20 Things to do While High in Lockdown

Things to do while high in Lockdown
December 03, 2020

Who could’ve guessed that staying home will be a life-saving skill we all need to master this year. And sure, it’s always easy to just binge videos or read books, but what if you’ve seen and read it all (all the interesting ones, that is)? Or maybe you are looking for new ways to elevate your stay-at-home-while-high experience. Then it’s time to find new things to do while high in quarantine.

Whether you’re choosing to stay home because of local restrictions, following protocols, or you simply prefer the safety and comfort your place provides, there’s no arguing that one of the most useful things to do during this incredible time is to follow social distancing measures. And if you’re already high while reading this, then you are half-way through enjoying your time at home. Make the most of your quarantine while stoned with these activities

Get creative

Paint brushes

It’s easy to feel inspired with the help of cannabis. With inhibitions lowered, now could be the perfect time to start a new project or finish the one you’ve been putting on hold forever. Here is a quick list of creative things to do while high for a little nudge to get you into a creative mindset:

  • Create art: 

Paint, draw, practice photography, or digital art. With art, anything goes, really. Let your creative juices flow and express your ideas creatively. Sometimes, getting your thoughts out in any form of art is a great way to decompress especially with so many things happening in the world these days.  

  • Start writing:

Tap into your innermost thoughts and turn them into poems, essays, short stories, or even start a novel! Another way to wield the power of the pen is to journal your day through the pandemic, it could be a great time capsule you can read sometime in the future to revisit your days in quarantine.

  • Crafting:

So many people are getting into new hobbies during home confinement. It’s because it is one of the most positive ways to pass the time. Sewing projects, collages, knitting, DIY projects, create a photo album, this is probably the perfect time to start finding new productive outlets for your creative energy. As a cannabis consumer, perhaps you can kick off your DIY projects by making a homemade bong.

  • Vibe with music:

Anything with weed can easily be enhanced by music. The right music can set the mood to get you into a creative zone. While you’re at it, take this chance to explore new music. Expand your musical taste, listen to new artists, try new genres to see what the hype is all about, discover old songs, and breathe new life into your music rotation. With weed and the right song, it’s easy to just tune out and tune in.

Socialize remotely

Video call

Just because you’re staying home doesn’t mean you’re cut off from the world. If there’s one thing you should be using the internet for, it’s to stay connected to people even when physical restrictions are in place. Catch up with your friends or even reconnect with people you’ve been meaning to talk to in a while. Everyone’s going through stuff these days, but it doesn’t mean we have to go at it alone when we have technology at our disposal. 

  • Play games:

Gamifying your stay indoors while high is one way to make for an interesting mingle. And you know you love playing video games while high, so why not do it with friends? There are plenty of new releases on whatever videogame platform you have, as well as classic games you can always rely on. If you live with people in a house, you’re not even limited to just playing video games, time to bust out those board games you have lying around. And have you tried playing D&D baked? It should be interesting to roleplay high, to say the least. 

  • Watch videos with friends online:

Remember watch parties? It’s the same idea except now, you don’t have to clean up your friends’ mess after the party because it’s done over the internet via group calls or watch party apps. Make it fun by taking a hit every time a character dies or if something explodes.

  • Do online meetups:

These days, most events are opting to go online, so you’ll never run out of opportunities to be around like-minded individuals through online meetups. Location-based or interest-based events are done via group calls or community forums. Think of something you’re interested in and there will probably be an online gathering for it (like a community forum on growing weed). This is also a fantastic way to meet and interact with people from all over the world

  • Join a virtual tour:

With much of the world under quarantine, sometimes the only way for you to explore is from the comfort of your own couch. Chances are museums, guided tours around cities or towns, galleries, and zoos and aquariums offer virtual tours for a safe way to explore the wonders of the world.

Home improvement

Home improvements

Since you’re likely staying indoors most of the time, your place also needs attention to make home quarantine a bit more bearable. It’s also easier to stay healthy if you’re not living in a pigsty.

  • Organize and declutter:

There is something cathartic about going through your things and knowing which are worth keeping and ones that are just taking up space. Doing this while high can also trigger memories or feelings that could make for an interesting walk down memory lane. Take note that sorting can take a while depending on how much stuff you have. Since you’re stoned and quarantined anyway, just take your sweet time and enjoy the trip.

  • Clean and sanitize:

It’s no secret that cannabis can make monotonous tasks like cleaning more comfortable to get into. Health experts also advise that cleanliness and proper sanitation can help keep viruses at bay. So pick up that hoover, scrub stuff, clear out those dust bunnies, or even just make your bed, you got to learn to keep things tidy at one point, so why not do it while high? Pro tip: Blast your favorite tunes while going through the nastiest spots, this can make getting rid of that stubborn stain so much more satisfying.

  • Grow your favorite plant:

As a consumer of cannabis, you have a pretty good idea on the healing power of plants. Taking care of a plant or two not only gives you something to do but for people who live in cities, this could be the only way to bring a small piece of nature at home. From growing veggie or herbs in a pot to growing your own marijuana at home, learning to cultivate plants at home is easier than you think. If you do opt to try your hands at planting marijuana seeds, there are plenty of benefits to growing cannabis at home, and cultivating plants can give a different kind of high. There are plenty of cannabis strains to choose from (autoflowering seeds or feminized seeds) whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned cultivator. Staying quarantine at home is a perfect time to start cultivating your own.



You’ve clean your home, talked to people, and tapped into your inner artist all while staying high in quarantine. Perhaps you can put in a bit of time for self-love. While cannabis is helpful with anxiety and relaxation, there are other aspects of yourself that you also need to give attention to.

  • Go for a walk or hike:

As long as you follow the measures in place where you live, going for a nice walk around your neighborhood is a great way to rediscover your vicinity. With fewer people around, places that are normally crowded can now be easily accessed. If you live near the woods or a mountain, go for a short hike to experience nature and breath in the fresh air.

  • Maintain personal hygiene:

The quarantine has taught us how important health and hygiene are. While staying socially distanced is one way of staying safe, keeping a clean healthy body is equally as important. It’s ok to stay in your jammies at home, but don’t forget to shower and wash your hands often. You can even make a weed-infused charcoal mask for your skincare.

  • Stay fit:

You have to stay active one way or another and there are plenty of exercise routines you can do at home. If you’re new to doing fitness routines, remember to take it easy and don’t go hard too soon. Find the right routine and pace that works for you, even your marijuana intake preference. Some people enjoy getting high before exercising, some people after, so maybe it’s time to discover where you stand on this whole debate by trying it for yourself.

  • Join online group meditation:

Whether you’re looking for live guided meditations or simply a way to connect with others, joining meditation or yoga groups can amplify relaxation with cannabis and help keep you feel grounded. If you’re feeling the quarantine blues, this could also be a chance for you to feel supported or support others in return. Mindfulness can provide clarity during anxious moments and doing it together with a group could help remove some feelings of lonesomeness. 

  • Cook with marijuana:

There’s a whole culinary adventure to be had by learning new recipes. And if you’re feeling adventurous, have fun in the kitchen and try making edibles or infusing your favorite dishes with cannabis. Everyone is getting into making banana bread anyway, so you might want to consider jumping on the baking bandwagon, the only difference is that you have a secret ingredient—marijuana!  

  • Be a force for good:

We’re not trying to be saints, but small acts of kindness can be a very rewarding experience especially when you’re filled with feel-good energy from weed. Donating to your local food bank or small donation to a charity goes a long way to people who need it. And we all could use a hand, so if you can, don’t forget to help. The world needs a bit of do-gooding right now.

Learn stuff

Learn something new

Some say the high mind is the best kind of brain to sop up information that’s normally too daunting to tackle. With time in your hands and marijuana in your bloodstream, recharge your brain with knowledge, and take on activities that could require a bit more thinking than usual. If nothing else, these activities are worth giving a try to break up the boredom.

  • Stargazing:

With fewer people traveling, the sky has been noticeably clearer. On nights when it’s particularly clear, gazing out into the heavens to see all the glorious formations of the stars could be a mind-blowing experience. Even growing cannabis can benefit from moon cycles. There are even phone apps that point you in the right direction where constellations and planets are in the sky at any given moment depending on the time of day. Looking up at a starry night sky is worth doing baked

  • Geek out:

There’s something you dig that’s just waiting for you to get into even deeper. If you love history, watch documentaries. If you’re into science, catch up on the latest discoveries in your favorite field. And since you’re high, learn the ins-and-outs of the marijuana plant. Learn of its history, the botanical description of the cannabis leaves down to the cellular level, its chemical components (like CBG), or even its cultural significance. Be a weed geek and learn a new thing or two on your favorite bud. You’re bound to be surprised by the number of interesting studies and findings on weed, and what weed does to the brain and body.

  • Plan your next vacation:

Whether it’s a solo backpacking journey, or making a big travel plan with friends, planning adventures is a fun task to can do while high in quarantine. Find interesting places you’ve never visited before, bust out a map, and plot out how you can get to point A to point B and beyond. If you’re making plans to travel somewhere foreign, try to read up on the cultures and histories of the place. Even learn some basic phrases if they speak a different language. While it’s unclear when things are going to be normal again, making travel plans is a great way to have something to look forward to in the future.