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Dr. Lakisha

Learn more about Dr. Lakisha Jenkins, where her cannabis journey started & what she has achieved. Discover why she joined the Homegrown Cannabis Co. team.

A mother’s known for her unconditional love and does whatever is needed to keep her children safe. Dr. Lakisha’s no different. Not only is she a devoted mother but a successful businesswoman, schooled in all things herbal.

Her relationship with cannabis had an emotional start, motivated not only by curiosity but also by the concern for her loved ones. It has since evolved into a successful and enriching kinship. 

As you continue reading, you’ll discover how Dr. Lakisha’s cannabis journey began and what has kept her on this path all these years. You’ll also gain insight into how her contribution to the marijuana community has empowered others.

Driven by love

Dr. Lakisha Jenkins’ curiosity regarding the endogenous cannabinoid system started in the 1990s when her boyfriend enjoyed the benefits of cannabis. Driven by a need to know more about his love for this herb, she started exploring the Endocannabinoid System (ECS).

Dr. Lakisha’s daughter, Kiona, aged 8, was then diagnosed with a brain tumor. The cancer treatment she received had adverse side effects. Dr. Lakisha felt helpless and was forced to accept the prescribed therapy. She wanted to find an alternative treatment.

Her love for Kiona and concern for her well-being made Dr. Lakisha Jenkins explore alternate options to western medicine. In addition, her research into the ECS led her to discover something major: the ECS is vital in maintaining a state of physiological equilibrium.

Dr. Lakisha’s cannabis journey

While seeking a solution for Kiona’s condition, Dr. Lakisha also uncovered the nutritional value of herbs and the basis of traditional medicine. For years, people have believed that phytomedicine adds no value to our health. Dr. Lakisha thought otherwise.

Sadly, in 2002, Kiona passed away, she never recovered from the effects of the cancer treatment, even though the doctors removed the tumor completely. When Dr. Lakisha was unable to find another therapy option for Kiona, her search resulted in a pursuit to make a difference.

Achievements and recognition

Through Dr. Lakisha Jenkins’ quest to help her daughter, with hard work and dedication to her studies, she managed to attain the following qualifications:

  • Doctorate in Naturopathy
  • BS in Holistic Nutrition 
  • Registered professional herbalist (American Herbalist Guild)

The following are the positions she held and are currently holding:

  • Founder and president of the Kiona Foundation (an NPO)
  • Founder and president of TGR Holdings and Jenasis Cooperative Incorporated
  • Founding board member and first elected president of the California Cannabis Industry Association
  • Served on the National Cannabis Industry Association  Board (2013 - 2015)
  • A member of the ASTM D37 committee (creating global standards on cannabis cultivation and manufacturing)
  • Advisor and member of the Health and Wellness Committee of the Cannabis Licensing Authority in Jamaica
  • Part of the Advisory Board of the Zimbabwe Hemp Trust
Dr Lakisha

Aim and mission

Dr. Lakisha’s studies and experience in these various cannabis communities have motivated her to educate and empower others on herbal medicine. Her aim isn’t to give medical advice but to provide anecdotal information that she’s gathered through the years.

The Kiona Foundation, founded in honor of Kiona Jenkins, supports cancer survivors. The foundation aims to make patients aware of the various choices regarding medical care, something she didn’t have with Kiona.

Another goal of Dr. Lakisha is to bridge the gap between alternate and modern medicine. She’s passionate about educating others on the use of herbs, including cannabis, to alleviate the symptoms of certain illnesses and as a basis of nutrition.

Being part of the Homegrown Cannabis Co. team meets one of Dr. Lakisha Jenkins’ main goals: sharing her knowledge with others. Equipping her audience with these useful facts allows them to make informed decisions about their healthcare.

Her core focus has always been understanding the endogenous cannabinoid system, which includes the effects of phytocannabinoids. Dr. Lakisha believes that healthcare providers lack adequate knowledge in this area.

Dr Lakisha

A legacy business owner

When entering the cannabis arena in 2006, Dr. Lakisha's first business was a marijuana delivery service which later expanded into dispensaries. Fifteen years later she’s still a motivated businesswoman.

The support provided by the Kiona Foundation for cancer patients includes traditional medicine at affordable prices or no cost at all. Not only is it available to residents of the US but also for those in Jamaica and Australia. 

In Jamaica, Dr. Lakisha runs a medical herb manufacturing and distribution undertaking, including cannabis. She still maintains a business interest in the same industry in California. 

Dr. Lakisha’s herbal blends in California included a variety of more than 500 medicinal herbs. Her proprietary herbal mix is close to 400, of which 48 include cannabis.

Dr. Lakisha and Homegrown

While researching for an alternative to ease her daughter’s condition, Dr. Lakisha not only enhanced her knowledge but shared what she’d learned with so many others.

Discovering the medicinal effects of cannabis, together with the qualities of other botanical blends, has enabled her to provide another form of treatment for those with chronic conditions.

It’s no wonder Homegrown regards Dr. Lakisha Jenkins as a huge asset to the team. Her wealth of knowledge and life experience makes her contribution invaluable to the cannabis community.

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