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11 Frosty Weed Strains You Should Grow in 2023

April 14, 2023
Weed trichomes

Resin production is among the most appreciated traits of our favorite green plant. No wonder frosty weed strains are sought-after among growers and tokers.

Cannabis “frostiness” results from trichomes on their surface. These glands produce resin, a gooey substance chock-full of cannabinoids and terpenes.

In simple terms, bud frostiness promises a rich flavor and potency.

All strains contain these glands, but due to genetic factors, some are stickier than others. We’ve handpicked ten such cultivars for your next growing journey.

Check it out!

11 frosty strains of weed you should grow

Our list contains indica and sativa herbs for potency chasers and laid-back tokers. Pick your fave from our store and use them to smoke, produce concentrates, and impress your toking circle.

Black Widow

Black Widow is an indica-dominant offspring of landrace sativa and indica strains. It’s also a beauty, with (fittingly with the name) flowers so frosty they appear covered in spider webs.

The plants rarely stretch past three feet in height but develop a thick lateral structure. The buds are bright green with orange pistils, vibrant purple specks, and sticky surfaces.

The buds of Black Widow strain smell fruity and a little skunky, leaving a blend of sugar and spice on the tongue. They contain 24–28% THC, enough to bring down experienced users. Smoking them brings a buzzy head high and relaxing physical effects.

Black Widow Feminized
Black Widow Feminized

White Fire OG

White Fire OG is a hybrid with two visually appealing parents. Fire OG’s pistils make it look like it’s burning, while The White’s buds seem rolled in sugar. Their offspring is a heady concoction with huge, resin-oozing buds.

The cultivar is mid-to-large in size. It has a bushy shape, pale leaves, and tight dark green nugs. The crystal-covered bud sites resemble winter crops or snow-speckled Christmas decorations.

This weed has a complex aromatic bouquet with citrus, pine, pepper, and herbal notes. Its effects light and warm you up, awakening creativity while leaving the body in comfy laziness. The average 24–28% THC makes it perfect for seasoned tokers.


Crystal is a Northern Lights x White Widow breed with indica-dominant genetics. A bud-child of two award-winning trichome powerhouses: frosty weed strain names are rarely this fitting!

An epitome of top-quality indica strains, Crystal is short and bushy, with large leaves and even larger bud sites. Its flowers are round, chunky, yellow, and covered in trichomes.

Old-schoolers love this cultivar’s tantalizing wet earth, pine, spice, and diesel bouquet. The 21–25% THC makes its effects hard-hitting and long-lasting, promising hours of mental elation and physical relaxation.

Crystal Feminized Bud
Crystal Feminized Bud

Super Silver Haze

If frosty sativa strains are the question, Super Silver Haze is the answer. This prize winner has long-lasting effects and trichome-adorned buds to die for. We’d expect nothing less from crossing Northern Lights, Haze, and Skunk #1.

Plants are tall, slim-fingered, and high-yielding. The bulbous buds are bright and pistil-bronze, with a silver crystal layer across the greenery.

The buds smell like citrus and spices underpinned with a metallic fragrance. The flavor jolts you into alertness, and the effects deliver powerful physical and mental stimulation. This cultivar’s 19% THC promises a manageable joyride.

Bruce Banner

Bruce Banner is a sativa-dominant Strawberry Diesel x OG Kush blend to test your tolerance. Its bag appeal is sky-high thanks to its powerful scent and effect profiles and even stronger resin production.

Vertical stretching is a hallmark of this strain. Its tall plants carry tight, vibrant green nugs with fiery orange hairs and glistening trichome layers.

These THC seeds produce 18–24% THC buds. Fuel and strawberry scents herald the high, which comes at you hard and fast. The mood and energy levels skyrocket, leaving you light, limber, and ready to rumble.

bruce banner feminized
Bruce Banner Feminized

24K Gold

24K Gold combines the staggering potency of Kosher Kush with Tangie’s soft sweetness. It’s a deluxe indica-dominant herb with dense, delectable buds leaking sticky trichomes.

A premium strain made affordable due to our seed deals, 24K Gold even looks luxurious. They’re fair-sized and top-heavy, with thin green leaves covered in frost. The buds are round and golden, glistening in your hands.

This frosty cannabis strain’s aroma matches its appearance. It has a floral, fruity fragrance underpinned with sour skunk, leaving a rich flavor on the tongue. With 19–22% THC, it offers fast-acting effects that knock you straight to the couch.

Sugar Black Rose

Sugar Black Rose is an enchanting cannabis strain that captures the senses with its captivating aroma and visually stunning trichomes. This indica-dominant hybrid combines the genetics of Critical Mass and Black Domina, resulting in a mesmerizing blend of flavors and effects.

But it’s not just the aroma and taste that make Sugar Black Rose a standout strain; it’s also the mesmerizing trichomes that adorn its buds. Like glistening crystals, the trichomes sparkle under the light, creating an ethereal display. These resinous glands, rich in cannabinoids and terpenes, give the buds a frosty appearance, as if they were kissed by a winter’s frost. As you break apart the buds, the sticky resin clings to your fingertips, leaving behind a sweet and earthy fragrance that lingers in the air.

Packed with cannabinoids like THC and CBD, as well as an array of aromatic terpenes, Sugar Black Rose offers a soothing and relaxing experience. Whether seeking relief from stress, pain, or insomnia, the trichome-rich buds of Sugar Black Rose are a true delight for both the senses and the mind.

Cherry Pie

Among the prettiest and tastiest frosty indica strains, Cherry Pie combines Durban Poison and Granddaddy Purple. Its harvest potential makes it a cultivator favorite, while the sweet, sticky buds offer top-of-the-line bag appeal.

The strain is mid-sized with long lateral branches. The flowers are large and dense, their greenery streaked with orange pistils, violet tinges, and white crystals.

Cherry Pie is appetizing cannabis, tasting like blueberry and cherry-filled cookies. It delivers a euphoric head high with body-soothing effects. It’s uplifting in small doses and laziness-inducing as you keep puffing.

Cherry Pie Feminized
Cherry Pie Feminized

Moby Dick

Known for its harvest potential, Moby Dick is a giant sativa with gargantuan nugs. It’s an award-winning White Widow x Haze cross with flowers worth the Great White Whale title.

In their full glory, Moby Dick plants surpass 11 feet in height. They’re bright green, frosted up, and rich in bud sites. The flowers are large, airy, yellow-green, and shimmering in trichomes.

The aroma and effects deliver the best of sativa strains. The flavor profile is vanilla-forward with citrus and eucalyptus undertones. The 24–27% THC brings an uplifting head buzz to skyrocket mood, motivation, and creativity.


LSD is all-natural but delivers a trippy high akin to its hallucinogenic namesake. Its Mazar and Skunk #1 parents helped launch it into popularity, but the hybrid eventually made a name for itself. A part of its appeal lies in its resin coating that makes the nugs resemble sugar treats.

This frosty strain of weed grows short and wide but develops skinny sativa leaves. The buds are curved triangles with bright yellow surfaces and sticky frost layers.

This marijuana is super-flavorful, with a smooth smoke carrying berry, pine, tobacco, and sugar notes. It has 19–24% THC and produces heavy-hitting full-body effects. The high delivers a vivid cerebral experience and a pleasurable body buzz.

LSD feminized
LSD Feminized


G13 is an indica subject to several urban legends: government agencies may have created it in the 60s. Its earth-pine smell, chill effects, and gluey nugs suggest top-quality Afghani genes.

This cultivar remains compact in all environments, developing a squat and bushy structure. The buds are round and fiery orange, looking like a solid piece due to the trichome amounts.

The bouquet is dank and earthy, with berry hints and a woody aftertaste. Best consumed in the back half of the day, this pot brings heavy physical relaxation and carefree mental euphoria. Its potency and soothing properties also make it a valuable medicinal herb.

Grow your own frosty strains

Is your mouth already watering? We get it! The good news is: the solution is right here.

Visit our store and buy the highest-quality cannabis seeds of these strains, launch a grow op, and watch buds get frostier by the day.

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