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Feminized Marijuana Seeds USA

The best feminized weed seeds for premium female cannabis plants.

Buy Feminized Marijuana Seeds Online · Female Cannabis Seeds For Sale

Feminized seeds are specially bred to eliminate male chromosomes, so they produce only female plants rather than male and female marijuana plants. Cannabis growers cultivating cannabis plants for smokeable buds prefer feminized cannabis seeds because only female weed plants produce the cannabinoid-rich flowers that consumers enjoy.

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  1. Blue Cheese Autoflower
    • THC Level: 15%
    • CBD Level: .2%
    • Plant Type: Hybrid
    Blue Cheese Autoflower
    Supercharged Blue Cheese.
    per seed
  2. Buy Feminized Marijuana Seeds Online · Female Cannabis Seeds For Sale

    Feminized seeds are specially bred to eliminate male chromosomes, so they produce only female plants rather than male and female marijuana plants. Cannabis growers cultivating cannabis plants for smokeable buds prefer feminized cannabis seeds because only female weed plants produce the cannabinoid-rich flowers that consumers enjoy.

What Are Feminized Seeds (And Why Are They So Amazing)? 

Feminized cannabis seeds are designed to produce only female plants, with a success rate of around 99%. 

This is in stark contrast to naturally occurring marijuana seeds, (referred to as regular in the industry). Regulars produce, on average, a fifty-fifty split of male and female cannabis plants, this is not an issue if you buy female weed seeds.

Feminized weed seeds have been around for decades, slowly growing into the world’s most popular type of marijauna seed. The feminization process works with photoperiod and autoflowering seeds, so all cannabis growers can save time in the grow room

Beginner growers no longer risk missing males, and can be confident their feminized marijuana seeds will produce female-only plants.

Are feminized seeds better? They certainly have their advantages...

  • Feminized weed seeds nearly always deliver female plants.
  • Female plants produce all the delicious, consumable bud (sinsemilla) with far higher levels of cannabinoids than their male counterparts. This means maximum strength, potency and aroma.
  • Feminized cannabis seeds means no need to check the sex of the plants, saving lots of time in the garden.
  • With no males in the garden, money and resources can be saved and focused on your girls.
  • Feminized cannabis seeds save money at the cannabis seed bank, too. Growers no longer need to buy twice the amount of marijuana seeds that they need.
  • Feminized pot seeds are available as photoperiod strains (light cycle-dependent), fast-flowering and autoflowering strains.

This is fantastic news for cannabis home-growers. It also explains why we offer such an amazing selection of female marijauna seeds at Homegrown.

Are feminised marijuana seeds good for beginners? Who else can they benefit?

Feminised seeds are absolutely brilliant for beginners, but this isn’t the only reason for their astonishing popularity. 


Female plants are perfect for recreational growers looking for pronounced effects. Female buds deliver far more when it comes to relaxation, euphoria and laughter. All the things we associate with high-quality, recreational pot seeds and high THC weed.


The feminized marijuana seed is also the number one choice for medicinal cannabis growers. Females grow buds containing all the terpenes and cannabinoids needed to produce effective medicine, male plants do not. It’s heartbreaking to grow a full crop of high CBD cannabis seeds, only to remove and destroy half the plants.

What are the different types of feminised cannabis strains?

Growers wanting to buy cannabis seeds that produce female-only weed plants have the exact same choices as those buying regs. Most decent cannabis seed banks will offer a good range of indica, sativa, hybrid, fast and autoflowering strains


We boast a huge variety of medicinal strains, as well as unique female strains unavailable anywhere else in the world. This vast library of cannabis seeds is surpassed only by our extensive educational resources (all free, of course). It’s exactly why these marijuana legends chose to partner with us. Kyle Kushman, Steve DeAngelo, Nikki Lastreto and Swami Chaitanya

What are the main types of cannabis?


The primary subspecies of cannabis are indica, sativa and ruderalis. Indica strains were traditionally known to produce a heavy, stoned feeling, as opposed to the cerebral, energising effects associated with sativas. This has been questioned by the latest research, which points instead to the terpene profile of individual cultivars. This has been complicated further by the proliferation of hybrid strains, cannabis plants possessing indica, sativa or ruderalis genes.


The real differences between these subspecies of marijuana lies in their growth pattern, preferred climate and structure


  • Indica cannabis plants are typically short and bushy, with dense foliage and wide leaves. They are generally hardier plants than sativa, having evolved in cool, mountainous regions such as the Hindu Kush in Pakistan. This is why any so-called ‘Kush’ plant will, in most cases, be indica or indica-dominant.



  • The ruderalis gene is responsible for autoflowers. 100% ruderalis plants are not typically sold in pot seed form. It’s generally breeders, rather than weed seed banks, that possess these genetics.

While these are the three main subspecies of weed, finding fully indica or fully sativa mj seeds can be difficult. Most female marijuana seeds are hybrids, expressing beautifully diverse traits that were unimaginable twenty years ago. You can buy female seeds that grow plants with gorgeous, azure-blue foliage. High THC Seeds, plants with 30% CBD and female plants with yields heavier than a wrestler

Shopping at Homegrown is so much fun, it’s like being a kid in a candy store.Nikki Lastreto.

Buying feminized cannabis seeds is a wondrous adventure, full of possibility and promise. There has never been a better time to start growing your own cannabis from seed.

What are fast-flowering marijuana seeds?

There’s another category of fem seed popping up in weed seed shops of late, the fast flowering marijuana seed


The fast-flower is a female weed seed famous for, you guessed it, a fast flowering time. With average maturation times of six to seven weeks, they’re ideal for shorter summers or rainy falls


Fast-flowering cultivars have made outdoor growing accessible to thousands of growers. They’re a very welcome addition to the HUGE range of 420 seeds we stock at Homegrown.

How do you grow feminized marijuana seeds?

Buy weed seeds from a company that knows how to feminize cannabis seeds properly and your growing experience will be amazing. The actual grow is the same, whether you’ve had your pot seeds feminized or not.

Indoor and outdoor cannabis grows.

When cultivating feminized cannabis indoors, growers need to replace the sun with artificial light. You’ll need to control the photoperiod (the scientific term for the light-dark schedule). Photo = light, period = schedule.

Adjusting the light cycle triggers the flowering phase, causing the plant to swell and produce big and aromatic nugs of weed.

When growing feminized cannabis outdoors, the sun takes care of all that. The only concerns for the grower are climate and season. Cannabis plants aren’t good with extended periods of high wind, cold or rain.

Your weed seeds should be planted at the right time of year as they need a certain light schedule to thrive. Luckily for the marijuana farmer, it’s very simple: plant in spring, harvest in fall.

What’s the best temperature and humidity for growing feminised cannabis?

One huge advantage of indoor weed grows is the control you have over the environment. When growing cannabis outdoors, you’re at the whim of the weather. When cultivating marijuana indoors, you can control the environment and give your feminized cannaseeds the best chance of success.

Optimum temperatures can vary slightly from strain to strain, but most marijuana seed shops will have this information to hand. If not, making sure the temperature doesn't stray too much from 70°F should deliver healthy plants.

Cannabis does prefer it if the temp drops a little at ‘night’ and the same can be said about humidity. This mirrors what happens in nature, after all.

If you want to know more about temperature and humidity, explore the incredible range of articles in our free, educational section. All you need to know about cannabis growing and cultivation.

What kind of soil is best for feminized seeds?

When preparing soil for growing cannabis, you need to consider the following three things.

  • Nutrients: a nutrient-rich soil will give your cannabis plants the best chance of healthy growth and strong roots.
  • Aeration: well-aerated soil will deliver water and nutes to the roots, allowing the root ball to expand more effectively.
  • Drainage: without good drainage, cannabis plants can stagnate and drown. Too much drainage and the nutrients will wash away before they’ve been absorbed. It is vital growers understand the basics when it comes to soil, as it profoundly affects the health of the plants.

Good growers need a good cannabis education: Read about The Best Soil for Growing Marijuana Outdoors

What nutrients are good for feminized cannabis plants?

Cannabis plants will only thrive with the correct balance of macronutrients and micronutrients. In the macro category, you have nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). This is why you see ‘NPK’ in various ratios on your nutrient packaging. 

Micronutrients include mainly calcium, copper, iron and magnesium, with other elements like boron, cobalt and zinc. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions to feeding weed plants. 

They require different dosages across their various stages of growth. There is variety across different female cannabis strains, too. Do your research before you buy marijuana seeds online.

Are seeds better than clones?


Female cannabis plants deliver healthier and higher quality yields than clones. The best cannabis seeds will produce stronger marijuana plants, whether growing White Widow, Northern Lights or a magical new cannabis strain


When you grow feminized cannabis plants from seed, your cannabis seed will pop a taproot. It shoots down into the soil, anchoring the plant, eventually becoming the full-grown root ball. 


This process gives seed-grown cannabis an enormous advantage over clones, improving nutrient uptake and water retention from day one. The taproot is especially important to outdoor cannabis growers, giving the plant a far better defense against the weather.


Growing indoors or outdoors from seed can drive high yields and increase resistance to disease and pathogens. It also vastly improves the grower’s choice of cultivar. Our online cannabis seed bank stocks hundreds of different marijuana strains, far more on offer than your average clone-selling dispensary.


Cuttings will inherit any pests or diseases from the mother plant, problems not often not visible on the physical clone. When introduced to a grow tent or garden, this can have devastating effects. Cannabis seeds, whether feminized or regular, do not have this problem.

A brief history of how to feminize seeds

The majority of Homegrown customers enjoy growing from feminized seeds, both autoflowering and photoperiod cultivars. But where did feminized seeds come from


The feminization of cannabis seeds began in earnest in the 1990s, when European seed bank, Dutch Passion, created the process. The popularity of fem seeds changed the way millions of people grow their cannabis, and made it accessible to millions more. No single event had such a profound effect on the seed market. The creation of auto and fast flowering seeds pales in comparison. Female weed seeds have been the most popular seeds for many years now.


Learning how to make feminized seeds at home is rewarding, but it’s a complicated process. It essentially involves forcing already female plants to produce pollen, which is subsequently used in the pollination of other female plants. 


The resultant seeds will, 99% of the time, produce female cannabis plants with resinous flowers, glistening trichomes and strong cannabinoid profiles.

How do you make feminized seeds (using colloidal silver)?

Colloidal silver is often used to feminize cannabis seeds, and fairly easy to source. It works by reducing ethylene levels in the plant’s tissue, causing the appearance of male, rather than female flowers. A breeder will choose their best female cannabis plant and spray it regularly with the solution, until it starts producing pollen. This is used to pollinate a second prized female plant, with the resulting seeds being close to 100% female.


The feminisation process is complex. This overview should not be considered a complete guide to feminizing cannabis seeds


We are obliged to share this caveat, too - if you do spray your flowers with colloidal silver, you CANNOT SMOKE THEM. Don’t rinse them, don’t try to wash the solution off, it will not work. Be safe and put all sprayed female plants in the trash.


How do you make feminized seeds (using rodelization)?

An alternative to the colloidal silver feminization method is a process known as rodelisation, this is what makes female weed seeds. It’s considered a more natural feminisation technique, as it relies on the evolutionary miracle of self-pollination


When female plants remain unpollinated beyond the normal maturation stage, they can produce male pollen sacs and self-pollinate. Just as when using colloidal silver for plants, the resultant seeds will be almost wholly female


As this feminizing process doesn’t rely on genetic or stress-induced hermaphroditism, it’s considered a more organic feminization approach.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds: Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking to grow female cannabis seeds, then you might have some questions before you start. If you have never grown with female weed seeds, we understand that you may be unsure and in need of reassurance. Below are some frequently asked questions with answers to ensure you have the best feminized seeds experience.

How do you germinate female cannabis seeds?


Germinating feminized weed seeds is exactly the same as germinating regular seeds. Homegrown offers guaranteed germination if you follow our easy to use germination guide, available to view here.


Why can’t I find online feminized seeds?


Customers can struggle finding information about seeds because they often misspell or mistype the key terms. The misspelling of the word cannabis is the most common, with good examples being canibus, cannabas, cannibis and cannabus


Interestingly, despite it seeming a more difficult word to spell, marijuana is less problematic. The word marihuana is perfectly acceptable, but we have known variants such as marahuana, marajana, marajuna and marawana (our favorite). 


Customers also create compound words from cannabis seeds or marijuana seeds. Good examples include cannaseeds, marijuanaseeds, marijunaseeds, marihuanaseeds and mariseeds.


Most search engines will understand what you are looking for, even with incorrectly spelt keyword terms. If you’re planning to write a blog about feminized cannabis seeds, it’s important to spell these terms correctly. A high level of scholarship will earn trust - which is a vital but rare commodity these days.

What are autoflowering cannabis seeds?


Auto seeds will enter the flowering phase irrespective of light cycle (photoperiod) or season. They complete all phases of growth within around 3 months, offering indoor and outdoor growers multiple annual harvests.


Where can I buy cannabis seeds in California?


Homegrown Cannabis Co is based in California - our Californian customers are where it all started! Buying cannabis seeds online is possible wherever you live in this great state, with prompt delivery guaranteed.


How do you plant cannabis seeds?


You can plant weed seeds directly into soil but you are far better off germinating them first. Once you have a taproot, we recommend transplanting the seed into high quality, natural soil. You can learn how to plant your cannabis seeds by clicking here. 


How do you grow cannabis from seed?


Growing from seed is hugely enjoyable and far easier with Kyle Kushman on your side. The content we offer is (literally) priceless, and will help you with all stages of the grow. Check out Kyle Kushman’s Beginner’s Guide - a free, comprehensive run-down of the entire process.


How do you buy cannabis seeds online safely?


Always buy online seeds from an established cannabis seed store. One with great reviews, an outstanding reputation and trusted partnerships with leading industry figures. The great news is, you’re already here: happy homegrowing! 

The five top feminized cannabis seeds to grow in 2021.

It’s one thing to know all about feminized pot seeds, it’s another to be able to choose one! Homegrown has such a vast library of amazing feminized strains that picking one can be tricky.


We have created a list of our top five feminized strains 2021, cultivars brand new to our catalog and customers. We think there is a fem strain here for everyone


Coffeeshop Waltz (Mochalope x Dos-si-dos): Indica dominant with a rich, woody, earthy aroma.


LSD Autoflower (LSD x Super Magnum Auto): Earthy, skunky and unbelievably trippy.


Auto CBD Medi GOM (MediGOM x House High CBD): Indica dominant with delicious, citrus flavors.


Harpoon Rock (Moby Dick x Dos-si-dos): Sativa dominant with wood, pine and incense flavors.


Blackberry Auto (Blackberry x House Ruderalis): Wild berry flavors and uber-euphoric headrush.


If you’re growing for medicinal reasons, you’ll love CBD MedGom Auto. It boasts the golden CBD ratio of 1:1 and you can enjoy harvest after harvest, all year round.


Recreational cannabis growers can choose an amazing ind-dom strain in the Waltz, or a genuine, head-spinning sat-dom in Harpoon Rock. They’re both potent, both powerful, both must-try cannabis seeds for 2021.


Finally, we are honored to present our new autos, LSD and Blackberry. Like our new photoperiod cultivars, these autos are top of the class when it comes to flavor, aroma and effect. They are very easy to grow and the perfect choice for our large following of beginner growers.


Whichever 2021 cannabis strain you choose, make sure you choose one from Homegrown.

Finally, why choose Homegrown for feminized cannabis seeds?


We are far more than just a weed seed shop online. We are an educational resource with respected partnerships across the entire cannabis industry. We genuinely care about our customers, more than any other online seed store.


We offer germination as well as delivery guarantees. We offer 24/7 customer support. We have the largest online feminized seed catalogue in the world, and more educational content than any other female seeds company

Are feminized seeds worth it?

Now you know (pretty much) all you need to know about feminized cannabis seeds - are you convinced? Would you swap your regular seeds for fems or your clones for female seeds? Are you ready to order weed seeds of the feminine variety?


If you have experience growing with female cannabis seeds then you surely understand the value of these seeds 

We would love to hear what you’ve taken away from this. Please leave a comment or share with a friend.

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