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Maple Leaf Feminized

The best of Afghan genes.
  • Pure Indica
  • Medium THC
  • Quick Flowering
  • Euphoric cerebral high
  • Sweet and citrusy orange scent
  • 200 g/m2

For generations, Maple Leaf has provided relief and relaxation. Not many people today know it could have been lost forever during the cold war. At any rate, it did survive. And, with the release of feminizes seeds from Homegrown Cannabis, growing it ... Read More

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With over 20 years of experience in the cannabis industry, we have the grow-how from the experts!

We deliver high-quality, fast-germinating seeds with impeccable and stabilized genetics swiftly and discreetly worldwide at a competitive price.

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Kyle Kushman
Kushman Says:
Bred from precious, vintage Afghanica gene-stock and when you see the results you’re sure to know it!
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Maple Leaf Feminized

STRAIN PROFILE Maple Leaf Feminized

Yield Indoor 200 g/m2
Yield Outdoor 200 gr/plant
THC 16%
CBD 0.3%
HEIGHT 100 cm
Anxiety Arthritis Depression Inflammation Migranes Pain Stress
Aroused Euphoric Relaxed Sleepy Tingly
Butter Citrus Earthy Sweet
Temperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean Cool/Cold
Maple Leaf Feminized Review

Maple Leaf Feminized Profile by Kyle Kushman

For generations, Maple Leaf has provided relief and relaxation. Not many people today know it could have been lost forever during the cold war. At any rate, it did survive. And, with the release of feminizes seeds from Homegrown Cannabis, growing it is never easier and more convenient.

To understand where it came from, growers need to go back in time to 1979. Back then, the town of Mazar-I-Sharif is known for its hashish and cannabis culture. Because it is situated on the border of USSR, it was also one of the first places likely to be invaded by the Soviets. To preserve the lineage of the predecessor of Maple Leaf, the locals passed on the plant to a collector who then made it a mission to preserve the line.

From the plants smuggled out of Mazar-I-Sharif, one of the descendants came to be called Maple Leaf. Unlike typical elongated leaf shape common with Indica plants, it boasts of a unique appearance that looks more like a maple leaf.

Growing Maple Leaf from Feminized Seeds

Growers can cultivate Maple Leaf outdoors. However, it thrives best when planted indoors. One reason is that its environment is controlled. Another is that by using hydroponics, its vegetative and flowering period can be shortened while maintaining a decent yield. Some people, though, prefer using soil as the growing medium to promote better flavors.

Maple Leaf does not grow too tall but to promote outward growth; it is best to top early. As the plant becomes bushy, growers will want to trim or prune its leaves to allow for better air circulation as well as light penetration. SOG is also highly recommended. Typically, each square meter can produce up to 200 grams.

Out in the open, Maple Leaf can grow up to 130 cm. While it thrives in a warm climate, it can also tolerate a colder environment. It does have a strong scent so privacy could be an issue. At any rate, cared for properly, each plant can produce up to 200 grams of buds by the second to third week of October.

Maple Leaf is a sturdy and resilient plant. For this reason, even beginners should be able to cultivate it successfully. Using feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis, the likelihood of having male plants is lessened or eliminated.

Fragrance and Flavor

An irresistible sweet and citrusy orange scent will surely attract anyone that smells this strain. It gives off a pungent odor that blends the smell of earth and a hint of citrus. Once users draw in the smoke, then it explodes with a sweet note while leaving a buttery aftertaste.


Maple Leaf delivers a sedating psychedelic high. While it may not be apparent in the beginning, it soon will be. It is not a fast-acting strain, but then again, that is typical of Indica strains. Once it hits, there is pretty much nothing else one can do but to bask in deep relaxation.

The key to using Maple Leaf is to find the right amount that allows one to still function and yet still feel its effects. During its onset, it first induces a euphoric cerebral high. Pronounced, but not intense. Gradually, as it stabilizes, that is when the Indica traits begin to work its way to the body.

As the calming sensation spreads from the head down to the spine and the extremities, a sense of wellbeing engulfs users. It makes one feel comfortable and completely at ease. Often accompanied by a tingling sensation, this may even cause some people to feel highly erotic.

Eventually, during the comedown, most people are likely to feel a bit sleepy. That, of course, is dependent on individual tolerance. Use too much, and it can put one to sleep in no time at all.

Like other strains, Maple Leaf can also cause dry mouth and eyes. At times, it may also lead to slight dizziness or have a mild headache.


For most people, using Maple Leaf almost always leads to falling asleep. Thus, it is best used by medical users as an aid to getting quality sleep. And, that makes it extremely useful to insomniacs.

Due to its having anti-inflammatory properties as well as sedative-like effects, another way people use this strain is for pain relief. Among those who use it for such purposes are those with chronic illnesses.

Sativa strains often induce euphoric effects that alter the mood. Maple Leaf may not act in the same way, but when it comes to wiping out stress, it is just as efficient. Even people suffering from mental health concerns including depression can surely appreciate the relaxation it induces.

Feminized Maple Leaf Seeds

Maple Leaf can certainly hold up its own against the best Indica plants in the world. Already, it has made a name for itself. However, the adoration is not merely because of its effects. It is also because of its appearance especially the leaves. Today, these leaves and flowers can be had right in the comfort of the home. And, making it easier to cultivate is the feminized seeds available here at Homegrown Cannabis.

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