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Strawberry Fields Strain

Strawberry Fields Strain Information & Review

April 19, 2023

Have you heard of the Strawberry Fields strain? If not, you may be interested in discovering this variant’s impressive effects. Enjoy the sedating and euphoric sensations as you taste berries and sweetness on your tongue.

This is the place to be if you’re searching for a Strawberry Fields grow guide and information about its fascinating genetics. Discover all there is to know about this cannabis cultivar below.

Let’s dive in.

Strawberry Fields strain

Sagarmatha Seeds created the Strawberry Fields marijuana strain in the Netherlands. It’s a popular indica-leaning hybrid users love for its calming effects and delicious flavors.

Here’s a detailed summary of this strain:

  • Type: Indica-dominant
  • THC: 18–24%
  • CBD: 0–2%
  • Top reported effects: Relaxed, sleepy, hungry
  • Top reported flavors: Strawberry, sweet, berry
  • Dominant terpene: Terpinolene
  • Flowering time: 8–9 weeks
  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • Yield: 14–17 oz./m² indoors and 12 oz./plant outdoors
Strawberry Fields Strain Info

Strawberry Fields strain effects

Strawberry Fields marijuana is a slow-to-kick-in yet powerful indica strain. As the creeping euphoria sets in, you may feel a distinct change in mindset, turning to a more positive mood. Users report feeling as light as a cloud with a strong sense of happiness.

Prepare for snacks, as this high comes with the munchies. It hits heavy, and the stimulation travels from the mind to the stomach. You may feel couch-locked, so plan to relax in front of the TV or opt for another chilled activity.

As the high goes on, you may experience a slight tingle in your temples. Your muscles may ease, and you feel a sense of overall soothing. Each puff results in full-body tranquility, and you may fall asleep easily. Use this variant at night for the best results.

Users report significant stress relief in the body and mind when smoking the Strawberry Fields weed strain. It may clear away any negative emotions or racing thoughts. The comforting buzz could ease pain in the joints and muscles.

You may experience some minor side effects, such as cottonmouth and red eyes. Some users also report mild headaches and feelings of anxiety and dizziness. To combat these reactions, keep hydrated and take your time indulging.

Strawberry Fields strain flavor and fragrance

Enjoy having your grow room smell like an actual strawberry field. When crushing the buds, get a whiff of sweet berry and sour citrus scents.

Relish the taste of freshly picked strawberries on the inhale. The aroma is strong and pungent, with some berry undertones. On the exhale, breathe out sweet citrus flavors. You may sense hints of subtle herbs on the aftertaste.

Strawberry Fields strain growing info

Strawberry Fields cannabis is ideal for beginner growers. It’s short, with thick branches that can withstand fluctuating weather conditions or gusts of wind. It has heavy buds that rarely break off due to their weight, but you may need to support the branches.

It’s suitable for growing indoors and outside. This plant prefers a warm environment, so keep it around 70°F and 60–65% humidity. If cultivating inside, use 600-watt HPS lamps for top-notch results.

The light green nugs are shaped like cones, with thick layers of crystal trichomes and bright orange hairs.

Strengthen the quality of your flowers by adding supplements to the soil. Vitamin B, nitrogen, and sulfur feed the plant and keep it healthy. Stick to strict watering routines and avoid under or overwatering it.

Always be on the lookout for mold and watch for yellowing leaves, weak branches, and other signs of decay. Take action as soon as possible if you notice these symptoms to save your plant.

Strawberry Fields has a flowering time of 8–9 weeks. Once mature, it delivers indoor yields of approximately 14–17 oz./m² and about 12 oz./plant outdoors. It’s ready to harvest in late September to early October.

Strawberry Fields strain genetics

Strawberry Fields weed is indica-dominant. This strain has THC levels of 18–24% and a CBD content of 0–2%. Breeders crossed it with Strawberry Cough and an unknown indica strain. It contains 60% indica and 40% sativa genetics.

Strawberry Cough is sativa-dominant and shares similar yields and height with its child strain, along with a flowering time of 10–12 weeks. It has calming, energetic, and hungry effects, with spicy berry and strawberry flavors.

FAQs about Strawberry Fields

Now that you have most of the information about this variant, you may have some burning queries left over. Read further for the frequently asked questions.

Is the Strawberry Fields strain indica or sativa?

The Strawberry Fields cannabis strain is an indica-dominant hybrid, with 60% indica and 40% sativa genetics.

Does the Strawberry Fields strain have adverse effects?

This cultivar has a few minor adverse effects, including anxiety, paranoia, and dizziness. Don’t worry; simply stay hydrated and well-fed to avoid these results, and remember to consume low doses.

What strain is similar to Strawberry Fields?

Strawberry Cough and other berry-like strains are most similar to Strawberry Fields. It also shares the same traits as its grandparent, the classic Haze.

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