Extreme Yielders

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Cannabis cultivation requires time, effort, and resources. Under normal circumstances, its quality and yield should match the description of the particular strain. However, there are also measures and ways to optimize growth further. It begins with choosing extreme yielders from the catalog of Homegrown Cannabis Co. These strains come in different types of seeds to suit individual preferences. More importantly, even on typical grows, these plants naturally produce massive harvests.

About Extreme Yielding Strains

The desire to grow and harvest high-quality flowers with a pleasant scent profile and capable of delivering potent, remarkable effects is a given. The most significant factor dictating the yield is genetics. Hence, choosing an innately high-yielding strain is the first step towards securing insanely generous harvests.

Typical strains, even when coaxed to attain full potential, would find it challenging to match the output of extreme yielders grown in ordinary circumstances. Moreover, the same techniques used to manipulate environmental factors such as nutrient release, grow technique, and medium could further increase the already huge yields.

Why Grow High-Yielding Strains

Homegrown Cannabis Co. mostly caters to the needs of independent home growers and seed collectors. Among the people who do germinate the seeds and cultivate the plant, most do so for personal consumption. Why should you grow a high yielding strain? Simple.

Produce a bigger stash without spending more time, effort, and money. Plus, in countries and states where home cultivation of cannabis is allowed but restricted in number, the most sensible thing to do is to opt for extreme yielders. Harvest more while staying within or below the legal limit. Think of it as hitting two birds with one stone.

Choosing the Right Cannabis Seeds for High Yields. Homegrown Cannabis Co. understands that individual needs and preferences vary. Hence, in developing new hybrids or reworking old classics, one of the focal points is to create diversity. That much is evident in the different genotypes and traits for both recreational and medical consumption.

More importantly, within the highest yielding strains, the selection comes in different types of seeds:

  • Regular Seeds

A pack of regs roughly has a female/male ratio of 50:50. Compared to genetically modified seeds, regular seeds produce sturdier plants. Also, being pure and original, these are vital to preserving the genetic diversity of cannabis as a species.

The presence of males, of course, benefits breeders. You could also use the males to produce seeds. These would entail more experience and knowledge, and the best way to attain such level of expertise or knowhow is to start.

For consumption, regular seeds do entail more work as the males need to be identified and removed from the grow area as early as possible, usually during the pre-flowering stage. Because half, or even more, could turn out to be males, the standard practice is to germinate twice the planned number of plants.

In most cases, regular seeds entail extra effort and are thus suitable for experienced home growers.

  • Feminized Seeds

Fems are most sought-after due to its ease of growth. The use of feminized seeds eliminates the gender guessing game, as well as the need to separate the males. Almost, that is as it is not 100% guaranteed. Hence, it still entails gender identification as a matter of due diligence.

For obvious reasons, these are the type of seeds that best caters to grows-for-consumption purposes.

  • Autoflower Seeds

Autos eliminate the need for light cycles to trigger the flowering phase. Usually, it starts the transition upon reaching the second or third week of vegetation. Moreover, from seeds to harvest, depending on which strain, it takes only 6 to 10 weeks.

Auto-flowering strains favor people living in places where there is winter season. Its rapid growth cycle, for instance, allows for two or even three grows in a year so long as the last harvest is before frost sets in, damaging the plants.

Generally, tending to autos is easy. However, it cannot tolerate injuries. Thus, having prior experience in cultivating cannabis comes in handy when nurturing these plants.

  • Fast Version Seeds

A relatively new type of seeds sits in the middle between feminized and auto-flowers. These are the fast version seeds found in the catalog of Homegrown Cannabis Co. Each of these strains contains Ruderalis genes but remaining dependent on light cycles. It has the same vegetative growth pattern as regular and female seeds but has significantly faster flowering time - often by two weeks.

Compared to auto, the final quality and yield are almost similar to photoperiod counterparts. Even if it can be finicky, some of the strains offered by the seed bank are quite easy to manage.

Characteristics of High Yield Strains

It is exciting to grow extreme yielding strains. However, the journey is not without challenges, and it also entails more work. In general, massive bud producers require a longer time to develop. During the flowering cycle, especially the latter part, it also needs more TLC. That being the case, only purchase the seeds of these high-yielding variants if you can dedicate the time and attention essential to its wellbeing.

Sativa and Sativa-dominant strains typically grow very tall, with some reaching 5 meters (15 feet). Consequently, it may be visible from the street, attracting unwanted attention. Cultivating indoors keep away nosy neighbors. However, it necessitates a huge vertical room and executing height-limiting techniques. Furthermore, this variety tends to be lanky. Its branches may also need support to carry the weight of the dense colas.

On the other hand, Indica and Indica-heavy varieties are typically bushy. Its foliage needs regular grooming to prevent moisture buildup and pathogen attacks. Yellowing, dying, and unnecessary fan leaves, as well as lower branches, must be trimmed. With those out of the way, the plant can accommodate better airflow and light penetration.

Keep in mind that many of the hybrids showcasing Sativa effects might have Indica growth patterns. Homegrown Cannabis Co provides this information on the product description and comprehensive overview.

How to Grow Extreme Yielding Seeds

For high-yielding strains to reach its full fruiting potential, the plants must be amply fed and be in good health. Growing the seeds in a hydroponic system is strongly recommended for optimal nutrient feeding. It gives complete control over the nourishment of the entire garden, often resulting in up to 20% boost in yield. Organic soil can also be employed. However, nutrient regulation is more complicated and, therefore, cropping is likely to be slightly less.

Apart from the medium and feeding, these factors are critical as well:

  • Grow conditions (temperature, humidity, pH of the medium, and more)

  • Cultivation and foliage grooming technique

  • Type of lighting

Extreme yielders can be grown outdoors as well, but ideally in places with a Mediterranean climate. If needed, have a garden canopy and windbreaks installed or ready.

Also, prepare yourself for the difficulties involved in rearing high-yield strains. Learn from cannabis cultivation experts and seasoned growers through forums and other resources. The added horticulture wisdom makes growing cannabis less complicated and, therefore, more likely to be successful.

Why Buy from Homegrown Cannabis Co?

The viability and germinability of seeds are impossible to tell through physical inspection, let alone its ability to generate an impressive yield. It is in this aspect that Homegrown Cannabis Co. carved a niche - by providing reliable seeds, thereby establishing itself as the premier trusted source.

The strains offered, boasting of stable growth patterns, are lab-tested and produced through several generations of breeding. Plus, each seed is examined by human eyes before getting shipped. These measures ensure incredibly high quality and germination rates.

With a diverse selection of high-yield seeds, there are plenty of choices catering to all needs, preferences, and experience levels. These strains are generally resilient and thrive in different conditions.

For tried and tested genetics, start with the legendary Northern Lights. If you feel adventurous, then try Early Skunk x Rosetta Stone or Zombie Death Fuck. These strains not only sound exciting but are also a joy to grow and consume.