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Critical Hog Strain Information & Review

May 4, 2023

Renowned for its pleasant floral scent and refreshing citrus flavor, the Critical Hog strain has quickly become a favorite of marijuana lovers worldwide.

This indica-dominant cultivar delivers far-reaching medicinal and recreational effects. It’s an intense but not overwhelming strain that may combat stress, pain, and depression. It also offers bodily relaxation and cerebral upliftment.

If you’re looking for a detailed Critical Hog strain review, this guide is for you. Explore all this delicious cannabis cultivar has to offer below.

Critical Hog strain

Critical Hog is an indica-dominant hybrid strain bred by crossing The Hog with Critical Mass. These cannabis seeds are excellent for beginners and feature highly revered growing traits for a pleasurable cultivation experience.

Below is a brief highlight of the Critical Hog strain info and key characteristics:

  • Type: Indica-dominant hybrid 
  • THC: 15–20%
  • CBD: 0% 
  • Top reported effects: Tingly, happy, relaxed
  • Top reported flavors: Sweet, woody, floral
  • Dominant terpene: Myrcene
  • Flowering time: 7–8 weeks
  • Difficulty: Beginner-friendly
  • Yield: 12–19 oz./m² indoors and 12–19 oz./plant outdoors
Critical Hog Strain info

Critical Hog strain effects

Is Critical Hog a good strain? It’s one of the best indica strains available, providing well-rounded, full-body effects. It makes you happy, relaxed, tingly, and sleepy. Reports also claim it might mitigate anxiety, stress, and depression.

After consuming this strain, it quickly delivers therapeutic feelings. Expect a sedating cognitive effect, easing your mind and inducing peaceful sensations.

The Critical Hog weed strain produces genuine relaxation, resulting in a sound, refreshing night’s sleep. It also evokes a strong sense of pleasant warmth over the entire body.

It’s not unusual to experience dizziness, dry mouth, or a headache if you consume a large dose. Avoid these effects by staying hydrated and minimizing your intake. Take it easy: the high 15–20% THC content may overwhelm some novice smokers.

Critical Hog strain flavors and taste

The Critical Hog strain has flavors reminiscent of freshly plucked flowers. The pungent buds have a unique and scented blend that sits well with your senses.

The smoke delivers a sweet pine and citrus-like trail to the taste buds. When you break down the buds, the aromas reflect woody overtones mixed with sweetness.

It smells earthy and floral and starts with strong lavender tones. This aroma settles into the more woody hint that triggers a sharp aftertaste after you exhale it.

Critical Hog strain growing info

Growing the Critical Hog strain is every grower’s dream, as it’s beginner-friendly and straightforward to cultivate. It has a sturdy frame and flowers quickly, making it easy to manage.

Despite being among the highest-yielding strains, it doesn’t have challenging growing requirements. As an indica-dominant cultivar, Critical Hog grows to average heights and sprouts broad, stocky foliage.

The plants thrive indoors and out with sufficient ventilation and dry conditions. They produce bulb-shaped, dense buds during blooming, which increase in size, weight, and density until they’re ripe for harvest.

Critical Hog’s flowering stage lasts 7–8 weeks, yielding between 12–19 oz./m² indoors and 12–19 oz./plant outside. Sow your seeds in April to harvest these delicious buds by late September to early October.

Critical Hog strain genetics

Understanding what the Critical Hog strain is becomes easier when you appreciate its genetics. It carries the heritage foundation of a true champion, stemming from a cross between Tennessee Hog and Critical Mass. Here’s an overview of these parent strains:

  • Tennessee Hog is straightforward to grow and known for its high THC content, which exceeds 20% and induces euphoria and relaxation. 
  • Critical Mass is an excellent strain for beginners, producing above-average yields. It encourages creative output while inducing a sense of upliftment and relaxation. 


Do you want to know more about this hybrid marijuana strain? See our answers to some commonly asked questions about Critical Hog below.

Is the Critical Hog strain indica or sativa?

If you’re wondering whether the Critical Hog strain is sativa or indica, the answer is both. However, it leans more towards indica genetics, making it an indica-dominant hybrid.

Does the Critical Hog strain have adverse effects?

According to reports, Critical Hog may cause dizziness, dry mouth, paranoia, or headaches when overindulged. Avoid these side effects by staying hydrated and sticking to lower doses.

What strain is similar to Critical Hog?

Critical Mass is possibly the closest to Critical Hog. It’s another indica-leaning cultivar that provides comparable earthy, citrusy flavors. It also offers similar sensations to the Critical Hog strain effects, including relaxation, sleepiness, and euphoria.

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