From Cool To Designer Wraps: Which Is The Best Rolling Paper?

Which is the best rolling paper
November 26, 2019

1 of every 2 cannabis users in the United States prefers joint as the method of consumption. As such, the traditional wraps used arguably are among the most used smoking accessories. Not only have these papers become a means for countless people to smoke, but it also paved the way for socializing with peers. And, as its use continues to be on the rise, innovative designer wraps have made its way into the market too.

Rolling Paper

Rolling papers are ultra-thin wraps used for rolling joints. In essence, these specialty papers hold the herb in place, allowing it to be rolled and smoked.


Rolling papers trace its roots to the times of the Spanish conquests. When Christopher Columbus left the Americas, he brought with him the wonders of tobacco. It did not take much time before tobacco cigars caught up with the upperclassmen of the Spanish society. Eventually, the cigar would become a symbol of status and aristocracy so much so that commoners, not wanting to miss out, would pick up cigar butts and wrap the remaining tobacco in newspapers in an attempt to smoke it.

Newspapers were not meant to be smoked, so it was hard on health. Traders in Alcoy, the paper capital of Spain, saw this as an opportunity – and thus the rolling paper was born.

Alcoy Spain

Rolling papers saw a boom in the majority of Europe and North America when tobacco taxes flared up. Cigarette smokers needed a cheaper alternative to get a tobacco fix, and these papers provided a way to avoid the hefty taxes.

As with many other things used by tobacco smokers, rolling papers would also gain popularity among cannabis enthusiasts.


Rolling papers have been around for more than two centuries and remain prevalent. It stood the test of time by offering several benefits.

  • Fuller Flavor. Compared to tobacco wraps, rolling papers bring out the rich flavors of cannabis. Although some types of paper may alter the taste a little bit, it is too insignificant even to be noticeable.
  • Inconspicuous. Joints, especially from a distance, look like cigarettes. Although trivial, some people do take privacy seriously.
  • Customizable. Rolling papers come in different sizes. Depending on personal preference, there is a choice on how much cannabis is rolled.
  • Social. Rolling and smoking a joint is more often than not a social activity. Sharing a hit with friends is one way of bonding.

Choosing A Rolling Paper

Not all rolling papers are created equal. It can be made from different materials and comes in various sizes.  These nuances affect how a joint would burn, as well as the overall experience.

Rolling Joint with wood pulp


The material used affects the smoking experience as it plays a role in rolling difficulty, taste, and burn rate. Between some of the more common ones used, determining which is the best is mostly based on personal preference.

Rolling Paper Material Comparison Wood Pulp HempRice Paper
Rolling DifficultyEasyModerateHard
Burn RateFast Moderate Slow
Smoke AbilityStays lit Moderate Goes out
TasteApparent Mild Tasteless
Environmental and Health ImpactInefficientModerate Sustainable

Wood Pulp

Most of the papers people use are made from wood pulp. So, it makes sense that rolling papers would also be made from this material. These are also the earliest kind of rolling papers that dates back to its origin in Spain. It has withstood the test of time and remains the most common material in use today. Wood pulp papers are best suited for beginners as it is thicker than the other types. Apart from being ease of rolling, it is also not easy to put off. However, it does burn fast.


Hemp papers have just recently gained popularity with the industrialization of hemp and cannabis. These papers are typically made from 100% hemp fiber. Among the three widely available types, it has proven to be a good compromise.

Rice Paper

Rice paper is the thinnest of all major rolling paper types. It is made out of processed rice and may include additives such as sugar and flax. Usually, it is the veterans who use this type of paper as rolling it can be a challenge. One of its advantage over the others is that it is tasteless and thus does not affect the rich flavors of cannabis. And, while it burns slowly, it could also go out quickly.


Aside from the three predominant paper types, manufacturers also use other materials. From fancy looking to flavored, these are fun to smoke with but is not recommended for daily use.

  • Gold. This 24K gold rolling paper is made from edible gold and hemp, so it is safe to consume. It should not be a surprise that its price tag is also golden.
  • Plant Cellulose. This paper is easily distinguished for its clear appearance, allowing people to see the buds as it burns. It is 100% organic and does not alter the taste.
  • Flavored Papers.  Some papers are infused with different flavors to add a twist to the experience. There are dozens of flavors to choose from such as honey, root beer, and various fruit flavors. Some even have natural terpenes.


Another thing to consider when selecting a rolling paper is its size.

Single Wide

Length: 68-70 mm Width: 34-36 mm

Single wide is the smallest size and usually used without a filter.  Singles are best suited for solo smokers who just want a quick fix. Some people, though, may find it a little bit difficult to roll a joint due to its tiny size.


Length: 76-78 mm Width: 45-48 mm

The standard size of rolling papers is one-and-a-quarter-inch (1-1/4”). These papers are the most commonly used by smokers. It offers a good middle ground: not too big, but not too small. Joints rolled in this size can be shared by up to three people.


Length: 76-78 mm Width: 60-62 mm

Those looking for bigger hits but do not want to commit to a double may turn to one-and-a-half-inch (1-1/2”) papers. These wraps could hold 50% more bud than a single. Once rolled, it should pack enough herb for a group of three to four.

Double Wide

Length: 76-78 mm Width: 63-88 mm

As the name implies, this paper is twice as large as a single wide. Doubles are the widest paper in the market. Its larger volume capacity means it can fit more herb, making it ideal for a group session. However, it is not preferred by many because a lousy roll could mean inhaling more paper than weed.


Length: 100-110 mm Width: 55-60 mm

King-sized papers are perfect for sharing with a larger circle of friends. These papers fit more bud than smaller papers and offer better ventilation than a double. It also comes in a slim variant to make a slightly narrower joint for easy handling.

Best Rolling Papers In The Market

With tons of products flooding the market today, it may be hard to determine the best papers to smoke with. Luckily these brands stood out among the rest, making them an excellent choice for every weed lover.

Raw Rolling Papers

Arguably the best rolling paper available today, Raw has been around for more than two decades. The company takes pride in the use of 100% authentic, pure natural fibers. This makes the wraps easy on both the lungs of people and the environment.

Raw papers are relatively thick, making it easy to roll even for beginners. The wraps also come in different sizes to suit the needs of the different people. On top of that, the products are priced competitively. And, that is why it is the go-to rolling paper for most joint aficionado.

Bob Marley Rolling Paper

Named after the hero of the Rastafari movement, Bob Marley Rolling Papers are made from pure, high quality hemp pulp. This is the only brand that the Bob Marley Foundation officialling approved.

Bob Marley Rolling papers provide a slow burn with minimal aftertaste. As an added feature, every pack is printed with 10 different quotations to remind people of the creative and loving way Marley advocated for social change.


Elements is a well-established name in the industry and known for ultra-thin rice papers. The company uses all natural materials without any harsh chemicals. One of the unique traits of these papers is a caramelized flavor as it burns, and it does so with almost no ash.

Elements papers, however, are not for everybody. Because of its thinness, it crinkles easily in the hand of inexperienced rollers leading to uneven burns. Still, it is one of the best wraps available that provides a smooth, clean experience.

OCB X-Pert Slim Fit

OCB, formerly Odet Cascadec Bolloré, is one of the oldest companies in the business. X-Pert Slim Fit is one of its wide range of product offerings. These papers are made from pure flax and Arabic gum, allowing it to burn slowly with minimal ash. Though relatively thin, it is still manageable to roll which makes it a good starting point for those who want to practice rolling thinner wraps.

Smoking Deluxe

Another centuries-old paper company, Smoking traces its roots to 18th century Spain when rolling papers were still at its infancy. Originally manufactured for tobacco, Smoking has expanded its operations by creating wraps specifically for cannabis.

Among its cannabis-centric papers is the Smoking Deluxe, an ultra-thin and highly-transparent paper. It is made from 100% natural vegetable gum and is without any additives or colorings. Deluxe offer a slow and smooth burn with an added suave flair.

CAM2 Bulk Rolling Paper

CAM2 is relatively unknown compared to the bigger, older brands that dominate the market. Its papers are made from unbleached wood pulp and all-natural gum-linen. It is also easy to roll and sticks without any problem.

Budget-wise, CAM2 is the most economical choice. Online, a box retails for about $17.00. This contains 50 packs, with 40 sheets each – for a staggering total of 2,000 sheets.

Zig Zag Rolling Papers

Zig Zag papers are easily distinguishable by the bearded man gracing the package of its products. This is in fact an image of a 19th century French soldier who, after breaking his pipe, famously rolled tobacco in a torn gunpowder bag.

To this day, it is still among the most recognized and most accessible brands of rolling paper. The wraps come in different sizes and thickness, but are generally made from flax and plant fibers. This line also features hemp papers made from 100% renewable, hemp fibers sourced from organic farms.

Trip Clear Rolling Paper

Trip Clear Rolling Papers are made from the cellulose of the Asiatic Cotton Mallow, making it clear enough to see through. Because of its material, it is virtually tasteless and 100% biodegradable. Moreover, it is compatible with almost all tips and filters.

These papers are thin, so it may be a challenge for some to roll. It comes in standard and king sizes, and is available in single or multiple packs.

Juicy Jay Flavored Rolling Papers

Juicy Jays are made for those who want to have a more playful experience with joints.

The wraps are triple-dipped in flavorings such as cherry, peach tequila, root beer, and peanut butter.

These papers are relatively sturdy, making it easy to roll. It comes in various sizes, including a menthol-infused variant.

Shine 24K Gold Rolling Paper

These handcrafted gold rolling papers are for those feeling fancy with some cash to burn. Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers automatically adds bling to any joint. Made from a blend of hemp and edible gold, it burns slow and delivers a surprisingly smooth hit.

However, this comes with a price. A 2-sheet pack would set one back $12.74. Those who would want to purchase it, however, need not to worry about fakes and imitations. Each pack contains a certificate of authenticity.

Choosing The Best Rolling Paper Is A Personal Endeavor

Rolling papers have been around for hundreds of years now. Since its early days, it has provided equal access for people to enjoy the wonders of tobacco – and eventually cannabis. It never went out of style despite the various new ways of consumption. That is because it is cheap, and it works – and sometimes that all one needs.

Perfect roll joint

With hundreds of products available in the market, choosing the best paper might be a little tricky. Those still uncertain may choose to experiment with various brands. Not only will this help in finding the perfect wrap, but it will also pad up the rolling expertise.