How To Make Kief & Use It Ingeniously

How To Make Kief & Use It Ingeniously
November 28, 2019

Kief is one of the most in-demand extracts in the market today. It is best recognized as having a tremendous amount of THC. Besides using it directly, it can also be an ingredient to make edibles and other forms of cannabis. More importantly, making it is incredibly simple.


Cannabis plants use trichomes to ward off predators such as insects and wild fauna. However, it failed to deter one beast of prey – humans. Quite the contrary, these sticky crystals are what makes it so desirable.

Trichomes contain cannabinoids and terpenes, both working together to provide a long list of benefits. Once turned into active compounds, THC-A becomes the psychoactive THC and CBD-A into the medical wonder CBD.

Kief is one of the purest concentrates available today. Its name is of Arabic origin that means “pleasure or intoxication.” It is aptly named due to having as much as 50% THC – a figure way above the typical 20% that most potent strains possess. Through the use of specialized equipment in a laboratory, it could go up to an otherworldly 80%.

Kief in Grinder

Advantages Of Kief Over Other Forms Of Cannabis

  • Making Kief requires no special or expensive equipment
  • Poses no safety concerns
  • No solvent needed
  • More potent and purer than most other canna-products
  • Can be mixed with other canna-products

3 Ways To Make Kief At Home

The beauty of kief is that making it at home is painless. It requires simple materials and elementary procedures. There are three methods in collecting this powdered extract.

1. Three-Chamber Herb Grinder

The cannabis bud is grinded on the first two tiers of the tool. Then, the mulch is sifted through a screen. Small enough to pass through the filter, only the kief is collected in the bottom compartment.

2. Silk Screen

Using silk screens is perfect for extracting large amounts of kief. Additionally, there are two ways to perform this method. One is through a wooden kief box. The second is through layers of nylon or polyester silk screen mesh. Finer screens are preferred to limit as much plant matter as possible.

  • Wooden Kief Box. This is the more straightforward approach. Place the ground buds on top of the screen, put the top cover back on, and gently shake the box for around 45 seconds. The kief will fall off to the bottom chamber and is ready for use or pressing.
  • Screen Mesh. Although more laborious, it is not that difficult at all. Additionally, due to the usual size of the screens used, this practice is often preferred when creating more significant amounts of kief. To begin, stack at least three layers of sieves with increasingly finer screens on top of a parchment paper. Debud or grind the flower and place on top of the first mesh. Rub the plant matter across the screen for about 5 to 10 minutes but do not apply too much pressure. Do the same with the other two mesh but for a shorter length of time. Once done, collect the kief using a card.

3. Dry Ice

For an even bigger yield than using a silk screen, the best option is the dry ice method.

Materials needed:

  • Few ounces of dried cannabis matter
  • 500 grams of dry ice
  • 220-micron bubble bag
  • 1-gallon bucket

Add a few ounces of the dried cannabis herbs into a bucket. Then, pour in 500 grams of dry ice into the mixture. Place the 220-micron bubble bag over the bucket and secure it tightly. Make sure the mesh screen is right above the opening of the bucket.

Shake the bucket several times, turn it over, and shake some more over a clean, flat surface until all of the powdery kief falls out.

3 Ingenious Ways To Use Kief

The simplest way to enjoy kief is by smoking it as it is. However, a little variation and a splash of creativity would not hurt. Getting inventive also do not require much effort as the extract is in powder form. It can be blended with various cannabis products or regular edibles.

1. Enhance A Joint, Blunt Or Bowl

Kief Joint

Smoking dried cannabis with kief is possibly the best way to enjoy the concentrate.

When using a bong, top the bowl full of ground herb with kief or layer it in between for a slow burn. Meanwhile, for a mighty hit, twax a joint or blunt then roll it on the kief. The THC-rich ganja can also be rolled along with cannabis and/or tobacco. Just sprinkle the powder evenly along the paper.

Infusing kief with other canna-products, though, is not recommended for beginners. It is exceptionally potent and can quickly overwhelm people even seasoned veterans.

2. Mix With Edibles

Unlike its other cannabinoid counterparts, kief could be consumed directly. Its potency does not change, regardless if it is added to a drink or a snack.

  • Beverage. Sprinkling a helping in coffee or tea is an excellent way to enjoy the pollen. Add around a quarter of a gram into the drink. The heat of the beverage activates most of the cannabinoids, thereby producing a long-lasting effect once it kicks in.
  • Snack. The powder could also be sprinkled over almost any kind of dishes like pasta, pizza, and soups. Kief has a subtle flavor, so adding it will hardly change the flavor of any meal. For desserts and pastries, kief butter could be prepared. Not only does it expand the number of ways to consume, but could help the pollen last a little longer.

Materials needed:

  • Kief
  • 2 sticks of high-fat butter
  • A heat-safe dish

Decarboxylate the kief by baking it in an oven at 149°C (or 300°F) for seven minutes. The process activates the psychoactive properties within the pollen grains. Then, melt two sticks of high-fat butter on a saucepan. Avoid cooking in high heat as it may burn the butter. Afterward, add a gram of the decarboxylated kief and stir until completely dissolved.

Allow the mixture to cool in a heat-safe dish before being stored in the refrigerator for up to two months.

3. Create Hash

What “turning to hash” means is merely compressing the extract with heat and pressure until it is compacted.

Materials needed:

  • A clothes iron (a hair iron could also be used)
  • Parchment paper
  • Kief
  • A t-shirt or a thin towel

Fold a foot-long sheet of parchment paper in half – do not use other types as this is the only paper that could withstand heat well enough. Then, sprinkle an inch worth of kief along the folded portion. Place the shirt or a thin towel on top of the folded sheet to act as a buffer to prevent the extract from burning.

While ironing, flip the paper in 3-second intervals. Make sure that the iron is set to “low.” The hash will be ready once it is not sticky anymore.

Easy To Make Incredibly Potent Kief

Extracting kief is very simple. It does not require hard work, nor expensive equipment. With research and a bit of creativity, a pollen grain’s full potential can be released. Additionally, its potency and versatility provide a rewarding and exciting experience.

Kief in Grinder

Whether into bongs, rolling joints, or binging on delicious treats, kief is the canna-product that can give an over the moon kind of high.