Meet the Expert: Matthew Gates

Matthew Gates
November 08, 2022

Cannabis cultivation requires your full attention. There are many details to consider, which include protecting your plants from harmful pests and pathogens. Sometimes we need to call on professionals to give us much-needed advice. Matthew Gates is one of these experts.

The expansion of the cannabis industry through the years has led to cultivators wanting to learn how to raise the best quality weed possible.

Knowing which pests threaten your weed plants is vital in preventing them from being attacked or requiring a revival after an infestation. 

Continue reading to discover how Matthew Gates helps growers in their endeavors and learn more about his role on the Homegrown team.

A nature bug emerges

Matthew Gates has been a nature lover from a young age. Outdoor life was a large part of his life while growing up. It included hiking, exploring nature, and learning about the different kinds of bugs, insects, and other creepy crawlies that roam our planet.

His fascination with arthropods evolved into a passionate desire to understand the relationship between these organisms, plants, and the larger ecosystem.

Matthew discovered his knowledge was something others greatly lacked in the cultivation industry, especially concerning cannabis.

By availing himself and his expertise, Matthew Gates has become an immense asset to the cannabis industry. 

Matthew inspecting a cola at the Homegrown Garden
Matthew inspecting a cola at the Homegrown Garden

A “creepy crawly” specialist

Matthew Gates is an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Specialist. His area of expertise ensures a reduction in pests through various prevention techniques

Many cultivators nurture their crops in the hope that no pests will descend on them. However, when these creatures invade the plants, growers are caught off guard and need to be equipped to address the problem.

Matthew’s vast knowledge of these organisms allows him to apply suitable prevention methods. These approaches include the use of commercially available solutions, as well as cost-effective alternative growing methods. 

Matthew Gatesachievements and commendations

Matthew Gates boasts numerous achievements. Let’s look at his contributions to the cannabis community. 

Zenthanol Consulting

Matthew is the founder of Zenthanol Consulting, a YouTube channel that provides cultivators with helpful information on how to combat pests. Most of the material shared is focused on cannabis.

Since 2010, he’s been assisting weed growers with raising healthy plants and reducing the threat of pests. Matthew’s comprehensive approach and techniques include preventative measures, identification, and corrective methods.

With this proactive process, cultivators can make choices that best suit all aspects of the plant’s health.

Contributing internationally

Apart from assisting cultivators in his neck of the woods, namely Southern California, Matthew Gates has also traveled abroad. He even helped tea growers in the Republic of China.

Many cultivators can apply his pest mitigation experience to different types of crops found locally and abroad. In India, he’s published references relating to his work with academic colleagues.

Advisory member

Matthew holds a consultative position on the Cannabis Horticultural Association board. In this advisory role, he’s already assisted with a trial using banker plants to distract pests and protect cannabis crops.

The advice he shares isn’t limited to cultivators but also targets hobbyists and academic organizations. Together, they’ve tracked new species, such as the buffalo treehopper and western flower thrips.


Matthew Gates is no stranger to writing. He made a literary contribution of his experience with cannabis pests to two agricultural books:

  • “Integrated Pest Management against Arthropod Pests of Cannabis sativa” from Biopesticides in Organic Farming: Recent Advances.
  • “Viral Diseases of Hemp (Cannabis sativa)” from Viral Diseases of Field and Horticultural Crops

Various magazines, such as SKUNK Magazine and High Times, have published several of his articles. His writing talent doesn’t end there, as he’s also contributed to the revised edition of Ed Rosenthal’s Marijuana Garden Saver as an editor. 

Training and equipping others

His vast knowledge and wealth of experience have made Matthew Gates an invaluable asset to many organizations and businesses.

He’s often called upon to assess cultivation areas, identify possible pests, and equip staff to apply the best growing methods available.

Matthew’s engagement with clients isn’t passive. He actively engages while solving whatever pest-related issue occurs.

Social media presence

Matthew has a large following on various social media platforms. Besides his website and YouTube channel, you can also find him on Instagram and Twitter, where he freely shares his knowledge. 

He encourages growers to identify the pests they may encounter and learn how to deal with them before they start cultivation. 

Matthew at the Homegrown Garden
Matthew at the Homegrown Garden

Matthew Gates & Homegrown Cannabis Co.

According to him, Matthew Gates found it easy to partner with Homegrown Cannabis Co. After discovering that we have a few associates in common and share the same passion for research into pest resistance, he was keen to team up.

With his expertise, Matthew feels he can build on Homegrown’s market presence and online information for small and more experienced growers with his expertise. Together, we can increase our reach and educate both novice and skilled cultivators.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. regards Matthew Gates as an asset and values his contribution. We aim to bring you the best weed seeds that suit your needs and assist you with raising a premium crop.

We can achieve this goal by partnering with leading figures in the cannabis industry, like Matthew Gates.