How To Store Marijuana in 4 Easy Steps

mason jar
June 14, 2020

After going through all the hard work of germinating your seeds, growing your plants, ripening your buds and getting the cure just right, it would be a shame to ruin it all with bad storage! But what’s the secret to keeping your marijuana buds nice and fresh? How can you be sure they won’t dry out or go moldy? Is it all about the container, or do the buds need to have the perfect level of moisture? Actually, it’s pretty simple. Follow these basic steps and you’ll never have to worry about storing your weed again.

Producing a massive harvest (and if you stick with us, this should be a regular occurrence) is amazing, but it does present a problem: what do you do with all of that lovely bud? Where and how do you keep it? Is there anything you need to do BEFORE you store your buds? There sure is!

1. Make sure your buds aren’t too moist ahead of storage

Before sealing up your cannabis for storage, you need to protect it from mold and mildew. These are problems that ‘strike from within’ and usually occur if there is too much moisture left in the buds. If you have watched Kyle Kushman’s Drying and Curing video, you’ll know exactly what your buds should feel like before you trim and store them.

Generally speaking, your buds should hang 7 to 10 days – no more than 14 days. As for the bud itself, it should retain a little spring when you squeeze it – this is enough moisture for it to survive trimming and bucking without drying out completely. Another test to do before you seal up the buds is the smoke test – roll your weed up and light it. If it stays lit, that’s a good indicator your buds are dry enough to be sealed away.

2. Choose the best container to store your marijuana

There are lots of different types of storage containers out there. While some might be great for food – this doesn’t make them great for storing your marijuana.

Sandwich baggies and plastic tubs

The static charge from plastic baggies can rip the trichomes from the flowers, which, we don’t need to tell you, is NOT good for the buds! Baggies offer little protection from the air, cold, heat, light and moisture, nor do they contain odor. The worst thing about storing in any kind of plastic is the sweating – sweaty buds are very soon moldy buds. This goes for thin baggies and solid tubs and everything in between. Avoid plastic where you can.

Vacuum-sealed bags

This type of packaging is popular in the food industry, especially with frozen products. It’s also quite popular with weed enthusiasts, most notably the Air Lock brand, which comes with a handy rechargeable vacuum suction and zip lock bags. While this type of container is okay for short-term storage, anything longer than a few days will see the same sweaty problems as baggies and tubs.

Mason jars

There’s a reason why dispensaries always use clear or transparent mason jars. They look elegant and put the merchandise on full display. They are easily labelled and have a classy, traditional, apothecary feel to them. Glass is perfect for both curing and storing marijuana but always remember to keep the jars in the dark. For the best results, use UV glass containers – you can buy opaque versions that look amazing and have been designed especially for storing weed. If you have the money! 

3. Divide and conquer 

Depending on the size of your harvest, you may need to use more than one jar. The best thing to do is follow the same steps as you have done for the cure. That is, fill to around 80% capacity. A good way is to gently fill the jar and give it a little shake – this will free up more space. Add some more buds, shake again, and continue until you’ve reached the rim. Never squash the buds together and never leave too much air in the jar. Using more than one jar spreads the risk of problems, too. 

4. Maintain optimum environmental conditions

Cannabis flower must be stored in a dark cool and dry place: a temperature of around 70°F with an RH level between 60% and 65% is perfect – with as little light as possible. Make sure the place is clean and free of mice, raccoons, squirrels, or any other sort of animal pests – good advice for every area of your home!

Things we don’t advise: freezing, burying, asking your little brother to take care of it. 

Basic weed storage

We told you it was easy. All you have to remember is to wait until it’s dry enough to store, choose a good container, and keep it in a dark, cool and dry place. No freezing, no burying, no microwaving, no shortcuts. Just stick to the basics.