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Best 420-Friendly Dating Sites

February 4, 2022

The dating game has changed immensely over the years, using algorithms to help you find your ideal match. Whether you’re seeking a travel companion or more serious 420 dating, there’s a platform to help you find that special someone.

By completing a profile with all your interests and preferences, sites and apps can connect you with a kindred spirit. Are you looking for someone to share your love of all things bud-related? Then check out our selection of the best 420 dating apps and sites. 

Join us as we discuss finding a connection that goes beyond a 420 hookup and lasts longer. We’ve also compiled a few 420 dating site reviews to help you find the best fit. Start your budding relationship with our top selections to help you find the best 420 dating site or app. Let’s get started!

Couple enjoy smoking cannabis
Couple enjoy smoking cannabis

How to find 420-friendly singles online?

Just as the cannabis community has grown recently, so has 420 dating in the USA. Though there are over 16 million hits for “cannabis and dating” searches on Google, finding a stoner dating app can get tricky. People aren’t as open-minded about weed as we’d like to believe.

Thanks to stoner stereotypes, lighting up on your first date might be frowned upon, although it’s acceptable in some states. So how do you overcome this hurdle? Connect with 420 singles online who share your love of weed

While some people may have trouble accepting your cannabis appreciation, some don’t mind or would love to join you. The key is to join 420-friendly dating sites

Many apps and sites include profile questions about recreational drug use when you sign up. This helps the algorithm match you up with like-minded singles. You’ll also find some tailored 420 dating platforms specifically designed for cannabis enthusiasts. You never know; you may just find someone to share your grow journal with.

Before we dig into the list of top 420 dating apps and sites, we’d like to caution you against sharing too much personal information. Many of these sites are packed with fake or inactive accounts, so tread carefully when making a connection. This especially applies to sharing images as they might contain viruses. 

Now that we have the warnings out of the way let’s dive into the top 12 sites and apps to check out. 

12 best 420 dating sites and apps

You may find what seems like your ideal match but see them running for the hills when you’re ready to light up. So which are the best 420-friendly dating sites to avoid this kind of disappointment? 

Check out our list of the top 12 sites to find your cannabis-loving match. 

1. 420 Singles

Unlike the traditional dating apps, 420 Singles is a community of cannabis-loving singles looking for love. It’s the place to be if you want to avoid marijuana-related prejudices and make a true connection. 

To join this 420 dating community, simply create a profile, specify your preferences, and let the algorithm work its magic. Like Tinder, you’ll find images to swipe through and connect with on your screen. 

Whether you’re looking for friendship or a lifelong 420 dating connection, this is the community to join. Either way, you’ll meet up with like-minded individuals who accept your cannabis enthusiasm.

Couple smoking marijuana and kissing
Couple smoking marijuana and kissing

2. Zoosk

With a significant userbase spread over 80 countries, finding 420 singles online is simple with Zoosk. Follow the easy steps to set up your profile and customize the filter to start connecting with like-minded singles near you. 

The best thing about Zoosk is its ability to save your search preferences and adapt according to your previous activities. When it comes to finding a dating app for stoners, it doesn’t get smarter than Zoosk

3. My 420 Mate

Every stoner should be matched with their ideal strain, so why not their perfect partner? With this concept, the creators of My 420 Mate developed a stoner dating app to help you find a match. 

Like many traditional dating apps, the profiles don’t revolve around social status and profession—all that matters is your mutual love of marijuana. When you set up your My 420 Mate profile, just answer a few questions and search for a match. 

With profiles from over 80 countries and all 50 states, it’s surprising that fake or inactive accounts are almost non-existent. That makes us very optimistic about finding a potential match on this marijuana dating app. 

4. Match

Unlike Tinder, Match is a 420 dating app for those seeking a deeper, longer-lasting connection. If a 420 hookup is what you’re after, steer clear as this is not the app for commitment-phobes.

The great part about Match is that all cards are laid on the table by completing your profile questionnaire. Your marijuana enjoyment won’t come as a shock to your potential matches as the algorithm factors this in when calculating your compatibility—eliminating rejection because of your herbal proclivities.

5. High There

Are you looking for someone who truly understands the 420 meaning? Then High There is the app you should join. Not just any stoner dating app, High There is a social networking platform where weed enthusiasts can connect. While it once held the title of the cannabis industry’s No.1 social and dating app, it’s now focused on building a community.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t use it to find like-minded 420 singles online—at least you’ll know that anyone you connect with shares your love of weed. Just sign in using your Facebook profile, answer a few questions, and start chatting away with fellow cannabis enthusiasts.

Some use it as a 420 hookup app since it operates like Tinder—showing you a few people in your area to meet up with. We should note that since High There leans more toward networking, many use it as a 420 friends app to build connections.

6. Date 420 Friendly

Enjoyed by recreational and medicinal users alike, is a site that encourages users to enjoy “the highs of life”. Meet new people, join group chats, attend events, or have some fun playing weed games—this is a 420 community like no other. 

It’s not just about 420 dating; the site also acts as a classifieds page where you can find a new job. Follow the easy steps to set up your profile—answer a few questions, upload a profile picture, and write a short bio—and you’re good to go. 

7. 420 Friends

Like High There, 420 Friends is a social networking platform designed for weed enthusiasts. When it comes to weed dating sites, this is the place to find a potential companion who shares your love of cannabis. 

This site intends to create a cannabis community and welcomes those seeking friendship or a lasting relationship. Its informative profiling method allows you to search by filtering preferences. 

This 420 dating site also allows you to browse profiles and learn more about each user’s characteristics, preferences, and even their first date ideas. That’s some good info to help you find a potential life partner.

Dating and smoking weed
Dating and smoking weed

8. OkCupid

Thanks to its fun questionnaire and hard-working algorithm, OkCupid helps you connect with the right people. The algorithm makes connections based on your answers and preferences—physical, personality, educational, sexual, and even weed! It’ll help you find a match whether interested in committed 420 dating or a more casual connection.

While the questionnaire isn’t essential, we recommend that you at least complete the marijuana-related questions. This ensures that you make a compatible cannabis dating connection. 

Of course, if you’re serious about finding a truly compatible match in all aspects, we advise that you take the time to complete all the questions. After all, you can only get out what you’re willing to put in.

9. Highly Devoted

If you’re willing to pay for a membership subscription, then Highly devoted is the 420 singles dating site worth checking out. It has a detailed cannabis-specific database of users to help you find your match.

Highly devoted offers match-making services with a personalized approach by cannabis-centered life and dating coaches. Each new member participates in several skype interviews to ensure personalized assistance. 

Not only does this 420 singles website help you find your soulmate, but also provides tools to help you build good relationships. A mutual appreciation for cannabis being the foundation for lifelong connections. 

The team at Highly Devoted takes their 420 dating services one step further by arranging mixers and other events for their cannabis-loving members. With such a specialized and personal service, it’s no surprise that membership comes with a significant price tag—but it’s worth every penny.

10. Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish boasts a user base of over 100,000,000 profiles. The platform is all about making connections, whether you’re looking for a hiking companion or 420 dating

The lengthy personality profile may be enough to put you off the site altogether, but it’s worth it. While most weed dating apps make you pay for features like messaging, Plenty of Fish gives you free access

To find compatible matches, filter your searches by age, location, and 420 preferences. Finding a suitable match within such a significantly-sized member pool is a cinch.

11. Adult Friend Finder

Not looking for a long-term relationship? Only interested in a steamy 420 hookup? Then Adult Friend Finder is for you. Whether in person or on-screen, there’s a hookup waiting for you.

With a database of consenting adults, there are no misguided expectations. Adult Friend Finder is a platform where you can connect with other 420 singles online without strings attached

Just be wary of unsolicited pictures and a certain level of sketchiness that could be expected from a hookup site. Also, make sure that your antivirus software is up to date as viruses spread in cyberspace too. 

12. Hinge

If you’re a talkative stoner, then Hinge is the marijuana dating app to keep you chatting. By collecting fun information and images, the Hinge algorithm makes matches for long-lasting connections

With a successful match, Hinge gently “nudges” users to keep the conversation going and build relationships—reducing the possibility of being ghosted. With more interaction and engagement, this is a stoner dating app worth trying—especially if you’re all about getting to know the other person on every level. 

Couple smoking weed together
Couple smoking weed together


Allow these sites to help you find a match, whether it’s for casual 420 dating or someone to share your cannaventure with. As with any dating site, we recommend that you proceed cautiously as things aren’t always what they seem. The internet is full of trolls and fake profiles.

When meeting with your connection, always ensure that you do so in a public space. You should also ensure that at least one person knows how to reach you if need be.

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Do you know someone who’s on the hunt for their 420 soulmate? Go ahead and share this article on your social media accounts. You never know who’ll hit the cupid jackpot.

About the author: Derek LaRose

Also known as Kronic from The Cannabis Kronicles, Derek LaRose is a young ambitious cultivator and a staple educator for indoor cultivation.

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