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Dry Ice Hash: All You Need To Know

December 17, 2021

As more states legalize cannabis for recreational use, DIY extraction techniques are becoming more popular. Hash has been a favorite product of weed connoisseurs for many years, but have you heard about the latest craze called ‘dry ice hash’? That’s right. You can make your favorite extract using carbon dioxide.

Why is it gaining ground on other methods? It’s cheap and super easy—anyone can do it. You don’t need a lot of materials, either, meaning you’ll have your own hash stash before you know it.

If this extraction technique has got you intrigued, join us to learn more. You’ll discover how to make it, ways to store it, and if it’s alright to smoke. We also share a DIY dry ice bubble hash recipe and some of the most frequently asked questions. Let’s get started.

Pots of hash
Pots of hash

What is dry ice hash?

You make hash from the resin glands you collect from a marijuana plant. Some smoke or vape it in a non-compressed state—this is called kief. Other fans like to make a sticky ball we know as resin. It’s usually light brown but can change depending on purity and type. So, what is dry ice hash?

This phrase refers to the technique used to extract resin with carbon dioxide. Many consumers prefer making hash with dry ice—it has a few benefits over other methods:

  • Your cannabis trim/bud doesn’t get wet.
  • You get pure resin—no solvents in sight.
  • It’s much faster than other techniques and only takes 15 minutes.
  • It’s a very simple process.

Making it involves adding the solidified CO2 to your buds and shaking it. The dry ice makes the resin glands freeze. Once your nugs become brittle, it’s much easier to break them off.

Weed enthusiasts tend to agree that it extraction technique creates a deeper and richer taste, which they adore. No flavor gets lost in the process, thanks to the extremely low temperatures.

How to make dry ice hash

You can make your fresh frozen dry ice hash with buds or trim that you’ve just cut from your plant. The CO2 freezes and separates the trichomes at a temperature around -109.3°F, meaning there’s no need to soak or sift the weed material.

Below we show you how to make it with fresh buds and trim. For either method, you need to collect the following materials:

  • 2–3 lbs of dry ice
  • Your frozen buds or trim (1 oz. minimum)
  • Filter or bubble bags
  • A bucket
  • A scraper
  • A table to work on
  • Heavy-duty gloves
  • Safety goggles

Before we jump into our dry ice hash with fresh buds or trim instructions, we need to highlight safety concerns. Dry ice poses a few risks. To stop your skin and eyes from freezing, you must use safety goggles and gloves.

You also need to ensure your dry ice is never in a fully sealed container. Making this mistake can cause an explosion or suffocating. Keep your room well-ventilated to avoid accidents.

Dry ice hash instructions

You’ve gathered all the equipment and are aware of the safety measures. Now it’s time to start making it with the following steps:

  1. Gather your plant matter and put it into the bucket.
  2. Put your gloves and goggles on, and add the dry ice.
  3. Allow 2–3 minutes for the material to freeze.
  4. Remove the frozen weed and dry ice. Put it all into your bags (filter or bubble bags).
  5. Shake the bag and its contents well for a few minutes. You need to put some effort in here.
  6. As you shake, frozen trichomes will pass through the bags and onto your worktop. 
  7. Repeat the process to get additional extraction. Use a higher numbered filter bag for this. The best micron is 73 to get high-quality kief. Using a 160-micron bag means there’ll be a little more plant matter in the mix, but the results are still excellent.
  8. Collect the kief from your worktop in a container to store.
  9. Press the kief into a ball or block to turn it into hash. 

How to store dry ice hash 

If you want your product to last a long time, you need to know how to store it properly. First, put your hash in a well-sealed container—a Tupperware pot is ideal. You can use a mason jar or other glass container but keep it away from the light. Your dry ice hash can deteriorate quickly and get weaker if exposed to higher temperatures.

You then have to find a cool, dry, and dark place to keep it fresh. Block out any ventilation for optimum conditions. If you’re only going to have a bit now and again, you can put it in the refrigerator or freezer. The colder, the better, as this keeps the terpenes locked into your dry ice hash. 

Marijuana dry ice hash
Marijuana dry ice hash

How to smoke dry ice hash

Once you’ve prepared your resin, you need to know how to smoke dry ice hash to enjoy it to the fullest. There are plenty of different ways to light it up—it all depends on your preferences and the materials you have. Below are a few ideas to give you some inspiration.

Joints, blunts, and spliffs

Without a doubt, this is the most popular way to consume it. You don’t need any special equipment—just your regular smoking kit. If you opt for joints, you can add other substances to adjust the high and taste. Toking slowly is vital; otherwise, the high can get intense. 


We’re sure many cannabis fans own a pipe, and it’s another viable method of puffing your dry ice hash yield. Be warned, though, this way of smoking is likely to smack you hard. Pipes have no filter, and they’ll hit the back of your throat with a bang. Plus, the high is pretty intense.


For this way of smoking to work, your hash needs to melt easily. You won’t get it to vaporize if it doesn’t. Pop it into the vape chamber and program the temperature you prefer (we recommend between 350 and 450°F). Then, you simply fire up and inhale.


This technique is a little easier on your lungs and quite pleasurable. A hookah is an old Middle Eastern system of pipes and tubes—the filtration reduces the harshness. You need to use a liquid to function as a filter; it can be milk or water. Smoking your dry ice hash this way should feel smooth and have a pleasant taste.

Is it safe to smoke dry ice hash?

Dry ice hash extraction is a safe procedure, and so is smoking the finished product. You just need to remember that this is a super-concentrated form of cannabis, and if you’re not careful, you’ll be flying as high as the moon. This stuff is strong.

Vape smoking
Vape smoking

How to make bubble hash with dry ice?

Instead of comparing dry ice hash vs. bubble hash, why not combine the techniques? Some pot-lovers make bubble hash with butane or water. These techniques work fine, but making bubble hash with dry ice is much faster and provides excellent results.

You need to gather the same materials used for the dry ice hash with fresh trim or bud method. Taking the necessary precautions, follow the same steps to get your kief. Here’s where things change a little.

Your material won’t be wet, like it is with ice water hash, but move it to a heating mat. There may be moisture because of condensation. Program your mat to 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. If you don’t have one, you can leave it out to dry for a few hours. You then need to repeat the entire process

Add more dry ice to the bucket to ensure every last trichome gets frozen. Make sure you use larger bubble bags this time. Finally, it’s time to press the material into hash. You can use a pollen press or simply roll it into a ball. Voila! Your dry ice bubble hash is complete.


Still have some doubts? We’ve compiled the most frequently asked questions from our community about dry ice hash to help you out. 

Which is better: bubble hash or dry ice hash?

The answer to this question depends on who you ask. Old-school stoners often opt for the bubble variety and believe it produces a stronger product. However, the dry ice kind is so quick and easy; it’s become the go-to choice. Make up your mind using our dry ice hash vs. bubble hash table.

Bubble HashDry Ice Hash
Uses very cold water for a more gentle extraction method.Uses dry ice to freeze trichomes in seconds.
Takes a long time to get a very potent product.Faster results but not so strong.
You need to dry the kief—it can take days or weeks.The CO2 dries your material instantly.
A purer product with little to no extra plant material.More cannabis matter due to such cold and brittle material.
More potent results thanks to the preservation of heads. Less potent due to extreme temperatures and extra plant matter.

Can you rosin press dry ice hash?

A rosin press consists of two hot metal plates that press cannabis flowers with extreme force. This method makes the cannabinoids and terpenes seep from the trichomes, creating an oily liquid called rosin. 

You can use this technique for pressing it. Some commercial producers utilize this method. Rosin from kief or hash tends to be more potent but less flavorful than the rosin from flowers. So, can you dab dry ice hash? If you create rosin from it, yes. 

Do you need to cure dry ice hash?

When making hash with dry ice, there’s no need to cure the material. The plant matter dries instantly with the CO2, meaning you only need to collect, sift, and enjoy!

Can you make dry ice hash without bubble bags?

Yes, you can make it without bubble bags. You can make your own “dry ice hash bags” with a silkscreen in the right mesh size. You need to attach it to a water-resistant material, like nylon. The finer your screen, the purer your hash. 

Dry ice hash
Dry ice hash

Making hash never got easier

That’s it, folks. You know how to make hash with dry ice, and it’s super quick and easy. Sure, bubble hash might give you slightly more potent results, but if you haven’t got the time or need a quick batch of hash, go for dry ice.

Ensure you follow safety protocol to protect your skin and eyes, and you’ll be enjoying your fresh frozen dry ice hash in fifteen minutes. 

Want to know more about cannabis and how to use it? Check out our blog for more fun and interesting articles about this miracle plant. Don’t forget to share this technique with all your weed-loving friends on social media. They’ll thank you once they see how simple it is.

About the author: Parker Curtis

Parker Curtis has around a decade of cannabis-growing experience, specialising in soil-less and hydro grows. He’s mastering outdoor, greenhouse, and indoor grows.

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