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Banana Hammock Strain Information & Review

April 05, 2023
Banana-Hammock Strain

Kick back and relax with the Banana Hammock strain. Discover this fruity cannabis variant that leaves you blissful and relaxed. It boasts mood-boosting effects and delicious tastes that are bound to make you want more.

Do you want to learn more about the origins of Banana Hammock? Discover all you need to know about this indica-dominant strain, from a detailed growing guide to its effects, genetics, and flavors.

Let’s dive in.

Banana Hammock strain (AKA Banana Hammock R1)

Banana Hammock is one of the best indica strains. It’s ideal for those late nights when you’re struggling to sleep. Cannabis connoisseurs enjoy the fantastic flavors and powerful effects it has to offer. Ethos Genetics in Colorado originally bred this rare cultivar.

This strain is suitable for beginner tokers and cultivators. It’s easy to grow, and its effects aren’t too intense. Banana Hammock’s flavors are sweet and sugary, tasty enough for those starting their marijuana journey.

Let’s look at a summary of the Banana hammock strain info:

  • Type: Indica-dominant
  • THC: 13–25%
  • CBD: 0–2%
  • Top reported effects: Relaxed, sleepy, happy
  • Top reported flavors: Honey, butter, grape
  • Dominant terpene: Caryophyllene
  • Flowering time: 8–9 weeks
  • Difficulty: Beginner-friendly
  • Yield: 21–28 oz./m² indoors and 20 oz./plant outdoors
Banana-Hammock Strain Info

Banana Hammock strain effects

The Banana Hammock strain terpenes make its effects even better. Sit back and unwind with the relaxing myrcene and limonene terpenes. This indica variant soothes the soul, mind, and body. It calms you down from head to toe.

Relish in an overall sense of tranquility alongside increased happiness and relaxation. Feel as though you’re drifting off to sleep in a wonderful hammock.

Users with a lot of experience smoking weed typically enjoy this variant’s tingly, uplifting feelings. It’s excellent for late nights or lazy adventures.

The Banana Hammock strain effects are suitable for evening use. It may help you fall asleep if you have insomnia. The high arrives quickly and stays in your body for a long time. Enjoy the cerebral euphoria, followed by physical tingling throughout your body.

Experience the giggles with Banana Hammock. Let your creative juices flow into your projects while high on this strain. Enjoy how your body and mind feel lighter, physically and mentally.

This variety may treat muscle spasms, chronic pain, depression, stress, anxiety, and nausea. Users smoke it to help them sleep or to ease discomfort in their bodies. Some report feeling less worried about work or chores when high on this strain.

Some users report adverse reactions like anxiousness or paranoia in high doses. Drink plenty of water and eat healthily to avoid unwanted side effects.

Banana Hammock strain flavors

Banana Hammock strain reviews state that this variant tastes and smells like paradise. It has a heavenly mixture of exotic fruit, fresh earth, and rich honey.

Allow the aromas to envelop you in a warm, fuzzy hug of sweetness as you crush them. Enjoy the indoor smells of earth and delicious fruit.

Naturally, this variety of cannabis has a tropical taste, hence the name. Although it’s named after a banana, the fruits you pick up include grape, citrus, and berry. Feel yourself swaying in a hammock as you relish the vanilla and honey aftertaste.

It has a spicy flavor on the inhale, similar to black pepper, and a grounded earthy smell. You may notice hints of nutmeg on your exhale.

Banana Hammock strain grow information

Banana Hammock is beginner-friendly since it’s straightforward to maintain. It’s suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation, thriving in a Mediterranean climate with warm, dry, and sunny weather.

This variety of marijuana is mildly bug and mold resistant, but always check for decay. If you notice yellowing leaves or weak branches, take action as soon as possible. Whether inside or out, give your plants plenty of nutrients and opt for high-quality cannabis fertilizer.

The Banana Hammock strain flowering time is around 8–9 weeks. During the flowering stage, the mature buds have gorgeous white-frosted trichomes and bright orange hairs. You can harvest mid-October when growing outside.

The average yield is 21–28 oz./m² indoors and 20 oz./plant outdoors. Keep a neutral climate with the perfect humidity and moisture levels for higher yields.

Banana Hammock strain genetics

This mostly indica hybrid strain is the offspring of Grape God and Mandarin Sunset, both fruity variants. It contains 70% indica and 30% sativa genetics. The Banana hammock strain’s THC levels are 13–25%, with CBD at 0–2%.

Here’s a summary of its parents:

  • Grape God: This strain has a THC level of around 17%. It encourages euphoric, sleepy, and relaxed feelings. It has tasty aromas of grape, sweetness, and grapefruit.
  • Mandarin Sunset: This indica-heavy cultivar has a high THC level of 18%. It delivers sleepiness, relaxation, and happiness. Enjoy its orange, skunk, and citrus flavors.

FAQs about Banana Hammock

Now that you have all the information about these cannabis seeds, there may be some leftover queries. Read further for the most frequently asked questions.

Why is it called Banana Hammock?

This comedic name refers to how a man looks when wearing a tight bathing suit. Men sometimes wear speedos to the beach, and the tropical flavors of this strain insinuate beach-like feelings.

Is the Banana Hammock strain indica or sativa?

If you want to know if the Banana Hammock strain is indica or sativa, the answer is that it’s indica-heavy. The indica genetics are at 70%, with 30% sativa.

Is the Banana Hammock weed plant mold-resistant?

This strain is mildly mold-resistant and has slight protection against bugs. Check your crops regularly for signs of pests or diseases and ensure proper ventilation.

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