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Best Cannabis Grow Books to Help You Become a Pro

Best Cannabis Grow Books

The next best thing after the legalization of weed where you live is to grow your own crop. If you’ve never tried your hand at gardening or not been successful with your current weed cultivation, you’ll find a cannabis grow book useful.

Whether you intend to grow for recreational use or medical reasons, the benefits of getting some dirt under your fingernails are numerous.

Buying weed at an outlet or dispensary can be quite costly over an extended period. Learning how to grow weed from a book won’t just give you control over the growth process but also benefit you financially.

Best cannabis grow books:why read them

There are many things to consider when embarking on this gardening experience, and it can be overwhelming if you’ve never tried your hand at cultivating anything green. That’s why you need a cannabis grow book. 

A grow book, or grow bible, as some like to call them, is a handy manual for any weed grower. Although many prefer to go online when searching for information, having a book on hand is just as informative.

Sourcing the best cannabis grow book will be a great addition to anyone’s library. They educate you regarding the cultivation process and contain information that’ll be useful after harvesting your crop.

Below is a list of the best marijuana growing books we recommend. 

Best Cannabis Grow Books

1. The Cannabis Grow Bible With Kyle Kushman

If you’re eager to start growing your cannabis and need some advice, from planting your weed seeds to curing your plants, then look no further than Kyle Kushman. He’s an internationally acclaimed marijuana cultivator with a few awards to his name.

His cannabis grow book is jam-packed with all the information needed to achieve the maximum yield possible. This book is a reflection of his hard work and dedication to understanding cannabis cultivation fully.

He doesn’t hesitate in sharing his knowledge with enthusiastic growers, which resulted in assisting many patients around the world. It could be considered as a cannabis grow bible.

2. The Cannabis Bible: The Definitive Guide to Growing Marijuana for Recreational and Medicinal Use – by Greg Green

As reflected in its name, this weed growing book is a complete handbook with all you need to know about growing marijuana. This detailed guide is for both amateurs and experienced cultivators alike.

This is the third edition, with more than 200 additional pages filled with new facts and photos that illustrate each step of the cannabis farming process. 

Marijuana lovers will be thrilled with the step-by-step instructions found in this weed book, from starting their garden to when their skills are enhanced. The techniques included are highly advanced cannabinoid extraction methods, amongst others.

The updated advice will leave the avid cannabis connoisseur in a state of euphoria.

3. Marijuana Grower’s Handbook – by Ed Rosenthal

This marijuana book is packed full of the latest information needed to grow some of the best weed using efficient technology. Be prepared to cultivate the biggest, most potent, and resinous buds.

Ed Rosenthal, also known as the Guru of Ganja, shares the latest methods and tools needed to grow the best marijuana. His ‘how to grow cannabis’ book is also packed with full-color images and illustrations to help you through every step of your plant’s cultivating process. 

Ed’s extensive knowledge and on-hand experience in the horticulturist field make owning this book a must

4. Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower’s Bible – by Jorge Cervantes

Jorge Cervantes has written quite a few books on marijuana cultivation. This medical marijuana book is the 5th edition since its original print date in 1983. 

As it’s a newer edition, the information contained in the pages of this grower’s bible is current and includes additional details not recorded before. There are also over 1000 photographs and useful illustrations as well as new medical content.

Jorge doesn’t take all the credit for this cannabis book but acknowledges more than 300 contributors that made this wonderful creation possible.

Best Cannabis Grow Books

5. Cannabis: A Beginner’s Guide to Growing Marijuana – by Danny Danko

If you’re a newcomer to the world of cannabis cultivation, then this very popular starter guide is for you. Danny Danko, an editor at High Times, has more than thirty years of experience and is well qualified to impart his wisdom.

It has all the basics of how to grow cannabis in a book that you’ll cherish as a bible. Although the information contained inside isn’t revolutionary, it’s very handy with well-illustrated pages to assist you through the various phases of cultivating weed.

This “growing marijuana book” isn’t recommended for the more experienced cultivator.

6. True Living Organics: The Ultimate Guide to Growing All-Natural Marijuana Indoors – by the Rev

Your knowledge of growing marijuana will never be complete until you’ve explored the organic farming option. The Rev takes great pleasure in sharing an all-natural and synthetic-free way of how to grow marijuana in his book.

He shares various ways to provide your plants with superior quality living soil while cultivating your crop indoors. There’s not much information on growing weed but rather the importance of cultivating the best pot and how to make that happen.

The information on organically growing marijuana in this book is both illuminating and practical

7. The Essential Cannabis Book: A Field Guide for the Curious – by Rob Meija

This guide isn’t just another book on growing tips and information. This is a ‘weed for the people’ book.

Rob Meija takes great care in discussing a variety of marijuana topics. It includes the history of weed, cultivation, medical benefits, facts about marijuana and even cooking and eating cannabis.

It isn’t a comprehensive guide. Instead, it’s less than 200 pages. The aim is to give you basic information about the origin and purpose of marijuana. It’s been described as an introduction to the world of cannabis.

There are a variety of interviews recorded to give you a better perspective of the weed industry. Definitely a book for the newbies.

Although there’s not much focus on how to grow marijuana in this book, it does have an extensive recipe list that features some healthy options. It’s not as lengthy as a marijuana cooking book could be, but enough to get you started.

Make the right choice today 

After reading through all these summaries, it might be a little easier to choose the best cannabis grow book. Each author has a wealth of knowledge and experience that makes each one unique, so consider your needs.

Making the right choice today will avoid the disappointment of tomorrow. You may need a weed cooking book with all those yummy recipes. Perhaps you want all the advice you can get on planting the best weed that keeps growing in one book.

We’re sure you’ll find the perfect one right here.

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