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Black Jack Autoflower

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A fast plant with a great range of flavour.
  • Sativa Dominant
  • Very High THC
  • Easy To Grow
  • High THC
  • Splash of fresh blueberries
  • 400 to 550 grams/m2

Autoflower Black Jack Seeds

A strong strain with a remarkable pedigree, Black Jack doesn't hold back. Tokers love it for its unique scent, lovely flavor, and mean mental kick. Medical users value it for its soothing properties, and growers ju... Read More

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Kyle Kushman
Kushman Says:
This plant produces a strong and long-lasting buzz that's not for the faint-hearted. It's not as cloudy as some other smokes, though, and creates a warm, lengthy chill perfect for nights in.
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Black Jack Autoflower

STRAIN PROFILE Black Jack Autoflower

Yield Indoor 400 - 550 g/m2
Yield Outdoor 40 - 250 gr/plant
THC 23%
CBD 1%
HEIGHT 90 cm
All Year
Anxiety Depression Inflammation Migranes Muscle Spasms Nausea Pain Stress
Creative Energetic Euphoric Focused Hungry Relaxed Uplifted
Berry Blueberry Earthy Flowery Pine Sweet Tobacco
Temperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean
Black Jack Autoflower Review

Black Jack Autoflower Profile by Kyle Kushman

Autoflower Black Jack Seeds

A strong strain with a remarkable pedigree, Black Jack doesn't hold back. Tokers love it for its unique scent, lovely flavor, and mean mental kick. Medical users value it for its soothing properties, and growers just can't resist its charm. Its autoflower seeds from Homegrown Cannabis are easy to handle and produce some nice yields. With no males to worry about, growers can maximize their turnout effortlessly.

Most people associate Black Jack with the popular casino card game. Tokers, though, know it as one of the better strains with a hefty THC volume in the cannabis market. This herb is available in two variants; one is Indica-heavy, while the other is mostly Sativa. The latter is the more recognized variety.

The rich lineage of the Sativa-heavy Black Jack put a ton of expectations on the strain. With Jack Herer's mighty cerebral punch and Black Domina's body buzz, it's safe to say it didn't disappoint. Unlike its namesake card game, this one never misses its mark. With THC levels that go as high up as 25 percent, it’s one of the most potent strains out there. Its robustness and many benefits have earned it plenty of respect in the 420 industry.

Beloved by recreational and medical users, growers, too, have joined the bandwagon. It's all thanks to the autoflowering seeds from Homegrown Cannabis. By blending an autoflower Sweet Afghani Delicious in Black Jack's genetics, its auto version was born. A low-maintenance, fast-maturing variant with enormous yield, now that's inviting.

Growing Black Jack from Autoflower Seeds

Growing Black Jack is easy enough that even newcomers should have no problem doing so. The strain becomes a resinous monster of a plant once it matures. Its buds are large, dense, and covered with sticky trichomes. Glistening with crystals, this beauty is quite boastful of its high THC content.

Black Jack Auto can grow in almost any setting but thrives best in a controlled environment. It can only grow up to 90cm tall, so it does not take up a lot of space. What remains to be its most attractive trait, however, is its accelerated growth. From seedling to ripe for reaping, the plant only needs nine weeks.

Indoors, a SOG (sea of green) setup will prove valuable come flowering time. Without needing much TLC, the charmer will flourish. By harvest time, growers can snatch 400 to 550 grams of beautiful buds per square meter.

Going for al fresco planting will give a yield of up to 250 grams of fresh buds per plant. It may not be as fruitful, but it’s still pretty decent. For the dwarf to prosper, pick a spot with plenty of sunshine and use organic soil. Around nature's unpredictable mood, though, it may need constant monitoring. In northern areas, growers can start harvesting as early as late April up to mid-October.

Fragrance and Flavor

Black Jack has an exotic aroma that embodies that of sandalwood and earthy pine. Additionally, it has a musky tobacco note that veterans love. Meanwhile, younger tokers adore its distinct floral undertone gifted by Jack Herer.

Unlike its fragrance, Black Jack's flavor doesn’t have a hint of earthiness. On inhale, it gives off a piney taste with some splash of fresh blueberries. On the other hand, the exhale is sweet with a malty or creamy quality. The smoke from Black Jack is heavy but smooth in every way.


As one would expect from such potent ganja, Black Jack’s high hits fast and goes straight to the head. Immediately after the first puff, users can sense a heaviness in their heads. As the kick continues to progress, an uplifting, euphoric feeling will envelop them. One will feel emotionally and mentally lighter; it is as if the sun is shining brighter on them.

Its Sativa gifts won't stop coming just yet. Showering enjoyers with added creativity, focus, and energy, their bosses, will see a boost in productivity. Completing tasks won't be a problem. Concocting concepts for projects comes easy too.

Having a decent amount of Indica assures some physical rewards as well. Tokers need not wait long for a bit of relaxation to take effect. As the calm makes it way from the neck down to every part of the body, tensions will dissipate. As expected, it doesn't couch-lock if consumed in moderation. Instead, it modulates Sativa's mental vigor, so users don't go overboard.


Apart from having robust THC, Black Jack's CBD levels can reach up to 1.4%, giving it immense medicinal value. Users looking for relief from physical and mental ailments will find it with this weed. Its uplifting effect can appease the symptoms of depression, stress, and anxiety.

Moreover, the plant inherited Black Domina's ability to calm the muscles and joints. Along with its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, the herb is an excellent painkiller. For this reason, it is popular among users who have chronic pain issues. It provides comfort from migraines, light headaches, joint pains, and muscle spasms.

Black Jack can also cause a bad case of the munchies. Cancer patients undergoing chemo and users who have eating disorders benefit from it. Halting nausea and vomiting, it also increases one's appetite.

Just like with most marijuana strains, Black Jack has a few side effects. Cottonmouth and dry eyes are two of the most common adverse reactions one can expect to have. Drinking plenty of water can remedy this. Users may also experience dizziness from smoking this strain, although this is rare.

Users may also encounter heightened anxiousness and mild paranoia. This happens mostly because of excessive consumption, an error often committed by newbies. THC sensitive tokers may also encounter the same offshoots.