overwhelming, go for one of these. Curious to explore further? The world of cannabis is so vast that you won’t face any limitations in finding the ideal strain for any preference


We’ll share top easy cannabis seeds to grow across several cultivation-specific categories to give you several potential starting points.

What are the top 5 easy-to-grow outdoor cannabis seeds?

Weed gardeners who like to keep things natural enjoy our collection of easy cannabis seeds to grow outdoors. Your choice here will depend on your environment, but there’s something for everybody in the Homegrown library


Our customers are in love with these easy-to-grow outdoor cannabis seeds:


  • Northern Sunrise Feminized. This thick, sturdy cultivar pays no heed to mold or pests, flourishing in most climates without extra assistance. When smoked, it produces a head-and-body high that puts you in a state of complete giggly calm.
  • Blueberry Badazz OG seeds. This strain’s branches need no support to hold their dense, sweet-smelling colas. Give them a sunny, dry climate, and they’ll pop up in no time, awarding you with a delicious buzz.
  • Purple Haze seeds. This legendary cultivar is among the most straightforward sativas around. It blossoms in the sun but can take some cold, too. The effects are legendary, as any Jimmy Hendrix fan will tell you.
  • Blackberry Kush seeds. Consistent and reliable, Blackberry Kush easy-grow cannabis seeds ask for sun and warmth only to produce impressive yields. The aroma of this marijuana plant makes you euphoric even before a puff.
  • 5 Alive seeds. This rare breed flourishes in balmy climates, but it can take some extremes and thrive. The flavor profile is fresh citrus, and the effects are just as rejuvenating.

What are the top 5 easy-to-grow indoor cannabis seeds?

Do you like the idea of maintaining complete control over every aspect of cultivation? You’ll love our easy-grow cannabis seeds for indoor setups


These options let you collect flowers any time of the year and try your hand at varieties that don’t agree with your climate. Our top picks include:


  • Blue Dream Feminized seeds. A dream to smoke, these easy-to-grow cannabis seeds develop into marijuana plants of medium height and extreme fruitfulness. This one is ideal for making a pass at hydro growing or low-stress training, as well as novices looking to test their THC tolerance.
  • Candy Glue Feminized. The legendary heritage of this simple cultivar makes it a grower’s fantasy. Its foliage is naturally well-spaced, giving the nugs ample exposure to develop. The smoke is all about easy-going stimulation, also fantastic for beginners.
  • Blue Cheese Feminized seeds. The Blueberry genetics is proving itself once again with this connoisseur’s fave that gets you feeling your best. It thrives indoors, with a strong resistance to mold that makes it great for soil or hydro
  • LSD Feminized seeds. This trippy pot plant is a mind-blowing experience, which you can achieve with ease thanks to its trouble-free nature. LSD crops have short stature and outward growth, which makes branch management a breeze.
  • Super Skunk Feminized seeds. This epic, resilient strain is the epitome of easy cannabis seeds to grow. It boasts a high flower-to-leaf ratio that makes the buds top-quality, especially in a controlled setup of your grow room.

What are the top 5 easy-to-grow autoflowering cannabis seeds?

Are you still finding the light schedules too confusing? Pick a strain from our broad spectrum of autoflower seeds. They tend to bloom sooner than photoperiods, too.  


Autos are beginner-friendlier by default, but these easy-to-grow autoflowering cannabis seeds take the smooth sailing to the next level:


  • Haze XL autoflowering seeds. Your Haze XL garden will impress an expert. The sticky buds are abundant, with a strong pine scent and energizing effects to help you conquer the day.
  • Lemon autoflowering seeds. This shortie won’t stretch much, which makes it 100% manageable for any setup. Its citrusy aroma masks incredible potency and a full-body stone to follow.
  • Jack Herer autoflowering seeds. The world-known strain is also among the best easy cannabis seeds to grow. It’s a delight to cultivate and smoke, with sweet and spicy aromas awarding you for the effort.
  • Tangerine autoflowering seeds. This variety of sativa is speedy and small enough not to overwhelm. Its burst of fruitiness delivers a sweet kick to your mind and body, making you happier with each puff.
  • Gelato autoflowering seeds. Yet another sweet and blissful strain, Gelato is an ideal beginner-friendly indoor grow, developing into tiny, dense plants of pure goodness

What are the top 5 easy-to-grow feminized cannabis seeds?

Feminized seeds are our best-sellers for a good reason. This category of easy cannabis seeds to grow produces no male marijuana plants or hermaphrodites—only fertile mothers rich in smokable buds


Pick these instead of easy-to-grow autoflowering cannabis seeds for higher CBD and THC contents, bigger yields, and a slower, more natural growing experience. Here are some of our faves:


  • Diesel feminized seeds. This cultivar requires only the 101s of cannabis cultivation to flourish. Once it does, its fuel aroma delivers a powerful yet balanced high that relaxes and uplifts.
  • Chocolope x Kush feminized seeds. This indica-looking sativa needs no defoliation. Its massive, sticky, chocolate-smelling colas are instantly obvious, making you euphoric before even lighting up.
  • Cement Shoes feminized seeds. A tasty, full-body stone awaits after a puff, and the cultivation already hints at the relaxation ahead. It develops large, chunky buds, but its lateral growth makes these cannabis seeds easy to trim.
  • AK-47 feminized seeds. This THC powerhouse tests your moisture-controlling skills but doesn’t punish you much for failing. It’s surprisingly compliant for a sativa-dominant hybrid, and its effects are worthy of the awards it holds.
  • Cream Caramel feminized seeds. This delicious triple indica guarantees relaxation when smoked. The easy-grow cannabis seeds require minimal attention, making them a treat for the any-level grower.

Where can I buy the best easy-to-grow cannabis seeds online? 

Easy-to-grow cannabis seeds are available in walk-in stores and online dispensaries. The first option offers fewer choices but more security in your purchase. The second is more convenient and accessible but riskier if you don’t find a reputable seed bank.


Homegrown Cannabis Co. is your go-to online dispensary for acquiring weed seeds quickly and easily. We’re proud that thousands of satisfied customers agree and readily vouch for our trustworthiness. 


Our store offers a massive selection to cater to every grower and makes purchases as effortless as possible. Deliveries are quick, discreet, and guaranteed, and the reviews on our website are there to do their part in the selection process. 


We source our easy-grow cannabis seeds from stable mother plants. Their excellent traits ensure only the highest-quality products and make cultivation a breeze.

You’re not alone once you receive the delivery, either. Join our community and read the guides for expert cultivation tips every step of the way.