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Come and hang out with Kyle Kushman on Tuesday 29th September

Kyle Kushman Live Q&A Tuesday 29th September
September 28, 2020

Kyle Kushman is back for our second installment of Growing Live, a live Q&A streamed on our Homegrown Cannabis Co. Facebook page and on the Homegrown Forum.

Kyle Kushman is a master grower with over 30 years of experience in the cannabis industry, in that time he has earned himself 13 Cannabis Cups, created the strain Strawberry Cough and is the former cultivation editor at High Times.

In our last Growing Live with Kyle Kushman, Kyle answered a lot of questions and also told stories while sharing his wealth of growing knowledge. He offered some exclusive tips that only a master grower could give and also explained the true origins of the name of one of the most famous topping techniques: Fimming.

FIM or Fimming is a world-renowned topping technique, the name first appeared in a letter to High Times during Kyle Kushman’s tenure as cultivation editor. The letter explained this topping technique and the sender signed it ‘Fim’. Because of the nature of the technique, similar to topping but a little higher as if you cut the wrong spot, people started calling it ‘fuck, I missed’ and FIM became more of an acronym, however, in reality, Fim is the name of the sender!

Post your questions on the Homegrown Forum or via the comment section under the Facebook live stream. Remember, the only way to post your questions in advance is by signing up to the forum and posting them there!

If you want exclusive access to stories like this and more, then tune into our Q&A with Kyle Kushman for lessons from the master himself in realtime. Head over to the Facebook event to RSVP!

Reuniting the whole gang from our A Beginner’s Guide series of videos, Nate Hammer will co-host alongside his teacher Kyle Kushman to answer your questions starting at 18:00 (PT) on Tuesday 29th September!

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