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Need for Speed: How to Dry Weed Quickly and Efficiently

June 5, 2023

After harvesting, it’s time to prepare your buds for consumption by mastering how to dry weed quickly and efficiently. Although many growers use this process, it degrades THC and damages terpenes. It also leads to harsher smoke as you consume weed.

Drying lowers the chlorophyll levels, a natural compound that disrupts cannabis’ aroma and flavor, making it less bitter. The process also eliminates mold and mildew that may grow on plants.

While fast drying methods are appealing to many growers, they tend to destroy the cannabinoids and terpenes in weed. Invest in slow drying weed to retain its desirable characteristics.

By using various methods to dry and cure cannabis, you can maintain its taste, smell, and potency. Explore various means of drying weed fast below.

How to dry weed quickly: 5 methods

Although there are several methods for drying cannabis, some are faster than others. The quicker methods are unfortunately not better than other techniques.

Getting rid of moisture quickly enables you to consume it as soon as possible. As you consider the speed of each technique, don’t overlook its efficiency and safety for your nugs.

Drying Cannabis Buds

The paper bag method

This technique involves using brown paper bags to dry weed quickly. Although the method is easy and effective, it’s most useful for a small number of cannabis buds. If you have a lot of plants, it may be difficult to monitor them in these disposable containers.

Put a handful of freshly harvested buds in each paper bag. Fill as many containers as necessary and keep them in a dry place. Continue monitoring them to prevent moldy weed or other issues. They should be ready after 3–7 days of drying.

Consider putting the paper bag on a PC fan to speed up how fast the buds dry. While this method may reduce the scent of weed, it aids in drying it quickly.

As the fan keeps the PC’s internal board cool, it produces heated air capable of fast-drying weed. Change the side of the buds on the laptop every ten or more minutes to ensure even dryness on every side.

When the process is complete, remove the buds from the paper bags, as these containers aren’t suitable for long-term weed storage.

Drying in a boiler room

A boiler room is a room where people keep boilers, heaters, furnaces, and other central heating gadgets. It boasts minimal humidity and a well-controlled temperature. Although it’s usually in the basement, this chamber may be elsewhere in some buildings.

Due to its constant warmness, a boiler room is suitable for drying. Keep small cannabis nugs in brown paper bags and place them in a dry place within the room. Use laundry lines to hang bigger buds.

Small nugs should be completely dry in less than five days, while bigger ones may require up to seven days. Although drying cannabis quickly in a boiler room may affect the plant’s look, its taste, smell, and effects are usually the same. 

Note that drying weed in a boiler room can be a major fire hazard if anything goes wrong in the chamber. The method also often produces subpar results and may not be a reliable way to dry weed.

Drying buds in the sun

This traditional drying method is simple and affordable, as you don’t have to spend money on buying any tools. The sunshine produces warmth and removes moisture from marijuana.

To use this technique, put cannabis buds in paper bags. Tiny ones tend to dry faster than large ones. If they’re big, cut them into small sizes that can fit easily into the containers. 

Filling the bags to the brim may prevent air from reaching the buds at the bottom, causing mold to grow on them. Leave some space for aeration and place the containers on drying racks outside where the sun’s rays can reach them easily.

Sun drying is one of the fastest ways to dry weed, as it eliminates moisture from the buds in about three days. Despite its benefits, this technique has several downsides. Exposure to any light, especially sunlight, is one of the fastest ways to destroy the THC and terpenes in weed.

This method requires constant monitoring if you don’t want rain, snow, and other weather elements to destroy your cannabis. People, pets, and pests may also be a menace to the drying buds.

Using a dehumidifier

A dehumidifier is a simple device that gets rid of excess moisture in the atmosphere. It usually comes as a standing gadget and can help quick-dry buds.

This device works by using fans and vents to draw in water from the air and send it to a removable container. Since a dehumidifier reduces excess moisture, it also makes the grow room unsuitable for mold and mildew.

A dehumidifier requires some levels of expertise and constant monitoring to ensure your humidity levels are ideal. Turn it on and allow it to suck all excess water from your buds. Remember to empty the removable bucket once it’s full. It takes an average of seven days for this gadget to dry cannabis.

Since dehumidifiers come in different sizes and designs, finding one that suits your needs shouldn’t be difficult. Look for a gadget that can serve its purpose without taking up too much space.

Cannabis Drying Room

Optimize the taste, aroma, and quality of your weed

Although many growers use fast ways to dry weed, be mindful of their drawbacks before utilizing them. Some alter the taste, aroma, effects, and appearance of your buds, resulting in lower-quality nugs.  

As you learn how to dry weed quickly, remember that what you plant will affect the final result. Buy premium high-yielding weed seeds from our store to get the best harvest possible.

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