The 5 Best 420-Friendly Dating Sites

The 5 best 420 friendly dating sites
July 17, 2019

Gone were the days when cute little Cupid used to be the only matchmaker for single hopefuls. In the age of technology, tons of dating apps and sites were created solely for the purpose of streamlining singles who are looking for prospective partners. With the use of algorithms, these dating sites could match people with similar interests – be it in favorite songs, books, or even love for buds.

With over 23 million Google hits for “cannabis and dating,” it is not surprising that dating sites dedicated solely for weed enthusiasts started popping out in the open. Finding “the one” in platforms like these allows one to skip right past the frustration of having good chemistry with someone only to find out that smoking pot together is a huge deal breaker. With 420 dating sites, meeting singles who share the same passion for weed is only a few clicks away.

Sites To Visit For A Budding Romance

Despite the easing legal restrictions on cannabis, it is undeniable that a sizeable portion of the population still stigmatizes the use of weed. However, finding a significant other who would rather share hits than judge a person for relishing the goodness of marijuana is not actually that hard. One only needs to look for this person in the right platform such as 420-friendly dating sites.

1. High There!

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Arguably the best 420 dating site today, High There! is an open, one-stop hub for friendly and romantic cannabis interactions. It currently boasts the largest user base out of all dating sites out there, so the chances of finding the perfect one in this platform are pretty high. Just like Tinder, it features a swipe left/right option when viewing profiles.

Not only that – High There! also has a networking feature. It promotes a safe and judgment-free space where pot lovers can convene to share knowledge and create conversations about marijuana. This makes it much like Twitter for weed devotees. Scrolling through the feed is interesting too as there are lots of discussion about cannabis that pretty much anyone could participate in.

But when the aim is to find a fellow pot lover, one of High There!’s most useful features is the option to filter distance, gender, and toking preferences. This helps users meet and chat with people who they are most likely compatible with. Its ease of use and modern graphical user interface is also something to love about the app. The best part? It is entirely free! There are no hidden charges nor in-app purchases.

2. My 420 Mate

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The creators of this app believe that every lonely stoner must meet their Mary Jane. So came the platform where members from more than 80 countries and all 50 states convene to share their love for pot. In My 420 Mate, things like profession and social status are not much of a big deal as people from all walks of life can be found here.

My 420 Mate is a traditional dating site where the user sets up a profile and fills out personal information and of course, marijuana-related questions such as the reason for consuming weed, preferred strains, intake method of choice, etc. After setting up an account, the user can now search for matches and start chatting once the match has been made. The good thing about this site is that there are many users and not much fake or inactive profiles.

For those always on the go, My 420 Mate also offers services in mobile apps although the user interface is less intuitive compared to the desktop site. The first 65 credits are free, but once it gets used up, users have to pay for more credits to continue using the services.

3. 420 Singles

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Just like any other cannabis dating sites, 420 Singles is a place for pot lovers to meet and hook up with a significant other or smoke buddy. The most exciting thing about this site is that it makes use of an extensive and outright eccentric list of questions to help users match with other weed lovers with the same quirks. Upon setting up an account, users have to answer questions like one’s belief in ghosts, UFOs, taste in music, video game experience, and of course, weed-related preferences. Filters could then be used to search for the perfect one within the area.

However, one of the drawbacks of using 420 Singles is that it comes with two separate platforms – a desktop site and a mobile app. To access both, two different accounts have to be made – this means going through the whole setting up process once again upon deciding to switch from desktop to the mobile app and vice-versa. “Since the two platforms are under one company,” one would be inclined to ask. “Why not just merge it to streamline account information seamlessly?” Also, there are lots of fake and inactive profiles in this site.

4. 420 Friends

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420 Friends is a free social networking platform for weed enthusiasts interested in making friends or finding prospective partners. It is geared towards creating a cannabis-friendly community without the stigma usually associated with weed use. Those already familiar with Facebook, Tinder, and OkCupid will have no problems navigating the app as the style and functions are quite similar.

Its thoroughly informative and entertaining profiling methods is one of 420 Friends’ strongest points. Much like OkCupid, it has a browse feature that displays usernames and pictures. Their icon can then be clicked to see more of the information which includes a headline, about me section, hobbies and interests, physical characteristics, and even a first date idea. The user can also indicate what type of relationship he/she is looking for – be it just friendship, serious relationship, friends with benefits, or just wake and bake smoke buddies.

However, one thing that is frustrating about this app is that there are also inactive profiles in this site. So, swiping right and actually matching with someone who does not send the canned response “Great profile. Let’s talk!” is a pretty rare occurrence.

5. Highly Devoted

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If money is not a problem, then Highly Devoted is the perfect cannabis-specific dating platform anyone could ever wish for. Aside from a personalized approach of match-making, this company offers cannabis-centric life and dating coaching services.

Unlike the usual swipe apps and dating sites, the match-makers at Highly Devoted interview each user via Skype several times to take on a personalized approach in match-making. Life coaches also give dating tips and advice to help its users build a good relationship and lifelong connections with the love for cannabis as a common ground. Moreover, the company also offers cannabis socials and mixers that are specifically for upscale professionals interested in finding a partner.

The only downside with this dating site is that it would cost the users greatly. Joining Highly Devoted is free but to use the actual services it offers, the payment must be settled first. The quote will depend on the number of introductions and the specific details of the search.

Final Caveat: Tips For Finding The Perfect Toker

Online 420 dating sites prove to be a convenient platform that streamlines single hopefuls with a penchant for weed. Depending on how it is approached, giving these dating sites a try could mean meeting the perfect smoke buddy or significant other. However, it could also end up being a nightmare if the wrong dating site or partner gets chosen. Hence, careful consideration must always be done. Safety should also be a top priority when meeting strangers for the first time.

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Bear mind that building rapport and spending time and effort in getting to know someone is part of developing a good relationship with a potential partner. During the “getting to know” stage, it is of utmost importance to be truthful about one’s identity, preferences, and relationship objectives. This prevents frustrations and disappointments at the end of the other party. Finally, practice patience. If the perfect toker is still nowhere to be found even after several tries, do not give up on it altogether. Light up, have a good time, try again and let these dating sites work its charms.