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Eric Brandstad

Eric Brandstad is a pioneer in light dep and growing cannabis in a greenhouse. Now he’s looking forward to delivering this knowledge to our customers.

Eric Brandstad IS greenhouse growing. 

It’s his speciality, his area of expertise, it’s how he made his name.

If you want to know the true value of Eric Brandstad, you need to understand the value of greenhouse growing.

Greenhouses are an AMAZING way to grow cannabis.

They maximize the power of the sun, creating a safe, warm and climate-controlled environment for cannabis plants to thrive.

Greenhouses reduce costs, they deliver year-round cultivation and they can deliver a far more consistent product than outdoor grows.

They’re almost a perfect blend of indoor and outdoor growing!

Eric knows this, and he’s determined to tell as many people as possible. 

But who is he? What’s his background? And why should we be hanging on his every word?

Eric Brandstad
Eric with some Homegrown bud

Eric Brandstad: unveiled

Eric Brandstad is the owner and founder of the Greenhouse Advisory Group, a consulting company specializing in greenhouses but also dealing with indoor and outdoor cannabis cultivation. 

He’s a  4th generation farmer with a long history of commercial agriculture. 

“My family’s been farming since 1862, in a town called Linden, California (not too far from Sacramento). It was mostly row crops, though now the whole area is orchards and fruit. I practically grew up on a tractor, but I’m the only one in my family who got into cannabis. I had to forge my own path.”

He entered the Cannabis Industry in 1991, gaining a solid reputation as a greenhouse and light-deprivation expert. 

He’s now a recognized authority on farm planning, greenhouse site development and greenhouse efficiency. 

“I’m actually most known for being the general manager and vice president of Forever Flowering Greenhouses, for 11 years. We were the first light-dep greenhouse company, and I’m now consulting all over the United States.”

Eric Brandstad
Taking a walk through the greenhouse

Eric Brandstad has served as a respected consultant to greenhouse operators for many years, but his aim is to educate as many people as possible. 

A popular public speaker, he’s reached thousands of people through his radio, television, podcast interviews and public appearances.

“A lot of people used to ask me for advice. Some people want a design from the ground up, others need help rescuing their existing greenhouses. People would ask me to create huge commercial operations, and I was always ready to help small-scale home-growers, too … I can help with pretty much anything greenhouse-related… so consulting and teaching came naturally to me.”

Is he recognized in the industry? Very much so. He’s featured as an expert judge at The Emerald Cup and The Golden Tarp Awards. Eric’s also been a keynote speaker at the Imperious Expo, The CWBExpo, CCC-Con, The Cultivation Classic, The Santa Cruz Cup, The Cali Dep Fest, Humboldt High Grade Gala, CannaCon, and the NCIA Cultivation Management Symposium. And plenty more to come!

Eric Brandstad
Light-Dep expert in action

Eric, sustainable growing, and Homegrown

While he loves talking about the amazing plants you can produce in a greenhouse, he’s even keener to stress the importance of sustainability.

“Indoor grows traditionally use a lot of lights, a lot of power. Sustainability is vital to me, to my kids, wanting to create something better for their future. To teach them better ways. LEDs are a good start, but greenhouses on all scales are more sustainable than most indoor grows.”

Eric Brandstad and Nate Hammer
Nate Hammer getting some tips from Eric

Eric Brandstad currently travels the world as a speaker and consultant, sharing his deep passion for the cannabis industry, educating on the road.

He’s part of the faculty at Oaksterdam University in Oakland, California, and we’re delighted to welcome him as Homegrown’s Greenhouse Expert.

Expect lots of amazing videos, in-depth articles and everything you need to know about greenhouse growing and light deprivation.

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