Growing Live with Kyle Kushman: Wednesday 16th December

Growing Live with Kyle Kushman 12/16
December 15, 2020

This Wednesday, 12/16/2020 at 18:00 pm (PT) Kyle Kushman is back with another live Q+A session for all you Homegrowers! That’s right, the legend himself, Kyle Kushman returns for the final Growing Live of 2020, to answer all of your growing related questions. Whether you want to know how to get better fresh air movement in your grow room, increase the yields of your plants, whether to wait for amber trichomes on your Sativa plants or even… which member of the band Rush Kyle would most want to smoke with – we’re sure that he will be able to satisfy all your curiosities and answer your questions cordially and thoroughly.

How do I get my Questions Answered by Kyle Kushman?

As always, this edition of Growing Live will be live-streamed on the Homegrown Official Facebook page as well as on the Homegrown Forum. To get your questions answered by Kyle Kushman, you should do the following:

A Great Chance to Learn from a Master Cannabis Cultivator

Growing Live with Kyle Kushman countdown

Kyle Kushman is a name that holds a lot of weight in the cannabis business, from his time as High Times cultivation editor to revolutionizing numerous advanced techniques to help cannabis cultivators maximize the quality, quantity, and potency of their yields, Kyle Kushman has not stopped innovating in the world of cannabis growers, hence why he stands at the forefront of the industry.

More recently, you may have seen him in our A Beginner’s Guide with Kyle Kushman video series where he breaks down the steps he takes to grow the kind of cannabis he does, if you haven’t watched these videos they are a real masterclass in cannabis cultivation. And, if you have watched them, then you can consider this Growing Live to be your post-graduation studies at the school of cannabis cultivation, the opportunity to ask the master, Kyle Kushman, for advice and receive answers in real time.

If you want to get even more insight into the kind of genetics Kyle Kushman favors, then you should definitely check out our Cultivars with Character section, where you can buy Kyle Kushman’s cultivars, specifically, Kyle’s Sweet Island, Kyle’s Skywalker OG, and Kyle’s Cherry AK.

Kyle Kushman will be joined once again by co-host Nate Hammer who you may also recognize from the A Beginner’s Guide videos and from numerous other projects he has presented for Homegrown Cannabis Co. such as this amazing video interview with Eric Goepel from the Veterans Cannabis Coalition.

If all this sounds interesting for you then you are not going to want to miss the final Growing Live of 2020!

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