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Coconut Water for Cannabis: Why Is It Beneficial for Your Plants?

April 13, 2023

Do you know that using coconut water for cannabis growth is an excellent organic alternative to chemical fertilizer? While the juice offers health benefits to humans, growers recognize that some advantages also apply to marijuana plants.

Discover what coconut water can do for your weed crops and learn when and how to use it for the best results. 

Let’s dive in.

cannabis seedlings and buds

Coconut water for cannabis: the basics

Before we explore if coconut water is good for weed plants, let’s find out more about it. 

Coconut water is the liquid inside young coconuts, different from its milk. With almost 95% pure H2O, the fluid is rich in:

  • Cytokinins
  • Vitamin A, C, D, E, and other essential nutrients
  • Minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, sodium, and other crucial elements
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fats and fatty acids
  • Natural sugars
  • Proteins and amino acids

Coconut water offers several health benefits, including:

  • Optimal system functioning: The electrolytes in your blood help control the body’s fluid balance and manage blood pressure. Potassium aids muscle contraction and kidney function. 
  • Prevention and treatment of dehydration: Low in calories, coconut water is an excellent substitute for juices and sodas that contain high amounts of sugar and carbs. 
  • Neutralizes free radicals: The antioxidants may reduce oxidative stress and cholesterol. Few of these tests were conducted on humans, so more evidence is required. 
coconut water for cannabis

Coconut water for weed: the benefits

Many cultivators combine coconut water and cannabis, as the latter benefits crops similar to humans.

Being all-natural, coconut water is a fantastic replacement for commercial fertilizers, stimulating robust growth and more colas. When employing organic cannabis growing techniques like hydroponics, supplementing with this liquid is also an excellent option.

Here are some more reasons to add coconut water to cannabis plants:

Provides vitamins and minerals

Coconut water contains organic cannabis nutrients that promote healthy and fast crop growth. Using natural instead of synthetic fertilizers can result in more aromatic and flavorful buds.

A vital benefit of using coconut water for weed plants is that its cytokinins trigger cytokinesis to develop weed roots. The enzymes also promote leaf expansion and larger stomata. Helping rhizomes grow fast allows plants to absorb water and nutrients, which is critical in the heat. 

The palm liquid feeds your plants and the living organisms in organic soil. Coconut water is an excellent treatment for nutrient deficiency without using chemicals.

Watering cannabis plant with coconut water

Watering with coconut water for cannabis plants provides them with the nutrition they need while avoiding commercial fertilizers. The palm fluid also protects your crops from dehydration and disease.

Observe the following tips to maximize your results:

  • Young green coconuts provide the best outcomes. Store-bought ones lose many benefits due to the pasteurization process.
  • Watering cannabis with coconut water every alternate session on your feeding schedule optimizes your results.
  • You can apply the juice to all growing mediums, like organic soil and hydroponic systems. While growers say it’s possible to add up to 50 ml/liter, test this strength on one plant before applying it to your whole crop.
  • Coconut water also makes an excellent foliar spray for weed. To create a stimulating growth tonic, mix the solution with aloe vera. 

A vital advantage of using coconut water for cannabis is its simplicity compared to fertilizers. When increasing the watering frequency during a hot period, it’s necessary to balance your plant’s nutrient uptake.

Knowing how much fertilizer to use is tricky as you might over- or under-feed. You may need to flush the next day if there’s excess fertilizer. Hydrating your crops with coconut water eliminates the risk of nute burn or nutrient deficiencies

Coconut water is a perfect way to prevent your plants from dehydrating during a drought without the inherent problems.

Applying at different stages of growth

It’s beneficial to supplement cannabis with coconut water at the following stages of your plant’s growth: 

  • The cytokinins and gibberellic acid in the palm juice accelerate root development during germination. Use female cannabis seeds if you want all-female crops that produce buds, as their genetics don’t include male chromosomes.
  • The enzymes also boost growth during the plant’s vegetative stage. After experimentation, seasoned growers suggest diluting 15–50ml/liter of coconut water to make fertilizer. When using autoflower seeds, expect to harvest earlier.

It’s an excellent idea to use coconut water for cannabis clones, as the liquid enhances root formation. Hydrate the substrate with the juice before inserting the cuttings. When the rhizomes sprout, the vitamins and minerals in the medium intensify growth.

cannabis seedling

An overall look at coconut water and weed

Combining coconut water and marijuana can take your cultivation efforts to the next level without the risks of chemical fertilizers.

The natural juice provides your plants with the vitamins and minerals they need, and treats nutrient deficiencies without the risk of substrate lockouts. Using coconut water for cannabis plants when flushing removes excess fertilizer.

Palm liquid also contains cytokinins and gibberellic acid, which speed up root development, resulting in rapid growth and healthy yields.

So… Should you mix coconut water and weed based on the claimed benefits? Try it out and judge for yourself if it helps. Many growers vouch for this unique combination, stating it offers a range of perks.

Visit our blog for more innovative ideas to improve your growing experience and develop abundant yields of smokable buds. Check out our collection of premium-grade seeds, as they’re potential game-changers.

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