Meet the Author: Derek LaRose aka. Kronic

Derek LaRose Kronic
June 25, 2021

Who is Kronic?

Though he was not born Kronic by name, Derek LaRose, aka Kronic, is a young ambitious cultivator. He consumed cannabis for many years and cultivated in closets, friends grows and in guerilla ways to learn about this amazing medicine.  

Derek LaRose in Numbers: The Cannabis Kronicles

Derek LaRose claimed fame for Autoflowers amongst the cultivation community and has one of the first documented revegged Autoflowers on YouTube.

He is extending its harvest day to day 215 and creating an almost 6’ autoflower indoors. 

Kronic would also go on to have the video on dry ice hash with more views sifting on YouTube, almost hitting 1 million views.

Kronic showcases multiple applications, honest results and mistakes throughout his series of videos on his channel “The Cannabis Kronicles”.

This channel of just 1 year old is at 11.4k subscribers right now and growing daily.

On top of all of that, his podcast the “Homegrown Potcast” has over 63,000 plays in just 54 episodes and under 1 year as well. This also includes exclusive interviews such as his in-depth interview with Kyle Kushman.

Kronic: Growing Cannabis Experience

Derek LaRose has been a forum admin for multiple grow sites. He’s been discreetly teaching cannabis cultivation through many of the major platforms cultivators used to use.

Homegrown Cannabis Co’s forum is where he mainly roams now. 

Kronic has made himself a staple educator for indoor cultivation, primarily with Autoflowers. However, don’t let that fool you – Kronic does have a vast amount of information about outdoor growing and photoperiods.

Derek LaRose (Kronic) with a cannabis plant
Derek LaRose (The Cannabis Kronicles) with a harvested cannabis plant ready for drying and curing.

Also not just growing, but soil aggregation, compost creation, aquaponics, ranch handling and gardening in general for organics. 

“I grew up in online communities and doing guerilla grows with friends asking questions to growers who had been cultivating since the time landraces began seeing America. I’ve just absorbed a ton of knowledge over the years and applied it all. I figured out what works, what doesn’t work, what you would have to adjust to make things work and so on.”

His mentors

So for Derek, his mentors are far too many, but there’s one he did have to mention and that’s Jake Schulte or OrganiGrower0624. He really helped teach Derek microbial science and has helped him dive into organic gardening on a whole other level.