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How To Trim Cannabis Buds For Superb Flavors And High

How To Trim Cannabis Buds For Superb Flavors And High
March 09, 2020

No other time excites growers more than when the plants are mature and ready for picking. After several weeks of nurturing, it has come down to that moment. The agony of anticipation must be excruciating. Fast forward to the first toke. Could the flavors and potency of its psychedelic high be better? It could all be due to the simple act of trimming the cannabis buds.

Should Growers Trim Cannabis Buds?

Cannabis Trim

Though a seemingly insignificant act, trimming has an enormous impact on how buds turn out. It is not only a matter of appearance but also its overall quality.

  • Improved Appearance. Simply speaking, trimmed cannabis buds look more appealing than their less gorgeous untrimmed buds. By pruning away any excess leaves, the iridescent trichome has the opportunity to stun any cannabis connoisseur as it shines stunningly.
  • Better Texture. Unpruned buds have a distinctive harsh consistency that is passed on to the smoke. These added leaves and extra textures take away the smoothness when toking cannabis. Trimming can improve the smoking experience.
  • Tastier And Fuller Buds. Untrimmed buds have more leaves that hinder the curing process. Specifically, it results in less uniform moisture content. As a result, it degrades the flavor of the buds.
  • Higher Potency. Unless growers trim the sugar leaves, it results in less concentration of trichomes. To achieve optimal potency, trimming exposes the buds to higher THC concentration.

Types Of Trim

Before going off to work on the buds, growers must choose between two types of trimming dependent on the stage they are in the drying and curing process.

  • Wet Trimming. Compared to dry, wet trimming is easier and manicures the buds better. Hence, it is the most popular choice among growers. Usually, it is performed on the day the buds were harvested. One can say that plants are still on the vine and, therefore, alive. With moisture still intact, the extra sugar leaves that extend outward are removed. And, with lesser foliage, drying becomes easier and faster.
  • Dry Trimming. Cultivators may also opt to prune using the dry trim method. With this technique, growers remove the excess leaves once the buds have already dried out. Because there is extra foliage preventing the plant from wicking off moisture faster, there is a much longer waiting time.

In controlled environments, where breeders have control over light, humidity, and temperature levels, it usually takes between 4 to 10 days. However, in some cases, it may take up to two weeks. Giving plants ample time to dry, growers ensure it dries evenly. Otherwise, it may leave the inside unaired and dank.

An important thing that growing enthusiasts should know is that sugar leaves are not always a problem, especially when they are healthy and frosted in trichomes. If that were the case, trimming is up to the discretion of the cultivator whether to keep it or not.

How To Trim Weed?

Trimming cannabis is not as easy as one, two, and three. It requires preparing the proper tools and choosing between instruments. For example, a grower may opt to use electric scissors, weed clippers, or a machine. Although, machines are the least preferred among all the choices as it does not take the uniqueness of a strain into account. However, it is useful when a grower has a huge number of plants to trim.

Whether trimming plants wet or dry, one should remember these steps to produce aesthetic looking buds.

  • Prepare And Use The Right Tools. It is advisable to use trimming scissors with sharp and pointed ends. These types assist growers in creating precise cuts. Moreover, gloves and trays should also be ready so growers can keep the area clean and comfortable. Good lighting is also a must.
  • Make Sure That Everything Is Clean. When the grow area is neat, it enhances the quality of the buds. So, wash the tray, prepare new gloves, inspect tools, and tidy the area around the grow room or tent. If buying new gloves is not in the budget, then one may always wash old gloves thoroughly. Tools and accessories should also be completely rid of any resin sticking to it. It prevents the buds from getting too sticky or transferring any resin from other buds.
  • Cut From The Base. First-time trimmers should cut from the base of the branch. This can be quite hard, so it is better to begin by cutting one workable sized branch at a time. It will give breeders a chance to master the art of cutting at their own pace.
  • Add A Personal Touch. Though tools may be helpful, one can never deny the convenience of hands and the power of touch. Using the hands, growers can personally pull off any leaves fanning out from the stem of the bud.
  • Trim The Sugar Leaves. Unlike regular leaves that are easily disposable, sugar leaves are smaller in size. Some of these sugar leaves that protrude from the buds are covered in trichome. Thus, it is not always a good idea to get rid of them. In these cases, a trim will do. But then again, with every leaf uncut, the smoke becomes harsher.
  • Avoid Cutting Actual Buds. Noninvasive, trimming only requires that unimportant parts be cut. Moreover, those using the dry trim method can benefit from keeping the actual buds in the branches as it helps slow down the drying process.
  • Collect Excess Hash From The Tools And Fingers. Smoking hash is nearly as good as vaping or toking cannabis flower. After the trimming process, hash or weed clippings will likely be all over the place. So, before throwing away any of the clippings, be on the lookout for any hash before disposing of the rest.

A Well-Manicured Bud Is Not A Regular Bud

Well-trimmed cannabis does not only taste good, but it also looks good. Not only that, a manicured strain enhances the experience of toking its bud. Whether pruned dry or wet, trimming takes away the harshness of the toke. And, in the process, it helps the true flavor of the marijuana burst out. Plus, always remember, consumers always go for a groomed weed.

Cannabis Trimming