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The Truth About 3-Leaf Weed: What You Need to Know

July 18, 2023
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Have you heard about 3-leaf weed? You may be concerned about it, but there’s no need to worry. Weed plants can have an array of different amounts of leaves, all for unique reasons.

If you wonder how many leaves pot has, I have the answer. Discover the number of points pot plants have on their leaves and when there’s cause for concern. Learn about the reasons why your crop may have too few points.

Let’s dive in.

3-leaf weed plant: Why some cannabis plants get it

Weed leaves can have anywhere from 3–13 leaves. It all depends on what strain you have. In some cases, your plant may have health issues. Let’s break down why you have 3-leaf weed.

The 3-leafed phenomenon involves individual leaves with three points in the flowering stage. Some cannabis seedlings are tri-leafed, which is different from 3-leafed. A harmless cannabis leaf mutation causes this, and the plants may grow out of it.

All weed strains differ a small amount from each other. Some may grow more points on their leaves. Seven points are the most common and are well-known as the staple part of weed plants.

3-leaf weed

What exactly causes 3-leaf weed plants? Let’s look at a few factors:

  • Light stress: This is one of the most common causes and may happen if there’s a significant change in the grow lights.
  • Environmental stress: Under-watering, stagnant air, and extreme temperatures may trigger the plant to have three fingers.
  • Re-vegging: If your cannabis plant has a regression to the veg stage, it may result in three node leaves.
  • Odd photoperiods: If you switch to a 12/12 light schedule from 18/6, your plant may have three points. You don’t have to worry about this if you have an autoflower.
  • Genetics: If your plants are healthy and have 3-pointed leaves from seedling to flowering, it may be the cause of genetics.

There are three primary genetic types of marijuana strains that have 3 leaves and points:

  • Sativa: These strains generally have slender and big fan leaves, with up to 13points. The plants usually have a light, lime-green coloration.
  • Indica: These leaves are smaller, broader, and generally have 7–9 dark green points.
  • Ruderalis: These strains have narrow leaves with only 3–5 slender points.

Most pot plants you encounter are hybrids, so you could find three, five, six, nine, or eleven points. The Ducksfoot is one of the famous varieties known for its interesting leaf appearance.

You may also come across whorled phyllotaxy. This phenomenon is another name for when leaves on weed plants have three or more points emerging in a unique pattern. 

There may also be a more bushy appearance to your crop. Whorled phyllotaxy generally doesn’t last long and isn’t a cause for concern.

Is 3-leaf weed a problem?

 3 leaf weed plants

If the cause for a 3-leaf pot plant is environmental stress, you may have leaf issues. Always maintain steady temperatures and relative humidity (RH) levels.

Here’s a breakdown of what you need during each stage:

Seedling phase68–77°F65–70%
Vegetative phase71–82°F40–70%
Flowering phase68–79°F40–50%

Each strain may require different temperature and RH levels, but the guide above is an average for all cultivars. You may have a problem with your plants if you don’t follow this advice to the T.

When in veg, cannabis crops prepare for blooming. Re-vegging may be a cause for concern. Photoperiod plants might revert to vegetation if you interrupt the flowering stage in any way. Ensure you follow proper identification techniques to spot this issue.

The re-vegging process adds unwanted extra stress to the plant. It may cause odd growing patterns and 3-leaved weed plants. Techniques like monster cropping may cause weed crops to revert to vegging.

Uncover the treasures of 3-leaf weed

Weed plants can have 3–13 points on their leaves. Some strains are predisposed to have a certain number of fingers, so it’s usually not an issue. If the plant has environmental stresses, it may grow too few leaves. In these cases, you should address the problem ASAP.

Don’t be alarmed if your current crop has fewer leaf fingers than the last; each strain is different. 3-leaf weed is as magical as any other, providing the same recreational and medicinal benefits you know and love.

Do you have any other questions about cannabis leaves? Head to our blog for information on various cannabis topics.

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