Milky Way Strain Information & Review

Milky Way Strain

The Milky Way strain is becoming a favorite among marijuana enthusiasts. This rare cultivar is gaining popularity for its delicious flavors and blissful effects.

Read on to discover why suppliers struggle to satisfy the demand for Milky Way seeds. Learn about the strain’s origins, effects, and flavors. We provide the lowdown on this luxuriant cultivar and share tips for finding premium marijuana seeds and how to grow them.

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Milky Way strain 

Milky Way is a mysterious masterpiece of marijuana breeding with unknown parents. This popular indica-dominant hybrid provides potent physical effects with a beautiful flavor bouquet.

Here’s a brief overview of the Milky Way weed strain’s primary attributes:

  • Type: Indica-dominant hybrid
  • THC: 14–22%
  • CBD: 0–1%
  • Top reported effects: Relaxed, euphoric, sleepy
  • Top reported flavors: Menthol, sugar, spice
  • Dominant terpene: Caryophyllene
  • Flowering time: 7–9 weeks
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Yield: 19–23 oz./m² indoors and 19 oz./plant outdoors
Milky Way Strain Info

Milky Way strain effects

The Milky Way marijuana strain provides potent physical relaxation with calming cerebral qualities. This cultivar’s effects are ideal for an evening of stargazing and nighttime toking.

Milky Way exhibits many qualities of the top indica strains. Your first puffs initiate a fast-acting, giggly high before a blissful body buzz takes over. Dreamy relaxation turns to sedation, and a soothing sleep awaits.

The Milky Way strain’s primary appeal is its tranquil effects. It’s potent but not overwhelming and contains 14–22% THC. Enthusiasts say feelings of euphoria complement the relaxing qualities.

Many plants from high THC seeds offer possible therapeutic benefits. Consumers claim Milky Way’s effects are excellent for easing pain and stress.

Milky Way strain flavors

The Milky Way weed strain offers a unique and complex flavor profile. Its bouquet compliments the dreamy buzz as buds burst with an aroma of menthol and spicy sweetness.

Expect a minty and herbal taste on the inhale. Its flavor develops with notes of sugar, lavender, and hints of vanilla as you exhale. This strain is a palate-pleasing terpene treat, and smoking it feels smooth.

Milky Way strain growing info

Cultivating the Milky Way strain doesn’t require much maintenance to maximize results. Provide some TLC and reap the rewards of this rare gem’s generous yield and bud quality.

This marijuana plant is relatively robust and enjoys warm and cool climates with low humidity. It can handle varying temperatures, but maximizing the Milky Way strain’s THC level and yield requires plenty of light.

These plants rarely exceed four feet in height, with decent lateral growth and dense vegetation. Prune unnecessary fan leaves to improve airflow and light absorption and avoid mold. Frequent feeding is crucial, so provide water regularly with high-quality nutrients.

Milky Way’s flowering stage lasts 7–9 weeks, and the crop is harvest-ready in late September. This cultivar yields around 19–23 oz./m² indoors and 19 oz./plant outdoors under optimal conditions.

Growing the Milky Way inside enables cultivators to control and optimize conditions. Keep temperatures between 70–85°F and humidity below 50%. 

Wherever you grow these cannabis seeds, maintaining appropriate acidity throughout the plants’ development is crucial. Most cannabis variants thrive with pH levels of 5.5–6.2.

Milky Way strain genetics

The Milky Way strain’s genetics are a mystery, as its breeders refuse to disclose its parents. This potent hybrid is 80% indica, and most believe it’s a cross of Northern Lights and Hash Plant.

Let’s explore Milky Way’s lineage with a further look at its possible parents:

  • Northern Lights: This iconic indica contains 19–25% THC and 0.5–1% CBD. It offers a balance of relaxation and euphoria with an earthy and sweet bouquet. The cultivar is a cross between Thai and Afghani variants.
  • Hash Plant: This 80/20 indica-dominant hybrid crosses Northern Lights #1 with the original Hash Plant strain. This cultivar contains 13–19% THC with 0.5–1% CBD. It provides gentle euphoric effects and pungent, palate-pleasing flavors.

These possible parents are iconic strains and among the top sellers in the marijuana market. If Milky Way is their bud child, it’s living up to the legendary lineage.


Is our Milky Way strain review a lot to digest? Here’s a summary with frequently asked questions and expert answers.

Is the Milky Way strain indica or sativa?

The Milky Way strain is an 80/20 indica-dominant hybrid. Consumers claim the giggly initial high develops into deep relaxation and euphoric sedation. The hybrid’s sleepy effects and lateral growth structure showcase its genetic features.

Does the Milky Way strain have adverse effects?

The Milky Way marijuana strain has some adverse side effects, but these occurrences are rare. Dry or red eyes and cottonmouth are common reactions among most marijuana cultivars. Overconsumption could cause nausea or paranoia.

What strain is similar to Milky Way?

Milky Way seeds are in short supply and challenging to find due to their popularity. If you’re seeking similar strains, we suggest sampling Lavender, Big Bud, or Hindu Kush. These cultivars offer comparable genetics, flavors, and effects.

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